Saturday, October 3, 2009

Go Buckeyes!

Hi friends-
We had such a fun family day today. The boys had soccer games in the morning and Drew scored a goal. I was so happy for him since he hasn't been that into it. The last two games he has worked much harder so I was proud of him. Jaden's team played a very good team and he played good as well. Then in the afternoon we went to the Pumpkin Patch farm. It was the nicest one I have been too. It was not terribly expensive and they had so much to do. The kids loved it. I have a ton of pictures so I will post those soon. These pictures I took a couple weeks ago, I love them..Lauren looks so happy.. She has been a little better lately as far as the terrible two go. We put a gate on her door and that worked wonders for her just falling asleep in her room and not leaving and waking the boys up. She usually would be asleep by the door or on the bed. Tonight she climbed the gate so we turned her door knob around and that helped too. She is a smart little girl and can figure how to get around anything. We tried a child proof door knob thing and she broke it right off, that didn't work a bit. I have been staying calm and it seems to be helping her since I'm not reacting and that is what she likes to see. She has been talking a ton too so that is making her less frustrated so I know what she wants. Watching the Buckeye game now, just wanted to post these.

I love this one, wish Jaden's eyes were open but I think it is so sweet.


  1. Soccer games and a pumpkin patch... that sounds like a great way to spend a saturday! :) I love looking at pictures you post of your family, they always make me smile because of the joy you see in their faces!

  2. I love that Drew is in the full football get up! What cute pictures! I am learning not to react when Molly acts bad, but sometimes it is so hard!

  3. Awwww!!!! Such cute photos! I love the last one too! The pumpkin patch sounds fun. I don't know of one anywhere around here. Hope you're having a great Sunday!


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