Friday, October 23, 2009

Family Pics Take 3

The last of our picture day. Just having fun at the park here. We have a lot of really nice parks around the Columbus area. Probably ever 5-10 miles there is a nice park. I love that my boys are so close, they fight like two grumpy old men but are so close. They always have been this way. They miss each other when they are at school and always think of one another. When they get a treat at soccer or at the grocery they both always say can I have one for my brother..
You can click any images and it makes them much bigger..In the smaller format they never look as good. These pictures aren't great lighting up on top but the kids looks cute.
Jaden looks like he is 16 here..I told him to be serious and this is what I got, to funny. We got his school pictures back yesterday and it looked like he had been smiling for ten minutes with his eyes trying to be as big as he could make them. Who takes these pictures?? And do they look at it and think "Oh ya that is a good one, I know the parents will love to hang that one up above the fireplace." Needless to say I hope they can capture a nice normal smile next week..

jumping up and down!

She is becoming quite the photographer..
She took this one of me!! Ha Ha no that was my husband.. Excuse the stomach..Hope you all have a great weekend. I have some trash to treasure projects to show you. This weekend we are taking Jaden to see that new Christian movie Jonathan Sperry It looks like a sweet movie. He is the kind of kid that really likes that alone time with mom and dad. I wish I could spend more time with each of my kids. It is so hard to divide attention to each one of them but it is so important.


  1. I love all the pictures, especially the one of you! So pretty!!

    I want to see that movie too.....let me know how it is!

  2. these are adorable pictures!! I love Lauren's headband in these ... I wish it was still cool for me to wear stuff like that (but I might get some odd looks at work if I did!) Beautiful family! :)

  3. GREAT pictures Katie. You do a fabulous job!! LOVE your picture too....and who cares if your stomach is showing when it is FLAT like yours!!!! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.♥

  4. I have loved all of these photos!! You have such a special family... and you can see that in these pictures. You are so beautiful!!

    "they fight like two grumpy old men but are so close."... *hilarious*

  5. Beautiful kids!!! Seriously, they are! Love the photo of you too!

  6. Great pictures. I am sure my boys will be close like yours. They are too cute. All 3 kiddos are adorable.

  7. Great pic! I bet your hubs loves the one of you. You look so fun. :)


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