Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best times of our life...

Hi Everyone!! We have had one of the best Christmas's ever. It just brings tears to my eyes all the fun we have had this Christmas Holiday. As a family we are making fun family traditions. We make a Happy Birthday Jesus cake every Christmas eve and sing on Christmas day. The kids really enjoy this. We also made more cookies and wrapped and played games. We have had so much fun. Besides the occasional outburst, temper tantrums and someones needs not being met at that exact moment everything went so well. The kids woke up at around 7:30 so not to bad. We had to wake Lauren up but she didn't mind. In fact the day after Christmas she came running in our room and said, "Santa, did he come again." We had to tell her no not again (:
Lauren with her new shopping cart from Nana B. Isn't that so cute? She got some new food to play with too. She is really into food fake and real.

Are you laughing yet? Lauren's favorite show Yo Gabba Gabba. It is really weird but as you watch it is kind of grows on you. The songs are pretty good as far as the words. I like when they have some old school rappers on there from when I was a kid. She loved this gift it made her so happy she wore it all day.
Christmas morning, I loved seeing how happy they were. Rob was video tapping.
Drew's big gift. You know he was in heaven.
Jaden's big gift.
My dad who is working in PA came down to visit us. We got great news about a month ago that he got a promotion and they would be moving to PA. My mom is still in New Mexico trying to sell the house. I can't wait till they are all moved in and so much closer. We are so looking forward to many memories. The kids love there Nana and Grandpa. It was nice having Grandpa around for a couple days. He played with the kids and they loved every minute of it.
Love this picture of Jaden he looks so handsome and grown up.
This is how the boys act almost all the time. Best buddies but always playing and teasing one another. I always say they are like the two Grumpy Old men from the movie.
I love this natural picture of the kids just loving on each other.
Best Buddies
Miss Lauren Grace
Love this one too of these two buddies. Not that Jaden does not love Lauren but Drew and Lauren have always been really close. Drew loves being a big brother and protector of her.
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I have some catching up to do. Rob is off the whole rest of the week so we have some family time. It has been really nice. The tree is down and everything Christmas it is bitter sweet. I am not looking forward to the next few cold winter months but I am enjoying seeing the kids change and grow. Like other parents have said it goes by so fast. So true, months go by so fast. I can look at pictures from 3-6 months ago and see changes in the kids. Lauren is talking in complete sentences and Jaden has his first loose tooth (finally) Drew continues to amaze us with his video games skills.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!

Merry Christmas
Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas!! May this year bring great joy, health, and happiness to each one of you.
We were making cookies the other day. My mom sent these cute aprons and wanted a picture of us, here you go mom!!
I love how Champ posed too my fourth child.
Drew was having fun licking the spoon.
I am teaching these boys how to cook, everyone woman loves a man that can cook. Rob is not into cooking but once a year he has a tradition of making a huge wonderful Christmas breakfast.
Our neighborhood had the neatest Christmas idea this year. They took kids around the neighborhood on a sleigh ride (hay ride) they decked the the trailers out with lights and Christmas music. We made a few stops through the neighborhood. We made cookies at one house, a craft at another, looked at a Christmas village at another and at the last....There was hot chocolate and Santa showed up. It was awesome!! The kids loved it..
Reading a story before the big man showed up.
Drew and Lauren decorating cookies.
On the sleigh ride singing Christmas Carols around the neighborhood looking at lights.
After church on Sunday, I thought these berry bushes were so neat. I would love to have these at my house, so pretty.
We have been busy, last sat we had breakfast with Santa. At our high school down the road the band played and the show choir put on a show. Lauren loved Santa she didn't want to get down at all. The boys were doing crafts after breakfast they had a table set up and all Lauren did was cry to go back with Santa. Rob was wrangling her while I helped the boys. She was not happy.

Last I wanted to show you my little tree. I had a old container that I spray painted white, I added this crazy branch thing from Hobby Lobby and hung up little ball ornaments.
Many blessing, and remember Jesus is the gift that perfectly fits the size of every heart!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Laundry Room Makeover!!

BEFORE: I have been wanting to show this for so long. It was a long process do to my washer and dryer coming in at different times and then learning I could stack them and make more room. Then my bench and wall shelf came at two different times and there was a problem. All of the drama is straighted out now and I have been wanting to post these..
My washer flooded a few times so it was time for a new one, the laundry room is right off of my garage it is not really big but it is a okay size. There is a door that goes out of the laundry to my back patio too. The room was the only room in the house not painted but the previous owners had lovely roosters hung up. I don't mind roosters but I am not big on wall paper or themes. So off they went. I painted the whole room with a $5 can of Oops paint (It was a nice color) from Lowe's and then bought the shelf and hooks for the kids stuff. I have always wanted a mud room so I figured I would try and make a small one in this entry way. It all fit perfect after measuring and looking for the right shelf. I used a old curtain and added some damask to it and make a cover for my sink in there too.
I hang most of the kids art work in there too.
bench, I love it!! Works so well for book bags and coats.
AFTER!! Hope you like it. It took a while but I am happy how everything came together and it is a much used space.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My little shepherd boy, so cute.

Drew was my little shepherd boy last night for his preschool play. So cute to see all the adorable kids. They sang songs and Drew sang the loudest I think!! He really practiced his songs. It just melts your heart.

