Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A new light, A desk and a hot blanket, to hot!!!

Isn't this a cute chandelier? It cost a total of $10. I bought the shades from a real sweet lady who runs a booth at the antique mall, she gave me a deal and the light at a neighborhood yard sale for $4. It was already spray painted so that was nice. It isn't perfect but I think it really adds a touch to our room. Rob was complaining he was going to hit his head on it every time he walked in the little sitting area. I insisted he could just duck and enjoy the light, it looks much better then the dome light that was there. On another note I am so happy I have a husband the tolerates my ideas and patiently hangs my light fixtures, and says " If you like it, I like it." I was shocked to hear of so many husbands that have a say in decorating. I wish my Husband did.. Some times he is so indifferent it drives me nuts. He does have great taste so I suppose if I went a little wacko with a look or idea he would tell me.
I like it.
This picture is flash city. I hate the flash, but it is needed it when it is later in the day and the sun is beaming through the windows, I had no choice. The curtains are not my fav in here but there are okay for now. I bought the white down bedding for our bed. It is like sleeping in a cloud. The only problem is I think I went a little overkill with the heaviness of the comforter. I think I got the warmest blanket they make. It feels like you are sleeping with a electric blanket turned to 125 degrees. Once again, I told hubby to just enjoy it for about 5 min and then when you get hot just rip off the blanket. It is all about the look right?
I found this desk at a yard sale for $12. I totally re pained it. I put it in Drew's room. The chair doesn't really match but it is okay for now. I think I will redo the seat since I no longer need the chair in our room. Maybe I will do some sort of nautical stripe to match his room.
Here is the before.. It is so fun to do these easy projects that are cheap and fun.
This was my last full week of the kids being home this summer. Although I will miss them, especially Jaden (all day at school now) I am ready. It will be nice to have some down time and a little more quite. I will still have Drew at home all day two days a week and of course Lauren all day everyday. It will be nice to have some time with just her though. It has been a wonderful summer. The kids seem to change every 3months . They get bigger and seem to mature. I am really going to miss these days. I am looking forward to seeing them grow and learn and gain confidence each day. I feel so blessed to be a mother and to have the time to be with them each day. I get mad at myself that I get frustrated at times with them. Or I feel like I am going a little crazy. I think it is just one of those things that as a mom you have to calm yourself and enjoy the little things and not let the big things stress you. To have a light heart and know the time passes quickly. They are my joy.


  1. I love the chandelier! It looks great! And that desk.....reminds me that I have several pieces of furniture that were passed down that are that old brown color.....i bet if I did paint them, they would look awesome! I'm not a painter might end up looking worse than I started with. :)

  2. Your room looks great! I have done the "hot" thing with a comforter before. Now I know not to do that, but I love quilts, so I usually stick with lightweight quilts on our bed and add a blanket in the winter.

    Isn't it amazing how much children change....sometimes it seems day to day!! Hope you have a wonderful week.♥

  3. I love the light, and the desk! I know you and Lauren will have great times together!

  4. Love the chandelier!!! Looks perfect!

  5. Everything looks the light!
    sandy toe

  6. I love your desk Katie. That is an awesome deal! I bought a desk this Summer at a furniture store, and you do not want to know how much it was. I don't know what I was thinking. I wasn't thinking.

    I am so sad that Kaish is starting school soon. We have one more week of summer. I am going to make it as special as possible! : )

  7. I forgot to say I LOVE the chandelier. Very cool! You are so good at refurbishing : )

  8. Came over from Kristin (These Girls of Mine) and am enjoying your blog. This desk is amazing. We redid a dresser from the 50's about 4 years ago and I think the difference in stuff like that is amazing and makes a huge difference...


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