Sunday, May 31, 2009

King's Island Fun

Yesterday we went to King's Island which is a huge amusement park in Cincinnati. Rob's Dad from AZ was in town so we meet him there and had a great time. This picture is a picture of a picture. You know after you ride one of the big coasters they usually take your picture and then you can view it. We had to buy this... It is so funny. The roller coaster is for kids but seriously it made my stomach jump and was a little much for real little kids . My mother and law and me rode together and the boys were going in the next coaster. I looked at her and thought, oh no the boys are going to be scared. Obviously from the picture they were. The didn't cry but said they were scared to death and didn't want to go back on.
This is them again at the end of the ride.

The bumper cars were right up their ally.
Jaden being goofy they had a test seat
outside one of the big rides.
Daddy won them a prize on a pitching game, go figure.
They liked the scrambler.
One of their favorites!!

Here we are, Lauren is missing (: we left her with Nana and Grandpa B. It was nice not to worry about chasing her for the day.
Other Nana and Grandpa.
The boys.
It was a great day we had so much fun. Rob and I got to ride one the new big coasters too, so fun. We have been so busy with T-ball and other things this was such a nice family day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Adopting a child transracially some inside info.

Hello- Everyone. Hope you all had a great memorial day. So thankful for the men and woman who have sacrificed there lives so we can have freedom. We had a great day yesterday with a barbecue our church puts on. They really honor our military and remember all those who have lost there lives.
Many of you ask about Lauren and our adoption. I would like to share many of the wonderful aspects of adoption with you but also some of that not so easy aspects. She is a gift given to us, made for us by God. It is so awesome to go through adoption and many of you who I know have. It is such a honoring feeling, and humbling experience to say the least. Our life is forever changed. As Christians we have many callings. This happened to be ours at this time in our life. I never thought that we would have adopted a child. I always thought it was neat, but God's plans are much greater. It is really awesome how God does prepare your hearts for callings. It was so evidents in scripture, meeting people, TV shows, feelings, and prayer that this was what He wanted us to do. Although it is not for everyone, I would hope that if God is calling you to adopt that you would really listen to His calling. Next we did not know that our child would be African American. It is after you go through your paperwork and talking it over and prayer when you decide what you are open to. This is where it gets somewhat complicated. You do have to surrender your comfort zone and allow God to speak in this area. I believe with all my heart that He knows what is best, so we chose to not limit what child He brought to us. I can't believe it is 2009 and it is still this way but it is. Some agencies have different costs based on race. Ours did not it was the same. Also I will not judge those that choose a Caucasian child if they are white and would like a child that would look like them. I have not been in that position not being able to have any bio children. We felt called to adopted any race boy/girl. Those first months were a little harder then what I thought. Although church family was great and most people were it took time to adjust to all the extra attention you get being a trans racial family. There are some people that just don't get it and those that do whole heartily. Then you get those that say how wonderful you are and how lucky the child is to have you. It is so humbling because we were the lucky ones and we are not the most wonderful people. We are ordinary people called to do a extraordinary thing. You also get a lot of "I think that is wonderful, but I don't think I could do it". Or the questions about the birth mom that they assume is 15 years old and addicted to crack. There was a lot more attention then what I thought. I was not trying to be naive but I did not realize that God was going to use this in a much bigger way.
As time has gone on, I have been able to share Christ and what he has done with Lauren's testimony of God's love. It is almost once a week or more that I can witness to someone. Daily I hope that is is a example of Christ's love and how He adopted us and loves us. There are times when it is emotionally difficult for the pain that others have caused us with looks or comments. An example recently was we were at a Chinese restaurant here close to our house. We live in a very diverse area, I'm talking many nationalities. There has been almost nothing but good comments and so much attention to Lauren I hope she doesn't get a complex (: So we are sitting at the restaurant and I get up with Lauren and Jaden to get ice cream. I look over my shoulder and hear snickers and what the He** style comments. They keep looking over and over and they started laughing and telling their friends to look. They were pretty low class looking ( I don't like to describe people this way but it might explain the ignorance) They were making racist comments or something it was obvious. Lauren and our family are not a freak show and I'm not going to stand for those that might make it that way. So I looked at the main person staring and I walked right over and said , "Do you need to ask me something." He shut up real fast said no and looked down, and I didn't hear another word from them.. I really felt I needed to say something. Lauren and the boys are going to notice all of this soon enough. I think people need to know that they are wrong at times. They might not agree with what I'm doing but they are not going to cause my family any pain over it. I also think the enemy is alive and well in this dark world at times. He tries to affect those who seek Him in many ways. It did bother me but I know the cause is bigger. I pray for these people all the time and realize if they don't get adoption and helping a orphan that has no one then they are very sad lost people. I pray that God reaches them and finds them.. I just wanted to share this all with you. It hurt me, but I really felt empowered and felt the strength from the Lord at that time to speak up for what was right. I just wanted to share some inside info of being a trans racial family. If you have any other questions I would love to answer anything the best I can.
In Christ,

