Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hi Lauren here..

Hi I'm Lauren Grace and I'm a stinker....whatever that means! God made me so cute for a reason...
I have been keeping my mommy really busy. She wanted me all to tell you hi.. Right now she is cleaning a shirt I spilled my whole frosty on and is cleaning up my masterpiece I drew on the table. She told me after that she has to pick up my room where I decided to throw every hair bow and clip behind my dresser. Did I mention I found some silly putty and decided to take that to bed with me last night too.. I thought it was fun to rub it in my sheets and put it all over my walls. I figured it was better then the lotion and lipstick I got into last week. I better get back to playing I hate to keep mom waiting! I think she is cleaning up the whole box of cereal I dumped a few minutes ago. She is a such a good mommy because she puts everything up so I have to use my muscles to climb and get things. She thinks exercise is good for me. She will be back soon. Oh no I can hear the vaccum running I think she is cleaning up my rainbow goldfish crackers that I decided to step on to make a rainbow. Mom says she is glad that I'm so cute...and have a such a pretty smile. I don't know why she always says that?


  1. She always says that because God made you so special!! ♥

    What a cute post!

  2. Oh, she definitely is a cutie pie!

  3. Amen to cuteness! That is what often gets me through the day!


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