Drew and his little buddy. They are so close.
Before the show started.
I love stained glass, I think this is beautiful of Jesus. Drew's school is at a church so when we pick him up we pass the sanctuary and Lauren always says "Jesus"
Here is my little Santa Baby
She is really into Christmas this year. She keeps trying to plug things in, I could scream..I do!! If she only knew how dangerous it was. She also has broken a few ornaments, oh well. Tis the Season to be Merry...She loves the lights that is for sure and Santa and snowmen and COOKIES!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Love this video

This video makes me so happy. Pause my music below to see this happy little boy get his one and only gift this Christmas. I think Operation Christmas Child is the neatest idea ever. This year we received the gift catalog. It is really neat because as a family you can pick all kinds of things at different prices to give to needy children, and families. I love this ministry because they bring the most important gift.. The love and hope of Jesus Christ. I often think what is the point to give to people in Africa or anywhere else in the world and miss the chance to share Jesus. The only one to bring hope and a everlasting life.

I am not sharing this to glorify myself but I am so proud of Jaden. We went through the gift catalog and he wanted to give all his allowance $100 to kids in Africa. I was blown away by his generosity. He sees that God has blessed him with so much and he wanted to give to others instead of himself. Of course he struggles with being selfish as do all of us. He is a normal kid and does normal bad kids stuff at times but he is way beyond his 7yrs. It truly is unreal to see a kid understand the bible and know Jesus as his best friend. We let each kid pick out a gift to give to people in need. Drew picked food, Lauren picked milk, and Jaden picked out bibles. His reason is that although they need food and games and toys and clothes he wanted them to know God's word. He went on to say since they might not live long or go through hard times they need God most of all. He also expressed he wanted them to go to heaven. It all just brought a tear to Rob and I. Jaden also goes to school and tells people about Jesus, he cries sometimes when we do our prayers because he says his friends don't care but he wants to see them in heaven.. Anyway I wanted to share how awesome he is..The next Billy Graham. God is doing a work in him and has prepared his heart. It is going to be so exciting what his calling is on his life.

If you have a extra $5 consider buying something out of the gift catalog. http://www.samaritanspurse.org/

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Food Battles, a funny story

Want to hear a funny story? A few weeks ago Drew was complaining about dinner. Here is some background first Drew is very picky! Anything with a weird color, texture or herb or seasoning he has a problem with. He picks out spices from spaghetti for goodness sakes. It is really annoying. I just keep trying to make him try stuff and if he doesn't like it fine, but try. A lot of times he ends up liking stuff but more often then not he doesn't. His diet pretty much consists of Pizza (his favorite) Mac and Cheese, cereal, bananas and a ton of milk.
So...Jaden is getting ice cream and our rule is no deserts if you don't eat at least some or all of your meal. I don't make them eat something they really don't like but he likes ham and corn okay. Drew went on to say he hated the mashed potatoes. So I told him he didn't have to eat the potatoes but all of the corn and ham. He comes in the living room and says. "Mom I could not eat the ham that was touching the potatoes." So I say "okay Drew no problem did you eat everything else?" He tells me yes and that he is ready for his ice cream. Above is what it looked like when I checked on the plate. I could not help but laugh but it was even more funny because he said he didn't pile the ham on the potatoes. I was kind of mad he lied, since I knew he was but lauging inside. He did not get desert and was sent to bed shortly after. He finally did admit he lied about it the next day when we talked about it.
Thought I would share there is never a dull moment around here.
Any suggestions on how to get your kid to try new foods?
We play a game that we call Sam's Club. For some reason he likes to go to Sam's and try the samples ( us too, it is like a small meal, lol) So at home I pretend that I am advertising each side that I have prepared. He likes it and will usually try food but the novelty might be getting old. Besides this and ketchup on everything, and talking to him about starving kids I am running out of ideas except for pureeing vitamins in his ice cream!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New picture frame

These are out of order but you can see that I did a little junk magic on this picture. I found the frame which was really nice at a antique mall ( I think it was from Hobby Lobby) I did not like the La Femme or whatever it was inside so I thought I could salvage the frame. It was $8 and the frame alone would have been way more if I just bought a frame. So I cut out out some favorite scrap paper and inserted it and then added a family picture. I think it looks really cute. It is a neat shape frame too, original.

Have fun junking, you never know what you will come up with. I love it because your items are original and that is what makes your house unique.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Check out these lights....

Picktown Lights 2009 from Cool Job on Vimeo.

I was looking for something online yesterday and found this. It is about 10min away from my house! It was amazing. Check it out!! My kids loved it. Lauren cried when we left. Pause my music below to listen!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Welcome!! I am finally done as of last week. It is pretty much the same as last year with a few small changes to the bow at the top and less ornaments. I haven't bought any new Christmas decor in a couple years now that I think about it. It is funny because I keep it pretty simple even thought it looks like a lot of work. I just add a few twigs here and there and change up the furniture. The star is leaning, but I don't dare to touch it. This tree is very pretty but is a pain to put together. It is massive and is like the Griswald tree. It is sharp and is so wide, I do like it but it is a pain to put together too. I did the railing with the garland and at the top the kids have a little rainbow tree that they decorated with some kid ornaments. My favorite ornaments are the kids picture ornaments. Since I am picture crazy every year I buy three little picture ornaments to put their picture in. Those are my favorite. I think I will keep them when they are grown, it is a tough call. I love the memories. Taking picture is hard at night but I think these are okay, a little red but you get the warm feeling I am going for.

Here is a view from the loft, I can't wait till 12/25!!!

The boys and Champ with the little rainbow tree. We also put rainbow lights on our swing set. I think it looks cute and the kids love it. I like the white lights but I have no problem with the rainbow either I think they are fun. Kids love the rainbow!!

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