Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun Summer Day

Lauren is saying Hi to all of you!!
I took some pics of the kids from last week having a blast in the backyard. It was hot summer day. This week it has been really cool in the low 70's which is very weird.
Famous Lauren look, fingers attached.

Poor Champ, the kids put him the pool. It was so funny when they pulled him out his little legs and paws continued to swim. I think I have seen that on Funniest Home Video's. I'm the proud owner of a dog that does that funny trick. He is doing really well by the way. Not as many accidents, can sit and play fetch. He follows me around the whole house. We just have him and Fluffy now the Guinea Pig. Jaden loves Fluffy and she is a loyal pet, Drew is really allergic to her but Jaden would be crushed with out her. Toby and Mac have a new home. Drew developed a bad allergy to them. I felt bad getting rid of them but he couldn't even be in the same room. I just bought him a toy instead and Jaden didn't even care since Toby bit him and he didn't care for that. So far so good with Champ no allergies. I think he will be fine and we all love him.
Lauren has been doing this lately, she think she is Champ. We caught her trying to drink out the dog dish like this too, it is funny.
Poor Champ looks like a drowned rat.
You know those big inflatable things that cost $300-500 that everyone seems to have lately, we decided to use what we had and save the money. The kids loved this!!
The boys love squirt guns we have a arsenal of them.
Hope you have a great day today!!


  1. These pictures are hilarious!! I love them all! Lauren is too precious for words ... I wish I could get my hands on her to give her hugs and smooches and tell her how great her name is! haha :P I am such a dog person - I love Champ's drowned rat look! haha

    Thanks for sharing such fun photos!

  2. It looks like the kids are having a wonderful time! Your weather sounds wonderful. We are supposed to hit 105 today which is just TOO hot!!

    Awww Champ is too cute!!

  3. Ha! That's a great idea with the slide and pool! I'll have to try that! The kids are all so cute! Lauren is looking so grown up already! She's so precious.....thanks for posting some pics of her. LOL! Your little puppy is so cute! That's funny that Lauren was trying to drink like him :)

  4. So cute! Kids and water always bring out the biggest smiles and lots of fun!!

  5. What a fun backyard! Love how little Lauren is lapping up water like your puppy! :o) Too cute!

  6. That is such a great idea!! I am so going to try that tomorrow!! lol! And I love the old window that you turned into a picture frame!

  7. I want to come over to your house to play : ) For real!


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