Monday, November 9, 2009

Glue Gun Pillows

Here is the ottoman with my chair.
Like the toile pillow...I have no secrets. This was so easy. I have shown this in the past but it is so fun and easy to use a glue gun on pillows.
Close up view, it looks pretty good.
Here is the before. It was a very nice pillow but a little outdated. I got it a antique mall and thought the quality was really good. It is has down feathers inside and had nice fringe. While I was in my craft area as I was cleaning I found some left over fabric. So I just glued it on with my hot glue gun. You just cut the fabric to fit make a folded seem and glue away at all the edges ( you don't have to do the middle). Now it is not going to stay put forever probably but for a couple years it is a good easy change. You can even rip them off if you want to change the fabric. You can get ugly nice pillows anywhere. At yard sales you might find some really ugly printed pillows but the fringe is nice or it is a good quality pillow. Just get out your best friend the glue gun and tada!!


  1. Great idea! I never thought to just get out the ol' trusty glue gun to make a new pillow! :)

  2. great idea -- thanks for the tip!! I love the finished result! :)

  3. I think I remember this from your post before. Genius, I tell you! Great idea! :)

  4. I have never thought about that before, how neat!!

  5. Wow. These look so great Katie! You are a wiz with the glue gun for sure : )


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