Saturday, July 25, 2009

Great Deal!!!

I was at Lowe's getting more paint when I decided to check out the light fixtures. I heard recently from a friend that they had some great markdowns. They didn't have much at all until I saw this sitting on the desk of the light department. I asked the man how much it was since it was exactly what I wanted. He said he had just pulled it down to go on clearance. Ready for this...$10 it was $147. I was so happy and I liked the shades and everything.
I also went to a yard sale this past Friday and got a chandelier that someone painted for $3 and I put it up in our bedroom, now I just need some off white shades. I found a white down comforter for our bed too. Another great deal off of ebay. I got a level 5 Macy's new comforter for $72 from like $550 or something crazy. I love bargains, I couldn't do it without them.


  1. Can't beat that deal! Amazing.

    Looks great.

  2. Awesome! I love a great deal too!

  3. 10 Katie? That is CRAZY good. Oh my gosh. And the comforter sounds AWESOME! I am so excited for you. What fun to decorate your room!

  4. GREAT deals and beautiful light. I just wish I was patient enough to find deals. I am always at Lowes but can't find markdowns on what I need at the time. LOL
    I use to love garage sales, but our small town now, it is the same people having the same stuff. :(

  5. WOW! What a steal on that chandy. That is a better deal than I've found at Lowes & I've found some good ones. I'll be doing a post soon on one I just found recently. I've managed to get several on clearance from them. You did great!

  6. Just $10? AMAZING! I'm going to Lowe's this weekend! Thanks for sharing! Oh, and we miss you on the Bethany boards. Come over and say hi! Love, Rachel (lovetowrite)


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