Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Think about this

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have been wanting one of these things for a long time. I have a couple little ones but wanted a big one. This isn't exactly the one I wanted but for the price I can not complain. I thought I would change out the decor with the seasons. Until I have a sunroom, porch where I can really use it more effectivly. I was driving home one day and saw a yard sale sign so I thought I would stop. It was the owner of one of my favorite little shops garage sale here in town. So needless to say there was some good stuff. I got this 5ft glass terrarium for $35 which is a good deal.. I saw the same one online for $300. The little hinge is the only thing broken and that just lets a little air in the top but does cause a problem. I wanted to stain it darker and even sanded and stained a section but the wood would not stain right? I don' t mind the wood color but black might look good too. What would you put in it or would you paint it? Is it werid in my office when you walk in my front door? Where would you put it?
suggestion or ideas?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Birthday party Mexican dinner,Star Wars, fun, gifts.

Let the force be with you...A continuation and end to the week long party..
Jaden got his very first set of tools. The kid loves to do things like taking things apart and putting them back together. My little Engineer
Thought these pictures were cute of the boys enjoying their actual birthday with just us. We like to take them out for their birthday to whatever place they want and do our gifts with just us. Drew got all Star Wars stuff. It started a few months ago the obsession. He talks about it all day and all night. He looks at the catalog that comes with the toys and studies it for hours. He already has picked out what he wants for Christmas and for next years birthday. He has a comic book and puts on the movie and follows the movie to the book. He loves it. This helmet mask changes your voice and it is the commander helmet. Lauren seems to like it too.

The boys love playing with the RockBand at Best Buy. Daddy loves it too. Comes to find out it is pretty hard for little guys but they still enjoy it. (mom and dad enjoy it lol) That is what Nana and Grandpa got them and a Star Wars game which Drew loves.

We took Jaden to the Mexican restaurant where they and Happy Birthday to him and gave him ice cream mustache.

Drew eating Chips.

Jaden and Nana. Hope you enjoyed this week long celebration for the boys birthdays. Each year they get more excited. If your wondering we went to Chuck E Cheese for Drew's birthday and it was so crowded it was awful. I have no idea how they got so many kids in that place at once and it was on a Monday. He loves it though. I love my kids and my friends kids but I don't think I could ever work at Chuck E Cheeses. I would be overstimulated for sure. I would come home with my ears plugged and eyes glazed over. You must prepare yourself for that place. Hope your having a nice Sunday with family.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pirate Party

It went very well. We had a lot friends and family come to the boys party. We have celebrated their party on the same day every since they were really little. It seems they want it this way. It works out really well. They have a lot of the same friends and like mostly the same stuff. This year we decided to do a pirate theme party. We dressed all the kids up in pirate gear. I think it was really fun.

The sun was so bright outside that day, so the pictures are not that good but you get the idea. We had a perfect day. Poor Jaden is covered by the sun spot.
My brother Peter on the right of me is going to Ohio State. It is giving me a chance to really get to know him. Since my dad passed many years ago we have reconnected and have gotten together some. He surprised me and showed up at the party. My brother to the left of me was happy to see him as well.

I'm thankful for my big kitchen we were able to fit a lot people in there to sing Happy Birthday.

Rob was so nervous about the Pinata. He has seen to many Funniest Home Video's. It went well with no hits to any ones private area's. The Pinata broke from the top after a few hits. I wish it would have busted open from the center. The kids loved it.
Here is my mom on the right. Doesn't she look cute? Her friend let her borrow all this pirate stuff. She insisted we all dress up.

I asked my cousin Mark to dress up in his Jack Sparrow costume. He has won a few contests in the thing. He looked great. Thanks Mark, love you..
Mom and me. My mom came from New Mexico, I miss her... The kids love her and Lauren knows her in all the pictures and says "That's Nana" It is hard having her so far away.
Jaden striking a pirate move.

Mark with his sweet girlfriend Erin.
The Cake
I love these skeletons, dollar store... Hope you enjoyed the highlights from our pirate party. I have a few more from the weeks celebration. I felt like it was a never ending birthday. It starts with cards, my mom coming, gifts, dinner out for both of them on their birthdays, party, more cards... It has become a Jewish Holiday (Lol)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A wreath, flag, cage and bloody toe...

