Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Jesus, please listen.

Every time I hear this song it touches me so deeply. It really makes you re evaluate yourself. Why do I want to be like the world? I have had a few conversations with a couple Godly woman lately. Why are we Christians trying to fit into this world? So many churches are marketing themselves like they are a hip business?? I have no idea that it is even a church until I see the small print. Why are we afraid to say we are Jesus freaks?? Either your for Him or your not, there is no lukewarm. Why do we went to the world to think we are just like them But we believe in Jesus? This has been on my mind.. Would we including myself go out of comfort zones to talk to the least of these? This song hits the heart in amazing ways. Please pause my music below to listen and then come back and press play. "Lord help me to be like you!!!


  1. I've heard this song only once before. It totally touched the core of me and just hearing the lyrics gave me chills. Everything you mentioned today are things that I've been thinking a lot about lately. I just pray that the Lord will continue to show me what I need to change in myself. I want to be able to put myself out there and even if it's uncomfortable, share Jesus with someone else who needs to know him.

    Thanks for posting this song today!

  2. awesome - beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing the song, and your precious thoughts! You are a blessing!!

  3. Thanks for posting this! So true!

  4. I have not heard this song before, but I love it! It's so true...so many people in church so that God will bring them prosperity, as if that is the reward for serving Him. What a powerful song! It reminds me of that book I just read called "Same Kind of Different as Me". You should read it! I love the part in the song where he talks about Jesus not being allowed in church today....I think as church goers, we really need to think about that!

  5. This is such a great post Katie. Perfect reminder. Perfect!


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