Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best times of our life...

Hi Everyone!! We have had one of the best Christmas's ever. It just brings tears to my eyes all the fun we have had this Christmas Holiday. As a family we are making fun family traditions. We make a Happy Birthday Jesus cake every Christmas eve and sing on Christmas day. The kids really enjoy this. We also made more cookies and wrapped and played games. We have had so much fun. Besides the occasional outburst, temper tantrums and someones needs not being met at that exact moment everything went so well. The kids woke up at around 7:30 so not to bad. We had to wake Lauren up but she didn't mind. In fact the day after Christmas she came running in our room and said, "Santa, did he come again." We had to tell her no not again (:
Lauren with her new shopping cart from Nana B. Isn't that so cute? She got some new food to play with too. She is really into food fake and real.

Are you laughing yet? Lauren's favorite show Yo Gabba Gabba. It is really weird but as you watch it is kind of grows on you. The songs are pretty good as far as the words. I like when they have some old school rappers on there from when I was a kid. She loved this gift it made her so happy she wore it all day.
Christmas morning, I loved seeing how happy they were. Rob was video tapping.
Drew's big gift. You know he was in heaven.
Jaden's big gift.
My dad who is working in PA came down to visit us. We got great news about a month ago that he got a promotion and they would be moving to PA. My mom is still in New Mexico trying to sell the house. I can't wait till they are all moved in and so much closer. We are so looking forward to many memories. The kids love there Nana and Grandpa. It was nice having Grandpa around for a couple days. He played with the kids and they loved every minute of it.
Love this picture of Jaden he looks so handsome and grown up.
This is how the boys act almost all the time. Best buddies but always playing and teasing one another. I always say they are like the two Grumpy Old men from the movie.
I love this natural picture of the kids just loving on each other.
Best Buddies
Miss Lauren Grace
Love this one too of these two buddies. Not that Jaden does not love Lauren but Drew and Lauren have always been really close. Drew loves being a big brother and protector of her.
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I have some catching up to do. Rob is off the whole rest of the week so we have some family time. It has been really nice. The tree is down and everything Christmas it is bitter sweet. I am not looking forward to the next few cold winter months but I am enjoying seeing the kids change and grow. Like other parents have said it goes by so fast. So true, months go by so fast. I can look at pictures from 3-6 months ago and see changes in the kids. Lauren is talking in complete sentences and Jaden has his first loose tooth (finally) Drew continues to amaze us with his video games skills.


  1. Such beautiful pictures. Glad to see you had such a wonderful Christmas.

    My son LOVES Legos too. He was so excited to get new ones and they have kept him very busy :)

  2. Such beautiful pictures! Lauren is getting so grown-up looking....she's beautiful! I'm glad you had a great Christmas!!

  3. Hi Katie,

    What adorable pictures of everyone. Looks like y'all had a fabulous Christmas. Happy New Year!!!

    My concrete rabbit is pretty big and heavy and came from a shop that has outdoor concrete items and bird baths, etc. (Just a local little place).

  4. Katie - Happy New Year!

    Love the photos!

    Where is PA is your parents moving???

    We might get to meet finally! YEAH!

    Love and blessings,

  5. Love all the pictures! Steven is really into Yo Gabba Gabba too, so I bought him the cd, and we listen to it all the time. I've heard it described as Teletubbies on crack :) Where did you get the wig?? It would be a hit in our house!


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