Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have been wanting one of these things for a long time. I have a couple little ones but wanted a big one. This isn't exactly the one I wanted but for the price I can not complain. I thought I would change out the decor with the seasons. Until I have a sunroom, porch where I can really use it more effectivly. I was driving home one day and saw a yard sale sign so I thought I would stop. It was the owner of one of my favorite little shops garage sale here in town. So needless to say there was some good stuff. I got this 5ft glass terrarium for $35 which is a good deal.. I saw the same one online for $300. The little hinge is the only thing broken and that just lets a little air in the top but does cause a problem. I wanted to stain it darker and even sanded and stained a section but the wood would not stain right? I don' t mind the wood color but black might look good too. What would you put in it or would you paint it? Is it werid in my office when you walk in my front door? Where would you put it?
suggestion or ideas?


  1. It is so cute... I love it!! I have never seen one like that!

    If it was me... ;) I would leave the metal part (really like that) and paint the rest black. But, I do that to most wooden things I have! LOL I go through a lot of black paint! If, after you sanded it, you still had trouble with stain, you probably need to prime the wood before you paint it.

    I love the idea of changing it with the seasons... so put it where you can see it!

    Depending on your overall house colors, you could also paint the entire piece white... 'cottage-ish' looking.

    Let us see it when you are done!

  2. I can honestly say that I have never seen one of those before. Do they have them for different holidays? Cool.

  3. Ha! You know I can't help because I have no decorating skills at all. LOL! It's very cute though!

  4. It's very cute! And boy! What a deal! I think it's sweet the way it is but black would be sweet or even white. You are gonna have fun with that!

  5. I have never really seen anything like that, very neat!

  6. I love it! I agree with Jennifer. Paint it black and leave the metal. I also love the idea of changing it with the seasons. So cute!


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