Thursday, October 8, 2009

Laughing can cure a bad day

I woke up this morning and did a load of laundry, next I ran upstairs to get Lauren ready. Jaden is already up and ready and is letting Champ out. He comes back in and yells Emergency... Emergency!! The washer if flooding over. This happened a year ago and it was all over the laundry room. Thankfully we have a crawl space under our laundry room with drainage stones. I have all my important stuff in tubes so it was just a mess. It never happened again for a year. Until this morning and it was a bigger flood going into the kitchen this time, running down the wall into the crawl space, running into the garage. At this time I have 15min to finish getting Lauren's hair done and Drew's faux hawk looking good and get cereal in three kids bellies.. We thankfully have a shop vac and I was able to get a lot of water cleaned up and then Rob helped me with the basement later in the day. I looked at the washer and ran another cycle and it worked fine. I think we are going to get another one just so I don't have to worry about it. The new washers are beautiful but for the price they should have a robot the hangs and irons the clothes to go with them. After all this happened, our adorable Champ got out and decided he did not want to come home. I have to get to Drew's preschool to go get him and he decided to play catch me...I had to go and leave him in the yard or I would have been late getting Drew. He was there when we got home. Throughout the day we had numerous spills from Lauren. She spilled Doritos, Chex Mix and cereal totally dumped the whole box spills. At one time there was also play dough on the carpet and a clogged toilet...It was one of those days... Hopefully it can only get better from her...I know it could be much worse. I thank God daily for what He has blessed me with that I don't deserve. That I can have hands to clean up and give hugs and eyes to use a broom and to comb my kids hair, and ears to here my kids laugh.. For that I'm thankful! Here are some cute pooches to brighten your day and to give you a laugh...

See I told you laughter cures a bad day!!


  1. So nice to see the blessings through those 'can't wait til this day is over' days! Those pictures are so funny... thanks for the good laugh! We have a weimaraner, but I don't think he would like to wear that tight pink thing! :)

  2. That last doggie picture of the cheerleader had me laughing out loud! Those are so funny :)

    Oh my.....what a day! I hope tomorrow goes MUCH better for you!!!

  3. Have seen those many times and love them. I have a pug and he's super cute in his superman costume :o)

  4. Those were really funny! I like the little Indian Dog and the cat! Haha! We dumped the cereal box today too!

  5. Hey! Can't get logged in to facebook tonight. But, our washer model # is WM2016CW, I can't find the capapcity right now and I don't remember?? The dryer is #DLE2516W and is 7.0 cubic feet. I have clothes that I absolutely couldn't get stains out of that went through one wash and are clean again!! We only paid about $1200 total combined for both and they were worth every penny!!

  6. Awww, so sad about your rough day but I did enjoy the dog pix. Have you checked your plumbing lines?? I would start there before buying a new washer!! Maybe just a drainage clog?

  7. I've seen a lot of these before and I think they are hysterical! Thanks for making me smile today!

  8. My daughter enjoyed looking at all the doggies in their costumes with me!

    Love Lauren's dress a couple of posts down. Beautiful fabric!

    Enjoyed seeing your fall decor too. Your house looks very refreshing and calm. :)

  9. Hi Katie! Oh those pup-pup photos are so darn cute! Puts a smile right on your face!

    I have 3 little lampshades left, so let me know if you want me to pull them for you.

    In regards to the lamp.....thanks for the offer, but I don't think I need another lamp! I have so many!

    See you....


  10. These are too funny! I got these in an email today, and some of them wouldn't open. So I was glad to find it here!

    Found your blog from Shell in My Pocket!


    Sheila :-)

  11. These pictures are so cute! When I saw the first one come up on my blog I laughed out loud! :o)
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  12. Hi Katie,

    You are right the doggie photos made me laugh!

    Miss you and think of you often!

    Praying you had a much better day and the new washer is on its way soon!


  13. Yes, those pictures did brighten my day!


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