Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Love this video

This video makes me so happy. Pause my music below to see this happy little boy get his one and only gift this Christmas. I think Operation Christmas Child is the neatest idea ever. This year we received the gift catalog. It is really neat because as a family you can pick all kinds of things at different prices to give to needy children, and families. I love this ministry because they bring the most important gift.. The love and hope of Jesus Christ. I often think what is the point to give to people in Africa or anywhere else in the world and miss the chance to share Jesus. The only one to bring hope and a everlasting life.

I am not sharing this to glorify myself but I am so proud of Jaden. We went through the gift catalog and he wanted to give all his allowance $100 to kids in Africa. I was blown away by his generosity. He sees that God has blessed him with so much and he wanted to give to others instead of himself. Of course he struggles with being selfish as do all of us. He is a normal kid and does normal bad kids stuff at times but he is way beyond his 7yrs. It truly is unreal to see a kid understand the bible and know Jesus as his best friend. We let each kid pick out a gift to give to people in need. Drew picked food, Lauren picked milk, and Jaden picked out bibles. His reason is that although they need food and games and toys and clothes he wanted them to know God's word. He went on to say since they might not live long or go through hard times they need God most of all. He also expressed he wanted them to go to heaven. It all just brought a tear to Rob and I. Jaden also goes to school and tells people about Jesus, he cries sometimes when we do our prayers because he says his friends don't care but he wants to see them in heaven.. Anyway I wanted to share how awesome he is..The next Billy Graham. God is doing a work in him and has prepared his heart. It is going to be so exciting what his calling is on his life.

If you have a extra $5 consider buying something out of the gift catalog.


  1. That is so exciting Katie, to see where God takes your sweet little boy! I didn't know you could order stuff off their website. We did the shoe boxes one year in girl scouts and that was alot of fun.

  2. That video was great!!! To think that something so easy for us to package up brings such joy to another child. That's just awesome!


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