Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jaden's 1st day of school

I officially have a 1st grader now. He was so excited he couldn't even eat breakfast. This morning we were all getting ready fast since the first day is always hectic. Drew was moving in slow motion. Love him so very much but he is a so slow and unmotivated. I told him 3x to get his Jammie's off and he just looks at you and is in a fog. He is not a morning person to say the least. Jaden is! He gets dressed, brushes his teeth, eats everything in a matter of minutes and is ready to go. Drew is so hard to wake up and eats a total of three breakfasts it seems. First he wants cereal then he wants more then he wants a granola bar too. Anyway the bus time is different this year and we were doing okay we had about 5minutes to take a few pictures and walk down the street. As we begin are walk, here comes the bus. Jaden has to run to get to it. Nice way to start the first day. Rob and I went to the school to be there outside of his class when he got there. He looked to cute and grown up. His friend from our neighborhood said "Jaden is coming" it was so cute. His teacher was so sweet she is older and seems so nice. She said she was as nervous as they were too. Then she said I will take good care of him. As we watched him at his desk he was loading up his desk with all his school supplies. Jaden is always working. He goes above and beyond in the physical labor area. Have I mentioned he now vacuums the whole house, and uses the attachments. He loves it! (so do I, LOL) I am going to miss him during the day but he is ready and I am excited to see what this school year holds for him.

Got to love the Mystery machine lunch box.


  1. What a cutie! I was seeing these photos on facebook today. They're all so good! I love that his teacher said she'll take good care of him. I love teachers! They are such important people!

    Oh, can you send him over here to teach my girls how to use the vaccuum? LOL!

  2. Awwwww look at Jaden!! He is toooo CUTE! I bet he is going to love being a big 1st grader.

  3. I love his spikey hair! So cute!

  4. He is so cute Katie : ) I just love that he was so excited he couldn't eat breakfast! I also LOVE older teachers and I love that she said she would take good care of him : ) And my favorite thing I love today is that he vacumes the house. Please send him over to my house this instant : )

  5. LOVE his hair!!! You have a gorgeous family!

  6. How was Jaden's first few days at school as a 1st grader? :o) He looks so happy in his pictures! I miss those days! My "baby" turns 14 in October! Holy Moly!
    Have a great weekend!


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