Saturday, July 18, 2009

Miracles Part 3.

My biggest Miracle story is Drew. Many of my friends know that when he was 4mo old we were told that he needed a major surgery. Before that point everything was fine but his skull started to fuse early on his forehead. They have no idea why it just happens. It was a day I will never forget, it rocks your world. We went to our 4mo apt. everything was great, the Dr. noticed a harder ridge on his forehead and then sent me off for x-rays and then for a CT scan where I would have my heart broken in a million pieces. We went on to Children's Hospital in Columbus and got all the info on this big surgery. We got the facts that he would go to PICU and be in the hospital for 5 days!! That he would need a blood transfusion etc.. It was truly heartbreaking. My heart was forever changed also by being in the neurosurgery floor. I remember the Dr. saying "I can fix this, but I can't fix all these other problems my other patients have." Then I felt like "God you have blessed me even though this is so hard but why do these other kids have to suffer"? I will say that being there changed my life in many ways, you do feel truly blessed for many thing. The surgery was at the end of Feb, and I remember we were going to stay in the Ronald McDonald House but it was completely full ): breaks your heart. So We stayed in his room. I have never felt so physically stressed in my life, I didn't eat much for a month, felt sick to my stomach..Just the thought of my precious baby going through all of this. I always told my mom that I liked the way God made him with a defect and all, but I knew he needed the surgery. They would have to cut his skin to his skull all the way across from ear to ear, reshape the bones and sew it back together piece by piece and close up. That morning I was so sick feeling. Rob and I did know that God was going to take care of him amongst our stress we knew He would. I will tell you that handing your baby over to a nurse and leaving the OR waiting room for surgery is the worst feeling I have ever felt. Maybe in some strange way God was preparing me for how Lauren's birth mom would have felt? I had to trust God the great physician and our Dr's to have skillful hands. When we got to the parent waiting area there was another mom there who was so strong. It meant so much to me to see her be strong for her son who was having open heart surgery. There pastor was also there and he prayed for both our babies during that wait. It was amazing to have other believers with us at that time and another mom to talk with going through the same feelings. When the phone rang to let us know that he was almost done it was a relief. The next phone call was that he was in the recover room screaming for food, that was my Drew who was a big Strong boy at 5mo old.. To hear that made me so happy. Rob and I hugged each other knowing he did fine in the surgery and wept.
The next part was truly amazing. They wheeled him out and as I was walking to meet him we saw a light for the window shine down on his face. He looked like a angel laying there, no lie he looked different like he had been touched by God. I have no doubt that he had angels around him protecting him. We still talk about that feeling and how he looked to this day. To make a long story short, he did need a blood transfusion which Rob donated his blood to give to him and he had a very high sugar a few hrs later that alarmed us. That eventually went way down and was brought on by trauma. Rob and I took care of him for the time he was there and rocked him and talked to him. That night he was playing with toys and smiling. Within 48 hrs we were on our way home. Remember they said 5 days in PICU, we never even went there. He had swelling but not as bad as most kids and he still looked like my DrewB. It really was a Touch of God's healing.
Drew is one of the most loving sweetest children you will ever meet. He is very sensitive and caring. He is special and he and I will always hold a special bond. He has had no problems at all and had a complete recovery, they even used his story at OSU for medical seminars. He is so smart and I don't just say that to say that. He really is and is starting to read at 4 and has been accelerated in this area.Might I add I think he is one of the most handsome little men too,he is a doll. I truly know that we experienced many miracles and God's comfort during this time. We had so many people praying for him, My parents in New Mexico even had the prisoners from the prison ministry praying for Drew!! That is funny but they cared and prayed ever day for him. We had tons of friends and family supporting us and of course Our Lord and Savior there for us. It really changed our life to want to follow Him, it was a turning point in my walk that is for sure. We have been able to use this testimony many times and I feel it has equipped us for a season in our life to help others with similar situations.
I hope you all enjoyed some of the miracles that have taken place in my life and families. I feel blessed in all areas. Life can be hard at times but I don't remember a time in the good or bad that God has not been there. Prayer works and He never let's go and is With Us...I think the song "Praise You In This Storm" is so fitting for many or our lives. It is hard to hear it and not cry. If you have never heard it find it below where the songs are and listen to it.


  1. I love a good testimony! My heart swells with gratitude at God's goodness and mercy. You have caused my faith to soar this Saturday morning! Thank you!

  2. Wow, what an awesome story! God is so awesome! Thanks for sharing your miracles!!

  3. That is a beautiful story, Katie! I am so passionate about people's stories. Everyone has a story and all of us can look back through the chapters and see how God orchestrated the events and it truly is amazing to see!

  4. This gave me chills Katie! I know God has a wonderful plan for his life!

  5. Wonderful story! Thank the Lord for miracles great and small. I'm so thankful that he hears our prayers.


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