Friday, July 31, 2009

Old window project.

Found this old window at a vintage shop $5. Instant beachy frame for our Outer Banks pictures. I just added scrap book paper behind to fill the empty spots and made a little keep sake. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We are going to be doing some back to school shopping and enjoying family time.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Jesus, please listen.

Every time I hear this song it touches me so deeply. It really makes you re evaluate yourself. Why do I want to be like the world? I have had a few conversations with a couple Godly woman lately. Why are we Christians trying to fit into this world? So many churches are marketing themselves like they are a hip business?? I have no idea that it is even a church until I see the small print. Why are we afraid to say we are Jesus freaks?? Either your for Him or your not, there is no lukewarm. Why do we went to the world to think we are just like them But we believe in Jesus? This has been on my mind.. Would we including myself go out of comfort zones to talk to the least of these? This song hits the heart in amazing ways. Please pause my music below to listen and then come back and press play. "Lord help me to be like you!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Great Deal!!!

I was at Lowe's getting more paint when I decided to check out the light fixtures. I heard recently from a friend that they had some great markdowns. They didn't have much at all until I saw this sitting on the desk of the light department. I asked the man how much it was since it was exactly what I wanted. He said he had just pulled it down to go on clearance. Ready for this...$10 it was $147. I was so happy and I liked the shades and everything.
I also went to a yard sale this past Friday and got a chandelier that someone painted for $3 and I put it up in our bedroom, now I just need some off white shades. I found a white down comforter for our bed too. Another great deal off of ebay. I got a level 5 Macy's new comforter for $72 from like $550 or something crazy. I love bargains, I couldn't do it without them.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Painted Bedroom

This was the before. Maybe some of you like it?? It was a little to much going on for me. There was a total of five or six colors going on and we had stripes, stencils and two different colored walls?? Most of our house was this way when we moved in. We have officially painted every room except the laundry room which I don't know what our plan are in there. I was thinking of possibly moving my washer and dryer to the basement and making the laundry room a mud room and putting one of those neat pottery barn style organizers in there. It will be a while but we have had a lot of painting in the last year around here.
That Longhorn orange around the door also lead to the bathroom which was the same orange rust color?? Horrible.
This was bad but if you can believe it there were rooms that were worse so we did those first. I knew this would take a while so I finally just faced it...One coat of primer, two coats of paint.. I went to Lowe's to get one more gallon and they mixed it wrong. I thought I would go over a few more spots and then I had tiger striped. I seriously screamed... You know the feeling when you have worked hard, your tired and just want to be done. I was almost done but thought I would touch up a few spots and then they either color matched the color sample or used the numbers not sure...?? Back to Lowe's with and home with the right Seaside Retreats "Dried Hydrangea" And we now have....
Which I love... It either looks greenish or tan. I love colors that change and can look either way. I also surprised Rob and got him a leather chair and ottoman since he sits up there and works from home sometimes and hates my little wood antique chair. He loves it and it so comfortable. I got it off Craigslist and it has a few scratches but for the price it was worth it..
Next I want to change the comforter. I love the one I have but I think a white duvet and overstuffed down comforter would look better and fit the beach feel. What do you all think? I have been looking on ebay. When I lived in AR I found one at a Goodwill and it was one of the thickest comforter ever but I gave it to a friend, since at the time it never got that cold to need such a heavy thing. I wish I had it now, next stop is ebay for me... They are not cheap plus I need the cover.
Got this pretty turquoise bowl in the Outer Banks, I filled it with some neat shells.
I got these there too, aren't they neat? Super light and not really great quality but they look neat.
That cupboard re purposed on the right there, now I need a tassel or something for the handle.
Some of my favorite pictures of Jaden at 6mo old.

Some neat sail boats and my picture from Pier 1 from years ago. Any other suggestions to make my room look even better? I will take them...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seven Pounds

I rented this for Rob and I last night. I have to say it was very good and really thought provoking in many ways. I highly recommend it. Kleenex is a must. Will Smith is a great actor. Be sure to pause my music below to watch the trailer.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Miracles Part 3.

