Wednesday, October 7, 2009

welcome fall

Welcome to our house, I have been having a little fun putting out pumpkins here and there.
I had to include the Star Wars gang, everywhere I go or walk and in ears sight of Drew I'm hearing about it.

Black Bunny and some pumpkins.
I had a old topiary in this vase thing and I decided to take it out and repaint it and added another moss ball. I could do this decorating stuff all day it is so fun. If only I had unlimited funds and time..
I found one of these stools at a yard sale about a month or so ago and I thought I would never find a match so I passed it up. I asked the girl where she got it and she said Penny's Catalog. I thought it was worth a try to go down the road to the Outlet and just see if they had them. Sure enough they had it. So I went back and was hoping she still had it and she did plus lowered the price to $15. So I ended up paying $55 for two great stools that would have been much more in the catalog. I love deals...I really like having stools at the island too. I didn't know what I was missing the last two years. Jaden does homework there and the kids visit me while I cook.
I hope your all having a nice day. Just wanted to post a few fall pics. I have to order some pictures online for my collection and I'm cleaning out my files. That is a job, I have pictures coming out of my ears...I need to order those, clean up the files, edit, scrapbook (mine stink) I just paste a few pictures down for the kids for each holiday and birthday and sports and print some words. Scrap booking is something that I think is awesome and I love to admire others but really is not my thing. I think because of the time it takes and I like to mark stuff off a list and finish a project. With scrap booking it is a lifelong project. I do admire every ones talents that is for sure. I have meet such wonderful creative ladies.
Back to work, being a mom is the hardest job ever, Rob was gone on business the last two days so I have been busy. Hats off to single mothers or fathers, tough job. I don't know how you did it mom for a lot of years, love you!!


  1. I wish I liked to decorate, but I just don't. I think your things are always so beautiful! I have never scrapbooked either. I am just like you....I like to put those things on a list and check them off! I need to go through all my pics and at least organize them! It seems so hard to do things like that because normal everyday life just takes over my time!

  2. Love the new bar stools. They are really nice and what a great deal. Love all of your fall touches. I can completely relate about the Star Wars stuff--and in my case tons of Legos are everywhere. Whew!

    Love the pictures in a post below of everyone dressed for the game, down to the little cheerleader. Very sweet!

  3. Your home is so pretty! I love your style and all your fall decorations look so great!

  4. Love your new bar chairs. LOVE all of your decorating. Hope you have a wonderful day.♥


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