Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer is over

We went swimming last week for our last time. Our friends from church have a beautiful home and pool, amazing place. They invite the moms from the church to come swim all the time. I am really staring to meet some wonderful ladies. I thought these were to cute not to share, so this is probably my last summer post, tomorrow is the big day. Jaden starts 1st grade. I can't believe he is going to be gone all day now, our kindergarten was only half a day. We went and met his teacher last night.. She seemed wonderful, and the school was awesome. Our area is growing so fast that they built 3 new school and we happen to be about a mile from one of them. I think we started a week late this year because the school wasn't complete.
Jaden is really swimming and doing well, not that I would throw him out in the deep end for a while but he is swimming now and jumping and and acts great in the water. I suppose if we go to the pool next year more and more he will get better and better.
Drew wanted to float on his back.
To funny, he is pretty good with the floaties on he can swim around and seems happy.
Jaden jumping in
I just had to show this pergola thing isn't this beautiful? I had to take a picture for my dream book.
Jaden took my picture going down the slide, thought it was funny. He likes taking pictures.
Hope school is going well for many of your kids. I am praying for a great year for Jaden to really apply himself. He is so smart that it is scary at times. The only problem is if he does not like something or it doesn't come as easy to him he just doesn't want to do it. He gets really frustrated. He can build a Lego sets meant for a 14yr old with no help besides putting stickers on, look at any picture and tell you something works (and he is right), what cells are, how air compressors works, how a engine works, how to build a building, how to use a microscope, build inventions, tell me what products I need from infomercials and how they work, take things apart and put them back together, knows directions,, but has trouble with B's and D' doesn't want to write and refused to learn his address?? hmmm..not sure here. I am hoping his teacher has great insight.


  1. That pool was beautiful! Happy First Day of School! I am sure he will do great and hopefully all the "easy" stuff comes to him, no problem!

  2. Great pics! Love the slide one. Ha! So glad you're meeting new friends.....anyone would be blessed to have you for a friend!

    I know he'll do well in school! My Kaylee was the same way when she started Kinder last year. She cried the 1st time she had to try and read a book because she didn't know how yet, but by the end of the year, she had completely changed. Those teachers are so good at what they do....I bet they'll give him the confidence he needs to succeed in every area!

    I love that pergola too.....I have been telling Morgan we need something like that to put our grill under and be able to sit under for parties and stuff!

  3. It sounds like he is going to have the perfect teacher : ) He does seem smart! Wowza : ) I am glad you could go swimming. So fun :) We practically lived at our pool this summer. When it wasn't raining! Our school doesn't start until the day after Labor Day so the pool stays open until then. I just told Kaish we had to make our farewell visit : )


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