Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bumpits review, the honest truth.

I will humor you all. My boys are obsessed with infomercials and I guess they get it from me. I did buy the Magic Bullet and I love that it is works as a great food processor. All the other stuff the infomercial showed I never had time for. I also love the makeup ones and the before and after pictures of Pro-Active. The boys love to watch them on sat mornings. They can tell me about any product and think I need them all. Jaden can re sight all of them. He is trying to get me to buy the Shark Vac and the purse wallet thing. Now with the Bumpits I was drawn to them. I wanted to try these so bad because the TV add was so fabulous. Beautiful big hair!!. My hair is not horrible but can look blah without flat ironing and really messing with it. I thought this would be the perfect solution. Every time I saw the commercial I was drawn to it. I decided to get it last week at Walmart for only $10. I was so excited to try it and had heard from a few people it was good. I put the thing in and you could see the teeth right threw it. Then in my mind I kept thinking this would not go over well if Rob put his hand thew my hair and felt a huge plastic arch. Then what if it fell out when I was the grocery store or something. I put the thought aside and did all the teasing and watched some YouTube videos. I finally got the thing in right although I think this thing is made for someone with very thick hair. I used all this hair spray and teased it all up. Then I asked Rob what he thought and he first said you looks like one of those woman with the bee hive hair do's then he goes on to tell me that my hair is Stripper like. So I took it all out and realized I could not handle the plastic arch on the crown of my head. That is my review, if you have any questions or suggestions fill me in. I never know what I want to do with my hair, shorter, longer, wavy, straight, darker, lighter, highlights, color. It is getting long and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. Any suggestions will be taken..


  1. Oh man we wanted pictures of you with it.

  2. Oh Katie, I am so with you! First of all, my boys are just like yours! They can recite every infomericial and are convinced that we need it all.

    Second, I also wanted to bumpits to work. I bought them at Walgreens, couldn't get them to work and took them straight back!!! UGH!

  3. Kaylee is like that too with infomercials. She's been big on us needing that toothpaste one that you hang on the wall and it dispenses your toothpaste. Ha!

    I didn't think those would work, mostly because like you said, you'd have to be worried your hair would shift and you'd see it or it would fall out. I say the natural, straight look is always classic anyways, so just go with whatcha got :) I actually use hot rollers just to make my hair really soft and it takes the frizz out. If I don't leave them in for very long, it just makes the bottom of my hair have a soft curl and the rest will be frizz-free....at least until I walk out into the Texas humidity anyways. LOL!

  4. Oh my word! We need pictures of this! I love infomercials, and try to get my hubby to buy me all that stuff! Too funny!


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