Monday, August 31, 2009

Date Night.

I got this picture for Rob for our anniversary. It is looks kind of gross, but the picture has a lot of meaning. It is of Nolan Ryan who Rob really likes, he was a pitcher and when Rob was in high school they used to refer him to be like Nolan Ryan. Not willing to give up and a tough player etc... Ryan took a line drive in the lip here but stayed in the game. Years ago Rob said he loved that picture. So that is what I got him.
Man gift.
Rob's parents came down to watch the kids. We don't get to many of us together. Here we are before our night on the town.
Here we are at dinner, a big head self portrait. You get the point, we had fun. We went to a nice restaurant called Brio at Easton Town Center which is a huge outdoor shopping area. It is so neat. One of the neatest things Columbus has to offer besides the Buckeyes of course. It feels like your at a movie set, lots of beautiful flowers, big pots, wrought iron, little lights everywhere. Great atmosphere. Tons of great shopping and restaurants. It is pretty upscale and very fun to look around. Check out the website.
We sat outside and this was our view of the valet parking. Kind of fun to look at all the nice cars.
This appetizer was so good I thought I would take a picture. I take so many pictures I don't feel weird about it anymore. I carry my little point in shoot in purse usually at all times, you never know when you will need it to capture a neat moment.
This is at night, shops on both sides, it is so pretty. During the day they have another fountain and courtyard that kids play in.
We went to the movies there which were really nice. We say a okay movie, not the best but funny. There is not a lot out to see right now.
More of the outside, so neat.
It was a fabulous date, we had so much fun but like every time we go out, we miss the kids. It only takes a couple hrs to rejuvenate and then we are ready to go back home. Hope you enjoyed the date pictures.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Anniversary!! 10yrs!!

Today is our 10yr anniversary. When we first met Rob played this song for me. I thought it was so sweet. We meet in the summer of 97 and Rob proposed to me 6mo later. We were married Aug 28th 1999. At the time we were so young and many people thought we were to young to get married. I could understand their concern but I think when your in love and you know that it is right, why wait or waste time. This song was sang at our wedding, not by George Strait though (lol) darn. It still makes me cry and means so much to me. My husband is just as the song sings. He has been a true best friend. These ten years have been the best of my life. He has brought so much joy to my life. We have faced hardships along the way but having each other and God in our life has made all the difference. It is a blessing to have a marriage based on Christ. That was the best decision we made as a couple. I look forward to many many more years together in our life. I love him more then the day I married him. I love you Rob!

If your wondering the video above is from the movie Pure Country staring George Strait. For those of you who don't like Country music he is very well know and is a class act. I am not a huge country music fan but I do like it and he is probably my favorite. Pause my musci below so you can listen to the video.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A new light, A desk and a hot blanket, to hot!!!

Isn't this a cute chandelier? It cost a total of $10. I bought the shades from a real sweet lady who runs a booth at the antique mall, she gave me a deal and the light at a neighborhood yard sale for $4. It was already spray painted so that was nice. It isn't perfect but I think it really adds a touch to our room. Rob was complaining he was going to hit his head on it every time he walked in the little sitting area. I insisted he could just duck and enjoy the light, it looks much better then the dome light that was there. On another note I am so happy I have a husband the tolerates my ideas and patiently hangs my light fixtures, and says " If you like it, I like it." I was shocked to hear of so many husbands that have a say in decorating. I wish my Husband did.. Some times he is so indifferent it drives me nuts. He does have great taste so I suppose if I went a little wacko with a look or idea he would tell me.
I like it.
This picture is flash city. I hate the flash, but it is needed it when it is later in the day and the sun is beaming through the windows, I had no choice. The curtains are not my fav in here but there are okay for now. I bought the white down bedding for our bed. It is like sleeping in a cloud. The only problem is I think I went a little overkill with the heaviness of the comforter. I think I got the warmest blanket they make. It feels like you are sleeping with a electric blanket turned to 125 degrees. Once again, I told hubby to just enjoy it for about 5 min and then when you get hot just rip off the blanket. It is all about the look right?
I found this desk at a yard sale for $12. I totally re pained it. I put it in Drew's room. The chair doesn't really match but it is okay for now. I think I will redo the seat since I no longer need the chair in our room. Maybe I will do some sort of nautical stripe to match his room.
Here is the before.. It is so fun to do these easy projects that are cheap and fun.
This was my last full week of the kids being home this summer. Although I will miss them, especially Jaden (all day at school now) I am ready. It will be nice to have some down time and a little more quite. I will still have Drew at home all day two days a week and of course Lauren all day everyday. It will be nice to have some time with just her though. It has been a wonderful summer. The kids seem to change every 3months . They get bigger and seem to mature. I am really going to miss these days. I am looking forward to seeing them grow and learn and gain confidence each day. I feel so blessed to be a mother and to have the time to be with them each day. I get mad at myself that I get frustrated at times with them. Or I feel like I am going a little crazy. I think it is just one of those things that as a mom you have to calm yourself and enjoy the little things and not let the big things stress you. To have a light heart and know the time passes quickly. They are my joy.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two new chairs,a lamp, a stand, and a dog

