Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Drew B!!

Dear Drew,
I can't believe your 5yrs old today. You are getting so big we can barley pick you up anymore. You are a big teddy bear who loves to be hugged and loved so I'm sure we will be holding you for many years to come. You are such a charmer and love to tell the ladies how gorgeous they are. You have defiantly made an impression (: We still can't believe what a miracle you really are. You are so smart and sweet. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. When we drive by Children's Hospital we always think how blessed we are and how God is so faithful.
This year has been a good one for you. You love school! Your learning to write and sounding out words. You are also learning how to swim some. With floaties on your a fish. You are getting out of your whining stage which is nice. Now your into your relaxed state we will call it. You like to relax and are not much for work but we are working on that. We always tell people "you give Drew a bag a chips and some dramatic action movies and you wouldn't hear from him all day"..There is just no real sense of urgency. Ha Ha. You do love to play and you have a wonderful imagination. You love Star Wars, Transformers and Turtles. From morning till night you tell us about every character and every part they play. You love to set them all up and rein act them. You also love Army guys and could play with them for hours. Your a happy little boy.
Your such a wonderful brother to Lauren. You are her protector and she loves you lots too. She is always sitting next to you with her hands around you. Jaden and you are like twins your both inseparable but also like two grumpy old men at times. I love the closeness you all share. Your very kind, sweet and charming Drew and we know God has made you very special. You have taught us a lot about life in your five years here. Can't wait to see what life holds for you.
Mommy and Daddy

You love turtles.


  1. Happy Birthday Drew!!!!! Hope you eat lots of cake and ice cream!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    sandy toe

    p.s. I love the Country Living Fair...truly is wonderful! Posting pictures about it tomorrow! You should go!!! It's 3 days every year!

  3. He is such a cutie! Happy Birthday Drew! Hope he had a wonderful day!!

  4. Happy Birthday Drew! What a great little boy you have there!

  5. those are awesome pics!!!! hope he had an awesome day!


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