Monday, November 30, 2009

My favorite movie house of all time...Home Alone

The kids were watching this the other day and I have to say I just watch it to look at the house. I love the movie too, but That House!!! I know it has some pretty flowery wallpaper and is covered with burgundy and hunter green but I love it. I love the way the house feels outdated and all. I watch it and try and imagine how I would decorate it. I was looking on Google at a few pictures of the house and came across some interesting information. The house was redecorated for the movie and some of it was filmed in a Gym. Check it out. I love this style home, I think it called a Georgian Colonial I could be wrong. What is your favorite movie house?
Here it is in the summer, it is in Chicago! Love it!! This is one for the dream book!
Early Fall


  1. We just watche Home Alone last week -- love the house!!! It would be way to big for us ... but it just feels like the perfect large family home!!

  2. I would LOVE a huge home like that!!! Especially if I had the money to decorate it however I wanted!!!

  3. That is a great movie house! It's neck and neck with the Father of the Bride house!

  4. I think that is my favorite house too : ) I also love the Walton's house! Do you love that house? Not as pretty though since those times were simpler. I loved their front porch!

  5. That is a beautiful house! I always thought it looked so pretty in the movies and so inviting. Definitely something to dream about. =)

  6. Love that movie too and yes, I totally am looking at the house while everyone else is laughing at the movie.

    Can't pick just one--
    Movie favorites: Kathleen Kelly's Brownstone in "You've Got Mail." I also love both the contemporary house and the charming English cottage in "The Holiday."

    TV: Paul and Jamie Buchman's apartment in "Mad About You." The Petrie's house on "The Dick Van Dyke Show."

    Sorry I couldn't pick just one. This is fun.


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