I feel like a kid in a candy store. We have a JC Penny outlet which is connected to the distribution center about 10 min from my house. I haven't really gone in there except for once and I thought it was okay. I was getting ready to order this bird lamp below but I thought I would go into the outlet to see if they had any already. First I didn't realize that we had two outlets. One is all furniture and lamps and the other is clothes, furniture and returned stuff. Some of the stuff is not all that great but the quality of the furniture is very good. They have some really neat pictures and accessories also. This trip was the jackpot and I was thrilled with the choices. I suppose it is like any store if your there at the right time you get really great stuff at great prices. Our anniversary is next Friday and I told Rob I would like something I can keep for a while. I don't think Diamond rings are in the budget right now but a piece of furniture was. So I went and found this adorable heavy dog above for $25 originally $100. Love the dog.
Found the two chairs both for $100 originally $470. I found the bird lamp which I think the Nester has also for $20. The lamp was $60 on sale in the catalog from $100. I couldn't believe they had it. There were two but one was broke. I think someone returned them since they bought a set. So one has a broken beak and the other was perfect.
I put them in my dinning area in front of the window. I love the look. Plus they match the toile curtains. So I told Rob I got my anniversary gift. I love them.
I made $400 at my yard sale, do you believe it? I bought this TV stand and got a big grill with the money. Although it was hard work it was nice to make that kind of money in one day. I sold the other stand on Craigslist and made another $40. I love Craigslist. Have you tired it? So much good stuff at such good prices. So fun to find old furniture to repaint. Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Smith Family 3-part story

If you have never heard this story please watch these videos. Please pause my music below first. You can follow the whole story on this blog Angie is a incredible writer and has a way of sharing her hurts in a way that is so real and raw. I thank God for this baby!! What a blessing and miracle she is.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I will miss this someday!!

My boys have not been much into drawing or painting but they love imagination playing. They love Lego's, and Army guys, construction workers, any sort of make believe fake set they enjoy. Jaden has been so into Lego's lately. He can do the sets made for older kids and has no problems except for putting the stickers on straight. He is really good at building. He tells me all the time about how he is going to be engineer and how he is going to build a bread factory in Africa to help feed people. So sweet.
Meet the dinosaur family. I love how they line them all up and then ask me to take a picture, they do this with army guys too.
No instructions, Drew built this with Jaden adding a few touches at the end.
I am so proud of my boys, they have wonderful imaginations and it does not take much to make them happy.
I was thinking, I think about this a lot actually. I am stressed now and tired but what am I going to do when there are no more Lego's everywhere or bikes and junk all over the garage. Stained clothes to wash, lunches to pack, wrestling in every room and stories to read. Thank God for grand kids because I think I am really going to struggle when they are gone and off to college. For now I will enjoy it even when I have had enough noise, and enough tackling matches, enough tantrums... I will enjoy my quiet evenings past 9:00 when I am on the verge of falling asleep and my clean house for about 3hrs that is what it averages. You know when you clean it and it feels so clean and looks tidy but you know it will only last a few hrs.. I wouldn't trade my life, it is what I love to do. I am learning that things that should make me stressed are not as much. Spills are not that big of a deal, and toys are easy to clean. My prayer is to enjoy these moments and for my kids to see a Godly mother who will always try her best. To see that I struggle but that I don't let small stuff bother me. To be involved in their life but not run their life. To protect, encourage and love but to show how to love others. To live respect.. and be proud of who you are. Many lessons I am still learning. They are watching ever move, so much responsibility that God has blessed me with. Enjoy your kids today mom's!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Busy Bee!!!

