Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Painted Bedroom

This was the before. Maybe some of you like it?? It was a little to much going on for me. There was a total of five or six colors going on and we had stripes, stencils and two different colored walls?? Most of our house was this way when we moved in. We have officially painted every room except the laundry room which I don't know what our plan are in there. I was thinking of possibly moving my washer and dryer to the basement and making the laundry room a mud room and putting one of those neat pottery barn style organizers in there. It will be a while but we have had a lot of painting in the last year around here.
That Longhorn orange around the door also lead to the bathroom which was the same orange rust color?? Horrible.
This was bad but if you can believe it there were rooms that were worse so we did those first. I knew this would take a while so I finally just faced it...One coat of primer, two coats of paint.. I went to Lowe's to get one more gallon and they mixed it wrong. I thought I would go over a few more spots and then I had tiger striped. I seriously screamed... You know the feeling when you have worked hard, your tired and just want to be done. I was almost done but thought I would touch up a few spots and then they either color matched the color sample or used the numbers not sure...?? Back to Lowe's with and home with the right Seaside Retreats "Dried Hydrangea" And we now have....
Which I love... It either looks greenish or tan. I love colors that change and can look either way. I also surprised Rob and got him a leather chair and ottoman since he sits up there and works from home sometimes and hates my little wood antique chair. He loves it and it so comfortable. I got it off Craigslist and it has a few scratches but for the price it was worth it..
Next I want to change the comforter. I love the one I have but I think a white duvet and overstuffed down comforter would look better and fit the beach feel. What do you all think? I have been looking on ebay. When I lived in AR I found one at a Goodwill and it was one of the thickest comforter ever but I gave it to a friend, since at the time it never got that cold to need such a heavy thing. I wish I had it now, next stop is ebay for me... They are not cheap plus I need the cover.
Got this pretty turquoise bowl in the Outer Banks, I filled it with some neat shells.
I got these there too, aren't they neat? Super light and not really great quality but they look neat.
That cupboard re purposed on the right there, now I need a tassel or something for the handle.
Some of my favorite pictures of Jaden at 6mo old.

Some neat sail boats and my picture from Pier 1 from years ago. Any other suggestions to make my room look even better? I will take them...


  1. WOW - I LOVE IT!!! You did such a nice job decorating!! :) Can you come do my house??? :P

  2. Love the new look! It makes such a huge difference!

  3. Everything looks great! Our entire house is one boring tan color, but I am terrified to paint! Ha! You know I've told you that I'm no good at decorating at all! Maybe one day I'll get the courage....the girls are especially wanting their rooms painted!

  4. Hey, Katie! I know I see you around on FB and stuff, but I've been really missing visiting everyone's blogs. I LOVE the bedroom re-decorating! It looks beautiful. The nautical theme is so soothing and relazing...perfect for a master suite!

    Hope you're having a great week!! :)

  5. Oh My! I love it. Paint makes such a difference. You have such a nice big space and it is darling.

  6. You are way better than me : ) What do you think of those words that you can stick on your wall? I want some. Also, we have the same picture of the tree in the mist that you do. Now I feel cool since you are the coolest! XO

  7. I am oohing and aahing over the bedroom!! It's gorgeous and HUGE ... Great job on the re-decoration!

  8. Beautiful! GREAT job. We just had a rock wall and hearth laid in our house and I repainted our bedroom (dull white), I love freshly pained rooms!

  9. I think we have that same furniture! Except I paired our two dressers and two nightstands with the Pottery Barn Claudia bed.


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