Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Outer Banks end of pictures.

The guys went Putt-Putt.
Daddy's girl
Jaden and Drew went out in the sound in a pirate ship. It was really cool they dressed them up like pirates and let them shoot water guns from the sides of the ship. The had all this pirate lingo when they got back. They want a pirate party for their birthday now, My cousin Mark won a Halloween costume contest in Cleveland for his pirate costume so I talked him into coming to the party. It is a a really good costume, looks just like he came from Pirates Of The Caribbean.
The pirates named Jaden "Jaunty Jaden" and Drew "Dreadful Drew"
This is at Bodie Island Lighthouse.
walking around the lighthouse were really pretty marshes, I have some more pics below. I didn't have my good camera but still got some okay pictures of the beautiful lighthouse.
We toured this house, it was really pretty it was in Corolla. The price wasn't really that bad considering you had a ocean view and a beautiful home. Maybe someday.. I would love to have and decorate a beach house (: who wouldn't?

Lauren actually posed when I said I need to take a picture of everyone it was to cute.
Here we are at another Lighthouse.
The boys relaxing. Looks nice doesn't it? Thanks for all your comments and e-mails I really appreciate it. I have anxiety problems and this kind of stuff puts me in a really bad place as far as stress. I question humanity? I don't want to look at people different or be guarded as much. I never was like that I would talk or help most people, now I'm almost nervous to leave the house. I know that will get better. I want to be myself and not let the enemy get a foot hold. He is obviously not wanting me to talk to people or share my faith. I have to remain Strong and know that God has plans and this is just something he allowed to happen for a reason. I'm praying for good from this and hoping that someday these criminals see Him through this. I don't hate the people who did this I'm just saddened by this evil. One day there will be no more pain or suffering I always think of that Jeremy Camp song "There Will Be A Day" I know this is nothing compared to some things you all have faced or a car accident or much worse. Just a bump in the road, it will be nice when the answers will arise and reasons of why. Just hoping this time will pass and I'm looking at Him to get through not myself or anyone else.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Although they have not catch the person a young lady found my purse on the highway on ramp. The best news is that my pictures, drivers license, and both sets of our keys (keyless, and remote) were in there. They did take private information as far as my insurance info and prescription coverage and the kids private info.. So stupid for me to keep their numbers in there. The woman (they have it on surveillance at Walmart )also tore of the prescription of Drew's epi-pen. They will probably go on to try and use our identity to for a while. But all was documented, we bought Identity theft protection which I would recommend to everyone for only $150 a year to not worry about fraud. We won't be liable for a lot of this stuff ever, we did have perfect credit. This is such a pain but I do pity these people. We prayed for them and hope that they get help. IT is a miracle that we found as much as we did. I know God is protecting us and showing us He is in control. Since we have lived her my walk with God has been challenged some. Even though this was a bad thing we really felt God's presence in the storm. A young girl found my purse and gave it to her mom to turn in. It could have sat there or someone could have found it and never turned it in or stole more identity from it. That was a miracle. She did take my cell phone, so I'm without for a little while. I have to get my window fixed and out a few gift cards, and $15. Not sure if we will just fix it out of our own pocket or go through insurance we have to see the costs.. Thanks so much for your friendship and prayers.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Please Pray For Us!!

We went out today to take a hike at one of our parks. I left my purse tucked under my seat a bit. Came back and my window was broken in a million pieces. My credit cards were used at Walmart immediately, Rob's Car Key was in there, my car keys. They spent over $900 on one haven't seen my debit card yet. Rob has had a lot of stress from work lately and now we have this. I know it can be worse it is just a pain. We need to go get identity protection, new locks, new keys for car, drivers license. I feel like it is my fault! Please pray we stay calm and they catch these thieves. My cell phone was in there too, they heard it ring once and then it went to voice mail. Give Me Your Eyes was the ringtone.. How Ironic.. Anyway I ran about 3-4 miles up the road trying to see if they threw it in the brush. I know you all care and will say a prayer for some sort of justice although I'm sure there will be none until one day. Help us to stay calm..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More at the beach

Someone at the beach showed Jaden these beach fleas (they are like little crabs) I asked if they bite and he said no. Later I looked them up and in fact they do!! They did not bite him thank the Lord!!
We went to the sand dunes it was so cool.
Movie Star

Lauren feel asleep on the beach

Dolphins!! On the last day we saw them all day going back and fourth in front of us. If you were swimming they were not far away at all. They were so close to shore, I love them.

Rob went out and took on the waves.

At night with the tide coming in, so neat at night!! I have one more series of pictures, the boys went on a pirate ship the highlight of the trip for them.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beach Pictures

We defiantly had fun. I have so many pictures it is crazy. They are one of my biggest treasures so why not. The family ones I took and set up my tripod I was so upset because the moisture from the sea air fogged my lens up. So they came out blurry. I could scream, but like Jaden said,"At least you have something mom." They would have been so much better but it was so windy so I should have looked at the lens more. I got back and I was mad but it was such a pain to get everyone ready and wait till that time of day, oh well. At least I have a few cute ones of the kids. I have more to add soon, I think my computer is going back in so stay tuned.

This one actually was less foggy, God blessed us with a cute one of us which is a rare treat.

At this point I finally figure it out but Lauren is screaming and freezing cold, so I said forget it. I suppose this is how you learn through experience.

Love This!

Little Miss Lauren in her Diva hat.

My hair has seen better days, I noticed in every picture how bad and frizzy it looked from the wind, I need a hat too.
More later....

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