Sunday, December 13, 2009

Food Battles, a funny story

Want to hear a funny story? A few weeks ago Drew was complaining about dinner. Here is some background first Drew is very picky! Anything with a weird color, texture or herb or seasoning he has a problem with. He picks out spices from spaghetti for goodness sakes. It is really annoying. I just keep trying to make him try stuff and if he doesn't like it fine, but try. A lot of times he ends up liking stuff but more often then not he doesn't. His diet pretty much consists of Pizza (his favorite) Mac and Cheese, cereal, bananas and a ton of milk.
So...Jaden is getting ice cream and our rule is no deserts if you don't eat at least some or all of your meal. I don't make them eat something they really don't like but he likes ham and corn okay. Drew went on to say he hated the mashed potatoes. So I told him he didn't have to eat the potatoes but all of the corn and ham. He comes in the living room and says. "Mom I could not eat the ham that was touching the potatoes." So I say "okay Drew no problem did you eat everything else?" He tells me yes and that he is ready for his ice cream. Above is what it looked like when I checked on the plate. I could not help but laugh but it was even more funny because he said he didn't pile the ham on the potatoes. I was kind of mad he lied, since I knew he was but lauging inside. He did not get desert and was sent to bed shortly after. He finally did admit he lied about it the next day when we talked about it.
Thought I would share there is never a dull moment around here.
Any suggestions on how to get your kid to try new foods?
We play a game that we call Sam's Club. For some reason he likes to go to Sam's and try the samples ( us too, it is like a small meal, lol) So at home I pretend that I am advertising each side that I have prepared. He likes it and will usually try food but the novelty might be getting old. Besides this and ketchup on everything, and talking to him about starving kids I am running out of ideas except for pureeing vitamins in his ice cream!!


  1. Ha! Now that's funny :D Kaylee is the same way. She loves macaroni and cheese, but for a long time she would only eat the box kind, not the easymac kind and certainly not homemade. She's so picky like that. I have no ideas....would love to hear some too!

  2. hahahaha -- that's so funny!! :) THanks for sharing such a fun story!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA....Lexi is the QUEEN of picky (or used to be)! I think she would have eaten pizza, chicken nuggets, and macaroni EVERY DAY! But, I have found that as Lexi is getting older she is much more willing to try things. When I cook, I always include something I know she will eat, but she has to take a couple of bites of the new item. She is finding that she likes more and more things. Sooooo, all is not lost for Drew. He will probably get better. Oh, and Lexi also used to pick out the spices on her tongue of spaghetti, or anything else for that matter. She would put it on the side of her plate. Lexi also has to eat well to get dessert. Occasionally, we resort to a sandwich when she absolutely does not like anything that we are eating.

  4. That is SO funny Katie! I am laughing my head off : ). I don't remember how I got Kaish to try new things. He was always a pretty good eater! I LOVE your Costco game. You are so creative : )


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