Monday, August 31, 2009

Date Night.

I got this picture for Rob for our anniversary. It is looks kind of gross, but the picture has a lot of meaning. It is of Nolan Ryan who Rob really likes, he was a pitcher and when Rob was in high school they used to refer him to be like Nolan Ryan. Not willing to give up and a tough player etc... Ryan took a line drive in the lip here but stayed in the game. Years ago Rob said he loved that picture. So that is what I got him.
Man gift.
Rob's parents came down to watch the kids. We don't get to many of us together. Here we are before our night on the town.
Here we are at dinner, a big head self portrait. You get the point, we had fun. We went to a nice restaurant called Brio at Easton Town Center which is a huge outdoor shopping area. It is so neat. One of the neatest things Columbus has to offer besides the Buckeyes of course. It feels like your at a movie set, lots of beautiful flowers, big pots, wrought iron, little lights everywhere. Great atmosphere. Tons of great shopping and restaurants. It is pretty upscale and very fun to look around. Check out the website.
We sat outside and this was our view of the valet parking. Kind of fun to look at all the nice cars.
This appetizer was so good I thought I would take a picture. I take so many pictures I don't feel weird about it anymore. I carry my little point in shoot in purse usually at all times, you never know when you will need it to capture a neat moment.
This is at night, shops on both sides, it is so pretty. During the day they have another fountain and courtyard that kids play in.
We went to the movies there which were really nice. We say a okay movie, not the best but funny. There is not a lot out to see right now.
More of the outside, so neat.
It was a fabulous date, we had so much fun but like every time we go out, we miss the kids. It only takes a couple hrs to rejuvenate and then we are ready to go back home. Hope you enjoyed the date pictures.


  1. What a neat place! I would love to visit a place like that too. I'm all about atmosphere! Glad you had a good date night!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I LOVE Brio! The best food ever.The shopping center looks divine. You'll have to do a post and show us all the neat stores.:)

  3. My Mom used to drive me from Findlay to Easton to get my prom dresses at Jessica McClintock! That mall is super nice. A lot of my hubby's family live in Columbus! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Hi Katie!
    Happy Anniversary! What a great gift to have for your husband! :o) Thanks for "taking us along" and showing us the town. What a fun time you must have had!
    I really need to get a little point and click camera for my purse. I am heading "home" in two weeks and would love to take a picture of EVERYTHING! :o)
    Love ya!

  5. Wow! What a great place. It looks like you two had fun. Date nights are the glad you got the chance to go out.

  6. Wow, what great pictures of your night out. Looks like a fantastic place to visit and the food looks delicious.

    Isn't that how it is---you get to go out and there aren't very many movies to choose from. That is how it goes w/us too. Any other time there are tons of movies that we want to see.

  7. Oh my gosh! It looks so pretty there Katie : ) I love it! And bravo for you taking pictures at the table :) You are the coolest!


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