Saturday, May 23, 2009


This was unreal!! I love the Cavs! I was so sad the other night when they lost by one point. Last night it was almost going to be deja vu all over again. Lebron, no words to describe him, hits a 3 pointer with like 1 second to go. Look at the shot clock it says 00 as the ball is in the air. Unreal. What a exciting end last night.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

T-ball brothers

Here are some T-ball pics of the boys. I'm so proud of them, they are doing a great job. Drew is the youngest player on the team and is doing a fine job. He blends right in. Jaden is hitting really well he still sometimes gets a little bored in outfield. All and all it has been really fun.

American Idol is on tonight, who is it going to be? I'm thinking Kris has really done well lately. Adam is very talented in a glam rock kind of way. They were very talented this season, I hated to see Danny go. Talk to you all soon.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

T-ball Sneak Peak

I love taking pictures of my kids, especially the favorite baseball pics. There is something about baseball pictures and boys that just say All- American kids.. Plus I married a baseball player and very big baseball fan. This year is special. Rob is coaching both boys, they let Drew play up. Next year Jaden will move on to Machine pitch and Drew will stick with T-ball. Getting ready to head out for another game now. Hope the rain holds off.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Laying down the law

Here is Drew coming out of a pig stall on his class field trip to the working farm. Mama's laying down the law in the R household.. Sorry I have missed so many of you and have not had a lot of time to comment and read blogs. I have been organizing, donating and sorting toys, clothes, games, educations junk, art supplies. You name it anything pertaining to my kids. I have to get organized.. The boys are getting older and in the last year have really stopped playing with a lot of toys and are into newer things. Lauren has junk everywhere and doesn't really play with toys (my stuff are her toys) I have decided to move almost everything in the basement on wire racks. I will add pictures soon. I figured it will be much better down there then in all there rooms, living room and who knows where else. I have been sorting into bins, I have gone a little OCD lately.... I have to already tell myself that they are going to destroy it all in a week. On top of all this, we have gone to so many birthday parties in the last week and we have about 3 teeball games a week.. I have some awesome pictures of my boys, can't wait to post them. Hope your all doing great, and don't forget. I love you all just been busy... Have a great weekend :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day one day late

