Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

armoire trash to treasure $10!!

Like it? Below is the pre-red0. I love to re purpose junk, it is a addiction. I want to know what people are going to throw away. I drove by this yard sale and she just had it setting there, no price. FYI those are the best deals. That usually means they pulled it out of the garage or basement and haven't really thought about it and don't care. She said how about $10!!! Most people probably would pass it by and did by the looks of it. I could see the potential for sure. Some cute antique white paint and a cute armoire for Lauren's polka dot room. I didn't even bother to change out the hardware. The spacing was really weird on the pulls and I thought it would take forever to find and I would have to make new holes, so I just pained them. All I did was
1. Took off knobs and pulled out drawers (also removed scrolly thing)
2. Lightly sanded everything
3. Did two coats of paint
That is it..Hope you like it, it is super heavy and I think Ethan Alan quality even though it is old and has some nicks it is a great piece of furniture. I can put so much in it..
Ugly but can you see the potential?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

17 Again!!

This is a great movie. I really liked it so did Rob. It was like a lot of movies already done ( think 13 Going On 30, Family Man) If you haven't saw it though it is so cute. You will laugh and think back to when you were 17. Can you imagine going back now? It would be nice to have the wisdom to go back that is for sure!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Terrarium re-do and some curtains

A few posts back I got this wonderful terrarium. I love it but it was a outdated wood color. From my wonderful blogging friends I got some good suggestions. Now it is a lovely black. Oh how I love black. Black makes everything look good... I love it now, I still don't know what to put in yet. I'm thinking some different plants, and getting some little things to let the kids grow in it.
My room had some ugly plain curtains. I finally got these and I love them. They are a tan and cream damask. They look perfect I think. It is hard to take pictures next to a bright window and still get good shots of curtains, but you get a idea. We have a JCpenny outlet here and if your lucky you can find some really great returns. These were originally $70 for a set I got two windows done for $40 a total of 4 panels. I redid a armour a few months ago that I will list soon, it was only $10 from a yard sale. Stay tuned.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Family Pics Take 3

The last of our picture day. Just having fun at the park here. We have a lot of really nice parks around the Columbus area. Probably ever 5-10 miles there is a nice park. I love that my boys are so close, they fight like two grumpy old men but are so close. They always have been this way. They miss each other when they are at school and always think of one another. When they get a treat at soccer or at the grocery they both always say can I have one for my brother..
You can click any images and it makes them much bigger..In the smaller format they never look as good. These pictures aren't great lighting up on top but the kids looks cute.
Jaden looks like he is 16 here..I told him to be serious and this is what I got, to funny. We got his school pictures back yesterday and it looked like he had been smiling for ten minutes with his eyes trying to be as big as he could make them. Who takes these pictures?? And do they look at it and think "Oh ya that is a good one, I know the parents will love to hang that one up above the fireplace." Needless to say I hope they can capture a nice normal smile next week..

jumping up and down!

She is becoming quite the photographer..
She took this one of me!! Ha Ha no that was my husband.. Excuse the stomach..Hope you all have a great weekend. I have some trash to treasure projects to show you. This weekend we are taking Jaden to see that new Christian movie Jonathan Sperry It looks like a sweet movie. He is the kind of kid that really likes that alone time with mom and dad. I wish I could spend more time with each of my kids. It is so hard to divide attention to each one of them but it is so important.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Family pics take 2

My 3 blessings.. Oh and below is how they act most of time.. Just keeping it real folks..
Jaden making some annoying noise, Drew saying Stoppp itt (in the most annoying whine ever) and Lauren kicking Jaden because she just wants to be mean at that moment..
They are all very close and I think it is important that I show both sides instead of always happy sweet children. I want to show that life is difficult in the R home at times.. A lot of times..My children our my joy though! I want them to always be each others best friends. I desire the kind of family that of course values great friends but to make each person in our family a priority.
Miss Lauren Gracie is all smiles now...
One of my favorite pictures of all times, I love this one.
Wouldn't she be a great Baby Gap model?? I can't take credit for her beauty but she can light up the room. Sometimes the light will catch her face and she is really stunning... One more day without my dear husband.. I wanted to work on that basement but I'm ready for bed..I have had three cups of coffee today. I better call it quits and get some rest.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Family Pictures