My biggest Miracle story is Drew. Many of my friends know that when he was 4mo old we were told that he needed a major surgery. Before that point everything was fine but his skull started to fuse early on his forehead. They have no idea why it just happens. It was a day I will never forget, it rocks your world. We went to our 4mo apt. everything was great, the Dr. noticed a harder ridge on his forehead and then sent me off for x-rays and then for a CT scan where I would have my heart broken in a million pieces. We went on to Children's Hospital in Columbus and got all the info on this big surgery. We got the facts that he would go to PICU and be in the hospital for 5 days!! That he would need a blood transfusion etc.. It was truly heartbreaking. My heart was forever changed also by being in the neurosurgery floor. I remember the Dr. saying "I can fix this, but I can't fix all these other problems my other patients have." Then I felt like "God you have blessed me even though this is so hard but why do these other kids have to suffer"? I will say that being there changed my life in many ways, you do feel truly blessed for many thing. The surgery was at the end of Feb, and I remember we were going to stay in the Ronald McDonald House but it was completely full ): breaks your heart. So We stayed in his room. I have never felt so physically stressed in my life, I didn't eat much for a month, felt sick to my stomach..Just the thought of my precious baby going through all of this. I always told my mom that I liked the way God made him with a defect and all, but I knew he needed the surgery. They would have to cut his skin to his skull all the way across from ear to ear, reshape the bones and sew it back together piece by piece and close up. That morning I was so sick feeling. Rob and I did know that God was going to take care of him amongst our stress we knew He would. I will tell you that handing your baby over to a nurse and leaving the OR waiting room for surgery is the worst feeling I have ever felt. Maybe in some strange way God was preparing me for how Lauren's birth mom would have felt? I had to trust God the great physician and our Dr's to have skillful hands. When we got to the parent waiting area there was another mom there who was so strong. It meant so much to me to see her be strong for her son who was having open heart surgery. There pastor was also there and he prayed for both our babies during that wait. It was amazing to have other believers with us at that time and another mom to talk with going through the same feelings. When the phone rang to let us know that he was almost done it was a relief. The next phone call was that he was in the recover room screaming for food, that was my Drew who was a big Strong boy at 5mo old.. To hear that made me so happy. Rob and I hugged each other knowing he did fine in the surgery and wept.
The next part was truly amazing. They wheeled him out and as I was walking to meet him we saw a light for the window shine down on his face. He looked like a angel laying there, no lie he looked different like he had been touched by God. I have no doubt that he had angels around him protecting him. We still talk about that feeling and how he looked to this day. To make a long story short, he did need a blood transfusion which Rob donated his blood to give to him and he had a very high sugar a few hrs later that alarmed us. That eventually went way down and was brought on by trauma. Rob and I took care of him for the time he was there and rocked him and talked to him. That night he was playing with toys and smiling. Within 48 hrs we were on our way home. Remember they said 5 days in PICU, we never even went there. He had swelling but not as bad as most kids and he still looked like my DrewB. It really was a Touch of God's healing.
Drew is one of the most loving sweetest children you will ever meet. He is very sensitive and caring. He is special and he and I will always hold a special bond. He has had no problems at all and had a complete recovery, they even used his story at OSU for medical seminars. He is so smart and I don't just say that to say that. He really is and is starting to read at 4 and has been accelerated in this area.Might I add I think he is one of the most handsome little men too,he is a doll. I truly know that we experienced many miracles and God's comfort during this time. We had so many people praying for him, My parents in New Mexico even had the prisoners from the prison ministry praying for Drew!! That is funny but they cared and prayed ever day for him. We had tons of friends and family supporting us and of course Our Lord and Savior there for us. It really changed our life to want to follow Him, it was a turning point in my walk that is for sure. We have been able to use this testimony many times and I feel it has equipped us for a season in our life to help others with similar situations.
I hope you all enjoyed some of the miracles that have taken place in my life and families. I feel blessed in all areas. Life can be hard at times but I don't remember a time in the good or bad that God has not been there. Prayer works and He never let's go and is With Us...I think the song "Praise You In This Storm" is so fitting for many or our lives. It is hard to hear it and not cry. If you have never heard it find it below where the songs are and listen to it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Miracles Part 2.