I love fall.. Anyway this weekend has been crazy. My mom flew in from New Mexico last wed and was here for the boys party. We had their birthday party on sat. It was a beautiful fall day, perfect. We had around 65 people I think?? Maybe more or less. I have a ton of pictures I need to go through and share. I made this wreath last week to add to the door. I really liked how it turned out. I added a smaller wreath in the larger grapevine wreath to make it wider. I added a whole bunch of this and that.
Check out the wreath contest at
I have been wanting one of the initial flags. I found one on eBay. They were at Kirkland's but they were all out when I went for one.
Just what I needed a enormous bird cage. I actually had one here that I really liked but it wasn't exactly what I wanted so I found this one instead. It really fills up the wall since it is a very high ceiling. It is hard to decorate houses with really high ceilings there is lots of dead space and it is hard to get the feel right. I don't know what to do with the other cage. I will try craigslist but I doubt I will get what a paid for it. It is a unique decorating piece but I think they are cool.
Yesterday I ran a cart the ones with the TVs in them for kids at Meijer over my big toe. Lauren and Drew were both in it. It was not light. Lauren threw something out and I leaned over to get it and pulled the cart on my big toe. It ripped off almost my entire nail and cut under the nail. It was one of the top 5 most painful experiences to say the least. Now I have to wrap it and my high heel days are over for a month or so. I had blood all over the isle. I found a young kid working to get me some paper towels, and a bandage. I am fine now, but Lauren fell on it once already. The last 24hrs have not been good ones... This morning when I was at Drew's school he started chocking on flem and threw up all over the bathroom and himself. He is fine, I think just his allergies caused some drainage. So hopefully the next few days will be on the Up.. Just keeping it real (: Thankful and blessed that these are just little bumps in the road. Hope your all having a great week. Pirate Party pictures to come, aarrhh!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Drew B!!

Dear Drew,
I can't believe your 5yrs old today. You are getting so big we can barley pick you up anymore. You are a big teddy bear who loves to be hugged and loved so I'm sure we will be holding you for many years to come. You are such a charmer and love to tell the ladies how gorgeous they are. You have defiantly made an impression (: We still can't believe what a miracle you really are. You are so smart and sweet. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. When we drive by Children's Hospital we always think how blessed we are and how God is so faithful.
This year has been a good one for you. You love school! Your learning to write and sounding out words. You are also learning how to swim some. With floaties on your a fish. You are getting out of your whining stage which is nice. Now your into your relaxed state we will call it. You like to relax and are not much for work but we are working on that. We always tell people "you give Drew a bag a chips and some dramatic action movies and you wouldn't hear from him all day"..There is just no real sense of urgency. Ha Ha. You do love to play and you have a wonderful imagination. You love Star Wars, Transformers and Turtles. From morning till night you tell us about every character and every part they play. You love to set them all up and rein act them. You also love Army guys and could play with them for hours. Your a happy little boy.
Your such a wonderful brother to Lauren. You are her protector and she loves you lots too. She is always sitting next to you with her hands around you. Jaden and you are like twins your both inseparable but also like two grumpy old men at times. I love the closeness you all share. Your very kind, sweet and charming Drew and we know God has made you very special. You have taught us a lot about life in your five years here. Can't wait to see what life holds for you.
Mommy and Daddy

You love turtles.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Jaden

Today you are seven years old. We can't believe we had you seven years ago today.. This year has been a great year for you. You started first grade and love it. You are doing so well. We can't believe you can read now and write. You seem so big and mature now going to school all day. Mom misses you when your gone. You have also been such a big help at home with chores. You love to help mom and vacuum what a blessing that is. We had a fun summer, you learned how to swim and ride a bike without training wheels. You seem to really have gotten over some fear and you now see that you can do anything.. You are a awesome big brother too. Drew looks up to you in every way. Lauren thinks your her super hero too. You are always watching out for them and think of them. You have such a kind merciful heart. Your heart is so pure and soft. You make us cry when your so sensitive to others needs. Your very unselfish. Mom and dad can't express to you how proud we are of you. You have a heart that loves Jesus and each day you want to be more like Him. It is amazing seeing you share your faith with others and give out your special coins. You are amazing. We love you so much.
Mom and Dad

You can build anything!! You are so smart..

Happy Birthday Jaden!
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