Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seven Pounds

I rented this for Rob and I last night. I have to say it was very good and really thought provoking in many ways. I highly recommend it. Kleenex is a must. Will Smith is a great actor. Be sure to pause my music below to watch the trailer.


  1. I wanted to see that when it was at the theather and never did! Thanks for the reminder. We'll have to rent it soon!

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon!

  2. I agree! As a teacher, I plan to show this movie to my students this next year at school! I want them to see what 'texting' can lead to if you are not watching the road!

    This is a great have to follow it to understand what he is doing! :)

  3. I still think about it and I saw it many months ago!

  4. Seven pounds was a great movie. We watched it a few weeks back. It makes you never want to use your cell phone on the road ever again, doesn't it?

    As for the comment you left on my blog earlier, I answered it over there but thought I'd copy and paste it for you here too. (I didn't know whether you go back to check there or wait for me to reply over here) :)

    Thanks for your sweet comments about my images on the blog girl! To answer your question about "how do I have time?" Honestly, I make time. I have to. When I decided that I was going to take this from a snap shot hobby to a business, it changed everything. I jumped - wings full out - with everything I had in me and have not looked back since. Whether it be classes, books, workshops, shoots, etc., I make the time for it. If I didn't, it would never happen. This has been a passion of mine since I came out of the womb. I took college photography classes back in the film era but so much has changed since then. I basically had to start completely over and retrain everything I had ever known. I'm starting from scratch again but it has been a blast for me. It feels amazing to finally follow a passion that has been brewing in me since a child. Therefore, because of that passion, I make and allot time for photography. Life gets busy as you know. Thus why I go so far as to pencil in morning shoots or evening sessions on my calendar just so I know that I'm able to get our and shoot. And the random snap shots with my family are just as fun for me. I have a very supportive husband who thankfully has fun "practicing" with me. He makes it enjoyable for me as do my kids (well, most of the time - when they are cooperating anyhow) Ha ha! Actually Brennen loves to go "shooting" with me. I think the passion is brewing in him and its exciting to watch it all unfold.

    As for my ISO and my shutter speeds...I am unsure which picture you are speaking of on the shutter speed. If you have one in particular, let me know and I can go back and check the shutter for ya. In regard to the ISO, I can tell you that any of my outdoor shots during the day are shot on a 200 ISO or less. I detest noise grain in images so I try very hard to work with the natural light so that I rarely have to raise my ISO too much. Thankfully my camera is good about noise but I still try to make it a habit not to raise it if at all possible. I do - I just don't like to. :) In the direct sun, it should never be over 100-200 anyhow. I shoot in manual 99.9%of the time now so altering those things is easy should the need arise. In the end though, I aim for the best shot I can get straight out of camera so that I have little post editing to do.

    I hope this helps some girlie! Schedule you some time out of your house, alone, with your camera. It will do your soul good. I promise!

    Hugs sista'!

  5. Isn't that a great movie--we love Will Smith and thought he was amazing in this flick.


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