Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Busy Bee!!!

I have been so busy lately. I decided at the last minute to have a garage sale last weekend. I had so much junk piling in the basement. What a pain!! It was a lot of work but I ended up making $400. I can't complain considering I really didn't have that much stuff. I had almost no business on sat but did well on Friday. My friend Danielle came and set up tables and kept me company and our kids played so it was actually fun. Then on Sunday my friend Heather had her baby shower. My other friend Kristen and I threw it for her. It was loads of fun. Heather has been waiting for a baby for a long time. They have been trying for 7 yrs I believe and lost a baby last year. It was a sad time. I know Zoey is safe but it is so hard for my sweet friend. Little Hunter is growing well and will be here in about a month. I'm really excited. I made this diaper cake above for the shower.

Hi Heather!! So happy for you!!
I have to take pictures of the food, it was really good.

This is my friend Kristen's daughter Mikayla. Isn't she precious? Lauren and her are two special girls, both adopted!!
Playing around with my camera, took some pre-baby pics.
Proud mommy to be.
Champ!! He is growing he came up to the party with us. We had it at Kristen's parents house. We spent many fun days at her place when we were in high school. It brings back memories.
There goes Lauren.
Kristen's parents Linda and Denny are so nice. They have the coolest place. The kids and men stayed outside while the girls were inside. It was so hot. In the 90's is hot for Ohio!! They have a huge pond, woods, tons of toys.So the boys had loads of fun.. It is neat seeing Jaden and Drew swim in the pond that I spend many years playing in as a kid.
Can't forget Lauren Lu Lu.. Oh here she is..Isn't her shirt adorable? My awesome talented friend (another Kristen) made it. Check her out.
She is so talented, and oh so sweet...Love Her!!

Thought this was funny of Lauren. She was walking around with this plastic flamingo in her mouth. I don't even know where it came from, I think it was floating by the pond?
I miss all of you, I have just been so busy. Can't wait to check in on my blogging buddies. Once school starts I'm hoping it will slow down a bit. I am ready for the kids to go back. I am one of those mom's. I love my kids so much and have enjoyed the summer but it is time. They are as ready as I am.
Katie <><


  1. Ha! I agree with you...it is time for school and the girls are so excited they can hardly wait!

    So, I was just scrolling along, enjoying your post when I came to Lauren's picture and it really brought a tear to my eye because you are just so sweet to me, Katie. Thank you so much for your kind words. I love you too!

    She just looks so grown up all of a sudden in her pictures! I love the diaper cake you made! That's so cute! Congrats to the Mommy-to-be! I just love pregnant Mommies!

  2. Sounds like a great garage sale!

    Looks like you have been busy. Love the shower pictures and the story about your friend. So glad to hear that her long awaited blessing is about to arrive. She looks very happy and glad things are going well.
    Very sweet maternity pictures.

    Great summer pics. of your kiddos too. As usual, Lauren is adorable.

  3. You had such a busy weekend! You gals put on quite a spread for the shower! I know you had a ball! I love the diaper cake. It's so sweet.:)

  4. Sounds like you did great on your garage sale! Great pictures of the shower. Look at all that yummy food!!!

    What a neat place for all the kids to play outside.

    Lexi was extremely excited to be going back to school this morning. I am like you....we were both ready for it!

  5. That shower looks so fun! You did a great job! I love your friends shirt. So pretty. Congratulations to her!

    Love your friends baby. Oh my gosh. Want to reach thru the screen and grab her.

  6. LOVE ALL The pictures and love the baby shower stuff!!! What a fabulous party!

  7. Hi Katie!

    Thanks for stopping by today. I have so missed blogging this week, but I am just trying to catch up on a ton of different things and get ready to get going with my hats again.

    I love the pic of Lauren in her "L" shirt. We have the exact same hair pretties too and we love them! Kristin always does an amazing job and she probably the most talented person I know!

    Love all the pics you took and the shower looked like fun!

    Have a great rest of your week!


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