I have been so busy lately. I decided at the last minute to have a garage sale last weekend. I had so much junk piling in the basement. What a pain!! It was a lot of work but I ended up making $400. I can't complain considering I really didn't have that much stuff. I had almost no business on sat but did well on Friday. My friend Danielle came and set up tables and kept me company and our kids played so it was actually fun. Then on Sunday my friend Heather had her baby shower. My other friend Kristen and I threw it for her. It was loads of fun. Heather has been waiting for a baby for a long time. They have been trying for 7 yrs I believe and lost a baby last year. It was a sad time. I know Zoey is safe but it is so hard for my sweet friend. Little Hunter is growing well and will be here in about a month. I'm really excited. I made this diaper cake above for the shower.

Hi Heather!! So happy for you!!
I have to take pictures of the food, it was really good.

This is my friend Kristen's daughter Mikayla. Isn't she precious? Lauren and her are two special girls, both adopted!!
Playing around with my camera, took some pre-baby pics.
Proud mommy to be.
Champ!! He is growing he came up to the party with us. We had it at Kristen's parents house. We spent many fun days at her place when we were in high school. It brings back memories.
There goes Lauren.
Kristen's parents Linda and Denny are so nice. They have the coolest place. The kids and men stayed outside while the girls were inside. It was so hot. In the 90's is hot for Ohio!! They have a huge pond, woods, tons of toys.So the boys had loads of fun.. It is neat seeing Jaden and Drew swim in the pond that I spend many years playing in as a kid.
Can't forget Lauren Lu Lu.. Oh here she is..Isn't her shirt adorable? My awesome talented friend (another Kristen) made it. Check her out.
She is so talented, and oh so sweet...Love Her!!

Thought this was funny of Lauren. She was walking around with this plastic flamingo in her mouth. I don't even know where it came from, I think it was floating by the pond?
I miss all of you, I have just been so busy. Can't wait to check in on my blogging buddies. Once school starts I'm hoping it will slow down a bit. I am ready for the kids to go back. I am one of those mom's. I love my kids so much and have enjoyed the summer but it is time. They are as ready as I am.
Katie <><

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I love this song!!!

Pause my music below and press play. Where ever you are in your walk with God this song just puts you back in His loving arms. To be back in the place where your walking, talking and living for Him and only Him.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome to my garden

I wish I had a huge flower garden, but I don't. One day I want the wrought iron gate and flowers everywhere. For now I'm happy with my suburbia garden. Here are my roses in the front yard.

I loves these topiaries. I bought them and the pots separate. They were both from Lowe's last year. The topiaries came in horrible pots bu they were good quality and I found the pots for like $15 a piece from like $50 or something. They dress up my entrance I think. In the winter I don't know what to put in them. I hate to take the Topiaries out but I saw some really cool things at our outdoor shopping area here that looked awesome with pine greenery, eucalyptus and some other stuff in big pots. They were very cool.
The birds eat the seed as fast as I put it down.
Our back patio. We had nothing here at the beginning of last summer. We had the patio put in last year and this year we had landscaping done. I think it looks really nice. We still eventually want to get a new table, grill and other seating but for now this is fine. As you can see the houses in the back there we needed some privacy. We have almost a 1/2 acre lot but we have a lot of neighbors all around.

I found this bench last year, it is really heavy cast iron. It was white but I prefer the black. I love the details on it. I'm not sure if it is newer or really old.

More pots, I love flower's in pots like this.
These are really old garden wrought iron chairs. I spray painted them camo green from white also. Hope you enjoyed a walk around my home.

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