Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Need some advice on a two yr old...

Just thought this was cute, he is a very sweet dog.. He seems to finally be catching on to house training. Between potty training Lauren and house training a dog and dealing with the terrible two's I am struggling. Please say a little prayer for me. Lauren is being very difficult. I am being very consistent but she is being defiant. We moved her to a big girl bed and she will not stay in it. The first few days were not bad but she is getting worse and worse. Last night she did not go to bed till midnight. She got out of that bed 50 times. I had to not say a word and kept putting her in. I feel like I have tried everything but she is not letting down. Please God let this be the peak of it. All day is non stop for me with her, I am worn out tired. If you could share any thought, advice or prayers that would be wonderful.


  1. Girl, you are a lot braver then me! I have yet to potty train Molly-she could care less right now, and she has never tried to climb out of her crib, so our doctor told us to keep her in there! But I hear ya on the terrible 2's...Molly is so strong willed, so we have our battles too! Sending you lots of encouragement!

  2. Cute doggie picture!!

    I wish I could help you with advice, but I just finally got Lily potty trained and she still sleeps with us. ha!

  3. Is going back to the crib an option? Also, James Dobson's book on strong willed children was a God-send for me.:)

  4. I am not a great one for advice since I haven't had a two year old in a while but, was she climbing out of her crib? Maybe she is just not quite ready for a big girl bed yet. I have also seen on the Nanny (help) show (can't remember the name) where they have the parent sit or lay on the floor (in their room) & ignore them (but keep putting them back in bed if they get out without any words) and keep moving closer to the door each night. Am I making sense? If she still takes a nap in the afternoon, you might want to shorten it so she is tired and ready for bed at an earlier time.

    I'll be praying for you that you can keep it up and get her sleeping much earlier.

  5. My first statement is heartless, but. . .
    #1 Get rid of the dog.
    #2 You are doing the right thing with Lauren. No eye contact. No words. Just put her back in her bed. . . until you can't take it. Then, cave. Ya' know sometimes we have to put the "parenting books" down and throw the "right thing" out the window. . . and get some rest. If you really dont want her in your bed, I wouldnt, but you can put her a pallet on the floor and let her sleep there. This problem is kind-of related to potty training . . .eventually it will happen, but why kill yourself trying?? I had this problem with Lily and when bought a CD player (make sure it has a repeat) for her room and started playing "sleepy music" and that did the trick. Instead of "bedtime". . .you can say, "Are you ready to listen to your special music?" Mom said when I was little and said, "I am not sleepy" Mom would say, "You dont have to go to sleep, just rest." I would fall asleep everytime.

    Hang in there.
    You are a great mom!

  6. Awe, sorry you're having a hard time. "This too shall pass." That's what I remind myself when going through "phases". We've been going through one ourselves lately, but I think we may be on the downhill slope. I hope. I pray. I'll be saying a prayer for you and Miss Lauren Grace! ♥hugs♥

  7. The dog is SO cute Katie! I am so glad the kids have a great pet! You are the coolest mom on the planet.

    My best friend just put her little girl in a regular bed and it was chaos for a while. Now she doesn't get out so much but it took her a good 2 months.

    2's are so hard for everyone. I will pray for you tonight.

  8. Oh girl! I so remember those days. This will sound cruel and heartless, but for Blake, we put 2 baby gates on the door to his room stacked on top of each other. That kept him in, but we could still see him. He fell asleep many a night and afternoon, right next to those gates after crying FOREVER! But, it finally worked. HE realized there was no getting out, so might as well sleep in the comfy bed. Now, this technique DID NOT work for Evan, because after about 2 hours Evan could scale both gates and land on his feet on the other side. You are doing a great job! Those strong willed kids are tough stuff!!


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