The second miracle or God thing was a 4-5 yrs ago. I was driving with Rob on a business trip we were in Dayton, Ohio. I dropped him off for some reason, I don't remember the details. I was able to have to car and I had both boys with me. I think we lived in southern Ohio at the time and I wanted to go with him to Dayton because we used to live there and the shopping was good. I remember I had my Bible or Rob's on the passenger dash. I don't know why that was there but it was. A lot of times before we go anywhere was also pray for a bubble of protection around our vehicle and for people to be alert around us and for us to stay safe. On this day I was on my way to the mall. I was on the entrance ramp to the highway going fast almost on when the truck in front of me lost a tire. I believe it was the spare tire that is under the truck. It was a full size tire though no Honda tire. As I was accelerating it flew up in the air and I knew it was going to hit my windshield. Instead it went right up in the air and took a sharp turn like my car had a bubble protecting it right where the bible was.. It was really strange but at that moment it was a huge relief and it defiantly seemed more then a coincidence and I knew it wasn't. I will conclude with Miracle Part 3. tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miracle Part 1

Let me first say, I have always love this picture, it is so beautiful. I had a miracle happen yesterday. I have had a few in my life that I will share with all of you. Remember a couple weeks ago when I had my purse stolen? The whole thing was a pain but not really painful if that makes sense. It just was more of a worrying thing for me, which I do struggle with and anxiety. I thought it was a blessing that they found my purse that night with several things still in it that was a God thing. Yesterday morning I was taking Jaden to swim lessons and had this overwhelming feeling that I was doing what God wanted me to do and that the enemy was not happy. At that moment I felt peace and happiness. For a couple weeks I have felt different towards people like I looked at them differently not like Christ would. Now I know I'm not Him and I know that I have to be careful, but I wanted to be able to witness to people and still help people if they needed it without feeling like they wanted to rob me. Next I heard the song "His Grace Is Enough" Which I love. I thought "God your grace is enough for me, you don't need to do another thing for me, you have blessed me abundantly". Then I thought I don't care what people do to me or my family I know God is going to take care of it. I felt the bondage was gone from my anxiety about this issue.I thought about Genesis 50:20 What was intended for Evil God made good. Anyway I had a great mindset and felt so one with Christ, I loved it. Make a long story short. I have been looking for a new wallet but haven't found what I wanted so I pulled out my older one. I had changed wallets about 3 weeks ago before the purse was stolen. I remember going through and checking every pocket, etc.. Yesterday night Jaden came to me with some stuff and said "Mom do you need all this" It was my insurance card, Allstate card, Prescription card and the most important a list with all our social security numbers on it. I about died!!! I know that my medical card was in my new wallet for sure and the Rx card. I had it behind my license and the car insurance card. There is no explanation except God just being God. Showing me how much He cares, He is so faithful. So the criminals got nothing except a cell phone, and my debt card that is no longer good, and a little money. Some might say that it was a mistake, possible? Even if it was what are the chances that I would have not put some of the most important things in my wallet, that I had checked the old one thoroughly and it was empty, and that I would even switch wallets before the theft and leave out all the vital stuff. Tomorrow I would like to share a couple other miracles in my life, to some they might look it over as coincidence but having faith in the one True God proves He is the miracle worker. Have you had any miracles in your life? I would love to hear about them.
Katie <><

Friday, July 10, 2009

New stuff around the Nest

I love rabbit stuff and not just any rabbit stuff. There is something about the traditional rabbit or vintage looking rabbits I like. I saw this print on eBay a few times and loved it but always got outbid at the last second. I bid on this one and the shipping was so high I think it scared people off. Lucky for me my in laws lived 30 min away from the seller and would get it for me. I didn't have to pay for shipping so I won this one. It was my birthday present from the kids. I set it up on my old TV entertainment center changed into a book shelf and it seems to fit okay in my office area.