I set up my tri-pod and took a few fall pictures, maybe our Christmas card picture. I think a couple of them turned out really cute. Just wanted to share. It was a rough week last week but so far so good this week. I got a parking ticket, and some other things happened. This week Rob will be gone a few days so I will be busy. I have to look at the positives...I don't have to make meat and potatoes the next few days. I can stay up late and watch some of my favorite shows, I can organize the basement once the kids go to sleep. I miss him when he is gone but I can do it..The kids are great company but can be a challenge. I'm trying to figure out how to do homework with Jaden and so far it is in the later evening which I know is probably not good. I can not do it with Lauren getting into things and being wild. I will get it, it is hard being a mom at times..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hi Lauren here..

Hi I'm Lauren Grace and I'm a stinker....whatever that means! God made me so cute for a reason...
I have been keeping my mommy really busy. She wanted me all to tell you hi.. Right now she is cleaning a shirt I spilled my whole frosty on and is cleaning up my masterpiece I drew on the table. She told me after that she has to pick up my room where I decided to throw every hair bow and clip behind my dresser. Did I mention I found some silly putty and decided to take that to bed with me last night too.. I thought it was fun to rub it in my sheets and put it all over my walls. I figured it was better then the lotion and lipstick I got into last week. I better get back to playing I hate to keep mom waiting! I think she is cleaning up the whole box of cereal I dumped a few minutes ago. She is a such a good mommy because she puts everything up so I have to use my muscles to climb and get things. She thinks exercise is good for me. She will be back soon. Oh no I can hear the vaccum running I think she is cleaning up my rainbow goldfish crackers that I decided to step on to make a rainbow. Mom says she is glad that I'm so cute...and have a such a pretty smile. I don't know why she always says that?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Am Second

Every time I see this story (pause my music below) I just thank God for how he works through people. The ones that people would look down upon or the ones that are the least of these. To see that God has made each person with significance. That he does not make junk and that people matter..The lord has really been laying on my heart how each person in this world God has made for a purpose. That we can all do something great through Jesus! If we allow Him to work what will He do next? It could be scary at times when we surrender to Him instead of thinking we could do it on our own. What thing is he trying to work out in your life? I know I struggle with trying to control my life, when in fact He knows much better then me what I need or what trials he needs to give me to refine my walk..Tough stuff.
Have you all checked out this website? It is takes stories of everyday people and famous people, athletes, celebrities, singers and talks about why they are second. Christ is first and this is why...I just found about this and think it is so neat..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Never ending projects..

How is everyone in bloggy world? I took some family picture of us with the tripod. Not as good as having a person do them but it worked. I'm already thinking about the family picture for our Christmas cards..I'm a bit overwhelmed this week. Since the little flood in the laundry room I decided to paint the room and make it look a little nicer since I spend so much time in there. I took down the ugly wire shelf and am looking for some old shelves or I'm going to buy some new ones to put up instead..Since there was some water in the crawl space I have all the Christmas decorations and other decor out in the basement another project to go through and get rid of old junk...On a positive note since we turned the door knob around in Lauren's room and the shorter days she is going to bed at 8:00 no problems. I guess I ended the game for her with her coming out of the room and yelling out the door. Thought this picture was so cute of her. Back to work...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We had so much fun last week at the Pumpkin Patch. They had so much fun stuff for the kids to do. Animals, Corn Maze, and tons of playground stations set up. Everyone loved it. Here are some pictures from our adventure.

A fake little outhouse. The boys think anything like this is so funny now. We have lots of fart jokes, sounds you name it going on around here.

Lauren saying P.U Stinky. She always says that when she sees farm animals. Even though she likes them.
In the corn maze
We love ice cream!!
Lauren does not mess around when it comes to food especially if it is something she really likes. This was my pumpkin cone she seemed to really like it.
They had so many stations like this in a huge field for kids to play on. Mazes and slides and forts, so fun.

Heading home after a fun day.

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