Wednesday, October 28, 2009

armoire trash to treasure $10!!

Like it? Below is the pre-red0. I love to re purpose junk, it is a addiction. I want to know what people are going to throw away. I drove by this yard sale and she just had it setting there, no price. FYI those are the best deals. That usually means they pulled it out of the garage or basement and haven't really thought about it and don't care. She said how about $10!!! Most people probably would pass it by and did by the looks of it. I could see the potential for sure. Some cute antique white paint and a cute armoire for Lauren's polka dot room. I didn't even bother to change out the hardware. The spacing was really weird on the pulls and I thought it would take forever to find and I would have to make new holes, so I just pained them. All I did was
1. Took off knobs and pulled out drawers (also removed scrolly thing)
2. Lightly sanded everything
3. Did two coats of paint
That is it..Hope you like it, it is super heavy and I think Ethan Alan quality even though it is old and has some nicks it is a great piece of furniture. I can put so much in it..
Ugly but can you see the potential?


  1. I love it when people see the potential in the pieces most people pass by! You did a great job... I love it! Cute room by the way! :)

  2. This is absolutely precious!! I just love yard sales too. Most people are eager to get rid of stuff...and sell things for little or nothing.

    I'm sure Lauren will love this new addition to her room!!


  3. Oh Katie! That is gorgeous! Great job and great eye to see the treasure! :o) I love the color you chose to paint it!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  4. Hi Katie,

    I came across your blog through Polly and I was so touched by your children. I was adopted late in life twelve to be exact and I cna't descibe the joy I feel when I see others find a family who will love them. Mu husband is adopted as well. God's plan is amazing. What a blessing your blog was to my heart.
    love the armoire!


  5. I love Lauren's polka dot room! I have so much old, ugly brown furniture that is really heavy, nice quality. If only I could get you to come over and paint it for me! I'm too scared of paint to try it myself :) LOL!

  6. What a steal of a deal! It's totally precious in Lauren's room!

  7. Katie,

    This is amazing! I confess I would have walked right past that ugly old thing. You did a superb job...your daughter is one blessed little girl to have such a hard-working (and potential spotting) mommy!

  8. WOW...what a great re-do!!! It looks PERFECT in her room! FABULOUS price!!!!

  9. Nice job Katie! Isn't is just so rewarding when you take a cast-off and make it useful again? You kept it out of the landfill too! Lauren's polka dot room looks really cute! Hope you are doing well....I haven't bumped into you in a while!

  10. Katie the transformation is beautiful! I love it.

    I agree with you, it is addicting to see what you can repurpose!

    Thanks for the comments on Beka's post. I couldn't believe the house her apt is in when I saw it! I would love to have a new house that looks old as well!

  11. You are amazingly creative! I just love it Katie! WOW!

  12. NICE! That's awesome! Great deal - I would have taken it too!

  13. My problem is I keep buying things at yard sales because I see the potential but then they just sit in our garage or basement. I guess I'm scared I'm going to mess something up. But you've inspired me! I'm going to tackle the bench I got for $3! BTW - do you use a brush to paint or spray paint? And what type of paint? Thanks for the inspiration!


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