Sunday, September 27, 2009

Birthday party Mexican dinner,Star Wars, fun, gifts.

Let the force be with you...A continuation and end to the week long party..
Jaden got his very first set of tools. The kid loves to do things like taking things apart and putting them back together. My little Engineer
Thought these pictures were cute of the boys enjoying their actual birthday with just us. We like to take them out for their birthday to whatever place they want and do our gifts with just us. Drew got all Star Wars stuff. It started a few months ago the obsession. He talks about it all day and all night. He looks at the catalog that comes with the toys and studies it for hours. He already has picked out what he wants for Christmas and for next years birthday. He has a comic book and puts on the movie and follows the movie to the book. He loves it. This helmet mask changes your voice and it is the commander helmet. Lauren seems to like it too.

The boys love playing with the RockBand at Best Buy. Daddy loves it too. Comes to find out it is pretty hard for little guys but they still enjoy it. (mom and dad enjoy it lol) That is what Nana and Grandpa got them and a Star Wars game which Drew loves.

We took Jaden to the Mexican restaurant where they and Happy Birthday to him and gave him ice cream mustache.

Drew eating Chips.

Jaden and Nana. Hope you enjoyed this week long celebration for the boys birthdays. Each year they get more excited. If your wondering we went to Chuck E Cheese for Drew's birthday and it was so crowded it was awful. I have no idea how they got so many kids in that place at once and it was on a Monday. He loves it though. I love my kids and my friends kids but I don't think I could ever work at Chuck E Cheeses. I would be overstimulated for sure. I would come home with my ears plugged and eyes glazed over. You must prepare yourself for that place. Hope your having a nice Sunday with family.


  1. Awww! Kaylee loves the mexican restaurant for her Birthday too :)

    That look on Lauren's face is so funny.....she's like what does this thing do? Ha!

  2. What great pics! Chuck E Cheese was way too overwhelming for me too!

  3. My boys are WAY into Star Wars right now too! Sometimes I think they are speaking a different language to each other...every book we bought at the book fair was Star Wars. I'll be glad when this passes! Give the boys some time with Rock Band, they will pick it up quick!! Even Evan can play the easy version of the guitar and drums. It's become one of our favorite family activities!


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