Some bought shells from vacation, I had no luck in the Outer Banks finding anything worth keeping. I love shells and want to go to Florida next because I know the shells are much better. I have been on a little nautical kick since vacation. Soon we are changing our room to be more nautical or Nantucket. I still want it to feel warm and elegant but have a ocean feel. We need to paint and hang stuff up, not sure when that will get done, soon I hope.
A terrarium and one on the bottom too with some cute plants.
two topiary trees from Ballards. I got them from a consignment store for $16, so much cheaper.
I had the frame and just framed in this little wood sign.
I have this little shelf when you walk in my house. I needed something tall, still not sure If I love this. I was inspired by the Nester by her nest and sticks look. It will work for now, I think if I add a little more it will look even better.
Little urn, it is so cute and small.
I love making our house a home. I often change my mind about looks but it is fun to play around and move stuff. I sometimes like the look of a more formal traditional look and then sometimes the look of a wispy shabby look. Not sure what my style is. French Garden? A mixture, Shabby traditional (lol) It is just so fun to create, design and hunt for certain decor. Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lauren's Birthday pictures

Lauren loves Dora and Barney. I know, two of the most annoying characters for moms to hear all day. She doesn't really watch either just likes the music and characters. Although she lasted a record 10 min watching Barney and friends singing. She loves the "I love you, you love me song" She sings it all the time. Since she just turned two she doesn't really have a lot of little friends yet so we just had a family party for her. She loved it and was so excited about the cake and balloons.

My attempt at making a cake. Dora must have been to heavy because she sank in the cake.
I think this is so cute.
Me and my baby, not so much baby anymore she is so tall. Someone asked me if she was 4 the other day. (lol)

Lauren and her Drew B (Drew Bear) he is always up for hugging and loving.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Please Pray for this sweet girl Kate

Please pray for this little girl. My heart just breaks for these parents. My son had to have a surgery and it wasn't anywhere as bad as this but it is a very humbling heartbreaking time to go through. God does show His love during these times like you never knew. The feeling of trusting Dr's with your babies life is hard to gather. Knowing that God is the great physician and will protect your little one and move mountains is what keeps you going. It is overwhelming to say the least. Please Pray!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Champ our new puppy

Here he is. We have been talking about it for a while now. We wanted the kids to grow up with a dog. We do have the guinea pig and gerbils but there is something magical about a dog. They are so sweet and they really do add a lot to a family. The boys wanted a puppy for their birthday which is in September so we were going to wait. A month and half ago I found this little sweetie and I just knew he was the one. He is a Havanese which I had never heard of until I was researching the best family pet for our family with the needs we had. Drew has lots of allergy problems and this little guy is supposed to be very low shedding. We also wanted a smaller dog so the kids could take him on a walk and have a dog to cuddle. A lot of smaller dogs tend to be nippy or not good with kids so I had to do some research. They are gentle and loving, great with kids, other pets, love to be with you all the time and smart. They are from Cuba and were used in circuses and still are since they like to show off and do tricks. We drove almost 3 hrs yesterday to go get him. He was sweet the first moment we met him and gave us lots of puppy kisses. He loves all the kids and loves to be held and have belly rubs. We didn't tell the kids where we were going yesterday and surprised them. After a long discussion the boys decided on the name "Champ". Looking forward to many memories with him and much happiness he will bring.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Lauren Grace!!

Dear Lauren,
You are such a special little girl who makes the world smile. Just one look at your sparkling bright eyes and big smile can make anyone happy. In just two short years here you have changed peoples heart, their faith, their thoughts about humanity, made their walk with Christ stronger. It goes on and on , one day we can share so many things that you have done in your life already. It amazes us how God has used your life!
You have tons of energy and love to dance, and sing and jump. You are one healthy athletic girl who is always into something. It is so fun to watch you do all your climbing and somersaults. You can run so fast it puts us to shame. Daddy has high hopes for you as his little tennis star or golfer.
You and your brothers have a fantastic relationship and you just brighten with happiness every time you see them when your apart. They love you and protect you and say daily that they are happy that your their sister. You are a treasured gift that we don't deserve but have been given from above. God knew that he was going to use you in a mighty way. We think each birthday about your special birth. We pray for your birthmom that one day she can see how beautiful and what a joy you are. Keep your smile and your thrill for life. We just can't wait to see what it holds for you. We love you so much!
Mommy, Daddy and family.

Love you Lauren!!

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