Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ever wonder what your decorating style is?

Take this fun visual test. I always wonder what my decorating style is. I like a lot of different styles but seem to pretty much go with the same look. I can appreciate a beautiful shabby chic cottage style beach house. I would actually love to have that look but not sure if I want it for my everyday house. I also love the chandelier french chic look but not sure if that is practical for my family with kids. This little style test is really fun because it shows pictures. Unlike the tests that ask if you like this color or that color. That is so hard because I love black, silver, hot pink and turquoise but not really for my house colors..You know what I mean. This one shows all kinds of style and pictures. The pictures change and you can do the test a couple times. It said that my primary style was Traditional Country and Traditional. It had this picture on top as my style and I would have to say I love both of these pictures. I love french chandeliers and garden decor too so maybe all of that mixed up I guess that would make Ballard Designs my favorite unaffordable store.
Take the quiz and let me know your style.


  1. So neat! I totally can see your style in those pics, from the stuff you've shown us on your blog. I'm afraid it might say my style is: "you need to hire Katie to come to Texas and help you, because you have no style!" LOL!!!

    Ha! I'll go check it out when I get home from getting the girls at school :)

  2. I did it and it said Traditional Country for me. I like several different kinds of looks, but definitely not modern. I have that second picture in a book and have always LOVED that room!

  3. What a cool thing! I am sure it will say totally traditional, but I will have to take it and find out!

  4. Hi Katie! Great post! This was fun! I got:
    French Eclectic
    Vintage Modern
    Nantucket Style

    So dead on, I couldn't believe it! Just wish I have the cash to truly have a French Eclectic home!!!!!

    I was surprised I didn't get traditional mixed in there.

    See you!


  5. I was 75% Nantucket!! The rest was traditional country... now I need to figure out how to blend the two and totally redecorate!!

    This was so much fun!! Thanks for posting this!!:)

  6. I love the pictures and the stuff but the rooms have a lot of stuff!
    sandy toe

  7. Very interesting! It told me that I am:

    60% Traditional Country
    20% Cottage Chic
    20% Rustic Revival

    That was fun!


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