Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mirror framing and saving money

Hi Everyone!! I loved framed in mirrors. In our room, Rob used molding and they turned out really nice. I wanted something down stairs and I saw a framing kit at Lowe's a while back but it was around $50 I think. I found the same kit a few weeks ago for less then $10 total. It is not as thick and as nice as our room but it is still cute and adds a little to the bathroom. The picture is not that good but you get the point. Yesterday we found our washer and dryer. I decided on a Maytag that was on sale at Lowe's. It was originally $900 and then brought down to $640 or something. The matching dryer was not on sale at all though, so I went to Home Depot and they matched the Lowe's price theirs was $800 so It was a nice match and they had the dryer for 10% off. Then we went over to Giant Eagle for those of you who don't have Giant Eagle. It is a nice grocery store that is kind of expensive. If you buy gift cards from them to almost anywhere you can get a bunch of free gas. So we bought gift cards there for HD and then bought the washerand dryer. The washer will be here on wed but the dryer was not in till Nov 2nd...Oh well..Can you tell I'm excited over laundry it is a true sign I'm a stay at home mom. I wanted the pedestals but they were almost $500. That is crazy..Smart marketing!
Enjoy the beautiful fall day!!


  1. Enjoy your washer and dryer. I think it should be a law that all moms have one. They should come standard with a home! I hate that are are so expensive.

  2. Glad you got your washer/dryer :)

    That's a good idea for the mirrors....looks great!

  3. I love the frames! Good deal on the gift cards!


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