Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Family pics take 2

My 3 blessings.. Oh and below is how they act most of time.. Just keeping it real folks..
Jaden making some annoying noise, Drew saying Stoppp itt (in the most annoying whine ever) and Lauren kicking Jaden because she just wants to be mean at that moment..
They are all very close and I think it is important that I show both sides instead of always happy sweet children. I want to show that life is difficult in the R home at times.. A lot of times..My children our my joy though! I want them to always be each others best friends. I desire the kind of family that of course values great friends but to make each person in our family a priority.
Miss Lauren Gracie is all smiles now...
One of my favorite pictures of all times, I love this one.
Wouldn't she be a great Baby Gap model?? I can't take credit for her beauty but she can light up the room. Sometimes the light will catch her face and she is really stunning... One more day without my dear husband.. I wanted to work on that basement but I'm ready for bed..I have had three cups of coffee today. I better call it quits and get some rest.


  1. I think the kids will look back on the "keeping it real" photo one day and really appreciate it and just think it's funny. It's really cute! I LOVE the photo of Lauren smiling, the first one where she has her mouth closed.....that is so beautiful! Of course, she looks beautiful in all of them, even when she's being mean. Ha!

  2. What gorgeous pictures.
    Little Missy is definitely a show stopper.

    Loved all of your family pictures.

    Hope you have a good time.



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