Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Rob!!

Just wanted to wish my wonderful husband a Happy Birthday. You are a amazing man, father and husband. Thank you for being so unselfish to give us such a good life. You wake up everyday not complaining to provide for us. You come home at night after a long day and your ready to help me and the kids. You are Godly man and treat me with respect and love at all times. Your more then I ever asked God for or deserve.
Love you!

On a side note, I set Rob up on a prank Call. We have country radio station in Columbus that makes calls on or around your birthday it is called the Birthday Bust. Rob had a issue with his car and I set him up for a good laugh. Rob is so calm he didn't get to mad. I will post the podcast on here for you all to hear it. It won't be on till next Thursday though. There are tons of them so on a gloomy day you can listen to past calls and laugh your butt off. Here are some examples.


  1. Hope he has a great Birthday! That sounds funny about the prank call....can't wait to hear it :)

    Oh my, my word verification is "morman"....a subject that's really been on my mind alot lately. Weird!

  2. You are blessed to have such a man for a husband!! I hope he has a wonderful and blessing filled birthday!


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