Happy Mother's Day everyone. It is such a special day (: I feel blessed to have my 3 miracles. I also think about those who are trying to have babies, have lost babies and birth moms who have placed their babies with other Mommy's. Such a mix of emotions to many woman on this day. I love my children and like Jaden said, "God answered your prayers mom he made you a mommy." We have been talking a lot about high school, then college and then kids or whatever way God directs your path. I told him the other day that I always really wanted to be a mommy and wife. So cute the stuff he asks lately he seems to be really thinking about the future at only six. We had fun yesterday. I got pancakes, lots of cards and some little gifts. It was a great day.
On the flip side of all the rainbows and ponies, motherhood is not for wimps. Lauren Grace has tested every nerve in my body the last few months. I'm hoping that this is the terrible two's but early. She is the sweetest little thing at times but also the most angry selfish little person other times. I thought after two that I would have all this patience and this would be a piece of cake. Seriously she needs anger management... (lol) She gets so mad at me when I tell her no that she looks at me with nasty grin and rips her earrings out and her hair bows. It drives me insane... Okay you see my frustration. She is so smart she knows it too, then she starts hitting me (yikes) We are doing time outs and a lot of No's around here. I'm not opposed to a smack on the hand when she is really nasty. An hr later she is the sweetest thing again. She is also high energy and never sits still longer then two seconds. She does have this fascination with Dora though so if I give her a book, the beginning of the show (since she is not into tv) or a Dora toy I have 2 minutes. Yesterday she clogged the toilet with toilet paper, the day before that she spilled water everywhere I'm talking a gallon of water it seemed. Last week she got a Sharpie out on top of the cabinet in my hiden area and drew all over herself. She constantly climbs the food pantry. They say girls are easier, I don't think so. I have come to terms with every child has a unique God given personality and you never know ??
Here she is having a awful melt down apparently Lauren is not a fan of flip flops.. She went mad hysterical until I removed these adorable shoes. She never even got to wear them out once ): They were soft between the toes but for some reason these bothered her. I did convince her to try another pair out and they seem to work. She is boycotting the fish though.
So cute! Everyday is a journey. It makes me so sad knowing that my children will be grown and married before I know it. I will miss my little boys being messy and loud and making fart noises. I will miss Lauren's cute little dresses and bows laying around the house. It does go fast and I think one day it will be really hard for me when they don't need me as much. For now though it is fun, loud, exhausting and there is never a dull moment. I will miss these days.
Happy Mother's Day Friends

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some new things around the house.

I got these iron wall hangings at my friends yard sale. $2 a piece I can't believe she didn't want them (:

I won this bunny lamp off of eBay. I really like it.
I won these off of EBay too, I love these!

Aren't these pressed vintage butterfly pictures neat? I got them all for $1 at a yard sale last week.
I love these pictures. I got them at one of our million thrift stores around here, both for $8

Last but not least Rob's new car. Can I say I love this thing (: It is so awesome. People I'm driving a mini van nicknamed the Marshmallow (Lol). I love this car because it is really safe and since he drives all the time that makes me feel better. He also fits in it. He is 6'3 and he can be comfortable. It also feels like your in a race car and has a million gadgets inside. I feel like I'm in a sci-fi movie.
I have taken it out a few times by myself so I can feel younger (: Now that the big 30 is looming it is kind of depressing. I feel good but I see more wrinkles, my eyesight is going and it very easy to get out of shape these days. It is a milestone though and I have grown in my faith and wisdom and I never want to go back in those areas. I will take my mini van knowing I have 3 wonderful blessings to fill it and to fill my day with joy. Today is rainy, and the clouds are very gray but no rain yet. I think I will turn on some music and play with the kids (;

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Summer Suzette Couture-Thank You

Hi there everyone!! It has been a few days. It has been hectic.. Rob went on a golfing trip with some friends this past weekend, he played like 5 rounds of golf (: I'm glad he was able to have that time. On the other hand it has been a little stressful at home. He has been traveling with work a lot. The same story everywhere, they gave him a new job within the company a promotion but no raise and more work load. I'm thankful for the company he works for and they have been great to us. It is just demanding at times. I just wanted to stop in and blog about my wonderful friend Kristen. She is a dear sweet blogging buddy, and she has started a business called Summer Suzette Couture.
She makes the most adorable bows and other girly accessories. Kristen is not only talented but also a godly wife, mother and friend. I really enjoy her friendship and her family. She sent Lauren some bows to try out and we are so happy with them and can't wait to try some more..
Look how cute her packaging is!! Isn't she so sweet to send all of this to Lauren.

Here is Miss Lauren in her cute bow self. She actually left these in most of the day.

Look how pretty those eyes are. It must be nice to be as dazzling as Lauren is that every color of clothing looks wonderful on her. Hope everyone is having a sunshine day. I have had a lot going on but I have taken some fun pictures that I will of course share (:

Friday, May 1, 2009

I love this, it just makes me roll.

I love this. I know many of you have seen this already. I just laugh so hard each time like it was the first time I have ever seen it. I have had a lot going on with t-ball and my husband has been traveling like crazy so I needed some comic relief tonight. Every time I see this I die laughing. Pause music below to hear.

Protect yourself against Swine Flu

Don't do this (:
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