Thursday, April 30, 2009

video of Lauren

Here is Lauren eating a apple and being cute. Thought this was to sweet not to share. I just figured out how easy this was to add video, so now let the fun begin. I will have to show the boys next. Today, I had a fun day with Drew at his pre-school they had a mother's tea party theme day for the moms. It was so fun and it was so nice having that one on one time with him. He is so special and so smart. His teacher told me how great he was, it of course made me so proud. I will have more pictures of that soon. Just pause the music below to hear her cute little voice.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My ring tone

I love this song!! I made it my ring tone so when it rings I can often slow down and remind myself to try and see the world with His eyes. I need to be ready, willing and able to Serve Him when He calls. There are so many hurting people every where. Pause my music on the bottom so you hear this.

Lord, Give Me Your Eyes.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Framed in mirrors

Please excuse the quality of these pics but I'm so excited about this project that Rob did for me. I showed him Rhoda at Southern Hospitality idea so we tried it. I love this ladies blog it is my favorite decorating blog she is so talented and does everything on a budget but with class my type of lady... I really think it made a huge difference. I have seen the kits at Lowe's but Rhoda showed how you could do it for a little less and for a more dramatic look. We went with black since there was no way I could match up the cabinet to frame unless I bought wood and stained it. The wood is to heavy to hang anyway. So we used this lightweight molding and painted it. Then I picked out corner pieces. You are supposed to hot glue them but either the molding is to heavy or my glue gun is not powerful enough because it did not stick to well so I recommend liquid nails. I think this makes a huge improvement and we plan on doing it to all the bathrooms in the house.

I will have to update this later when I have my decorations back up and take a nice picture for you all. Please excuse myself in the pics now you all get to see my jammies. Hope you all have a great week. The weather is just making me so happy and thankful. It was a long winter and I just love this nice warm weather and I love my kids playing outside again.

Enjoying this beautiful day.

This weekend is the most beautiful weather we have had in a long time. Enjoy the day!! Thanks for all my comments friends you all mean so much to me.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

100 things about Jesus

I took this from Joye's blog, I think she did a excellent job. We see so many surveys about name 2o things about yourself or the latest (I'm addicted to) Top 5 things on Face book questions. I thought this was really cool.
Stop by and see her awesome blog about her faith and family.

100 Things About Jesus
I just couldn't make one of these lists about me without making another about the One who makes me who I am.
My continual prayer is to decrease, so that Jesus may increase.
1} Jesus was fully God and fully man.
2} Jesus was tempted, but he never sinned!
3} Jesus came for sinners (that's all of us)
4} Jesus was obedient to his Father's will, even to dying on a cross.
5} Jesus loved like this world has never seen before.
6} Race, class, title, tradition--all meant nothing to him.
7} Jesus always spoke the truth, even if some were offended by it. He loved enough to speak it.
8} There was nothing false about him.
9} One of Jesus' closest friends handed him over to be killed.
10} Even knowing that this friend would betray him, Jesus lovingly washed his feet.
11} Jesus healed the deaf, the blind, the mute, the lame, the sick, the diseased, the possessed.
12} Jesus was compassion in action.
13} Jesus despised hypocrisy.
14} Jesus was completely real. All the time.
15} Jesus fed the hungry.
16} He loved to go away to a quiet place to pray--he did this constantly.
17} Jesus prayed for you in the garden right before he was crucified.
18} Jesus prays for you today.
19} Jesus frequented the home of "sinners" and those who were looked down upon
20} Jesus forgave the men that nailed him to the cross.
21} With his death, Jesus purchased our freedom.
22} Many of Jesus' closest friends, the disciples, were just ordinary, everyday kind of guys. Some were even despised.
23} Jesus could look straight into a person's soul and tell them what was there.
24} Jesus walked on water just to reach his friends.
25} He even let Peter walk on water, too. (now that's fun!)
25} Jesus commanded the storm to be still. The wind and the waves obey him!
26} Jesus broke many of the "religious" rules of the time--he didn't always wash his hands before eating, he healed people on the sabbath, he spoke to women of "bad reputation"
27} Jesus wept when one of his best friends died. (Even knowing that he would raise him from the dead, he was moved by the tears of his dear friend Mary)
28} Jesus welcomed little children. He held them and blessed them.
29} Jesus used a little boy's meager lunch of two fish and five loaves to feed five thousand people.
30} Jesus was passionate about respecting his Father's house and not making it into a den of thieves.
31} Jesus drove the irreverant and thieving merchants out of the temple with a whip for taking advantage of people in the Lord's house.
32} Jesus was never inconvenienced by a person's need--he was always willing to heal them.
33} Jesus rebuked sin and exposed pride.
34} He called men to repent, to turn from their sins and receive eternal life.
35} Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, after which a voice was heard from heaven saying,
"This is my son, in whom I am well pleased."
36} Jesus related the Truth of His Kingdom in short, simple stories.
37} It was Jesus' desire that everyone would be saved.
38} He was fearless.
39} When he was tempted by Satan in the desert to rely on himself instead of on the power of God, he resisted every temptation with the Word of God.
40} When he needed the comfort of his friends the most, they fell asleep.
41} Jesus teaches us to love our enemies, to bless those that curse us.
42} Jesus was obedient to his Father in all things, even death on a cross.
43} Jesus only did what he saw his Father doing.
44} Everyday Jesus seeks out the lowly, the sick, the wretched, the filthy, the weak, the shamed.
45} Everyday Jesus brings hope.
46} From sun-up to sun-down he loved, he taught, he gave, he healed, he blessed.
47} Jesus was more concerned about what was inside a man than what was on the outside.
48} Jesus fulfilled over 400 prophecies in the Old Testament. Mathematically, that is impossible for one man to do.
49} Jesus carried with him no possessions, save the clothes on his back and the sandals on his feet.
50} Jesus feels the pain of other's.
51} Jesus is the best listener.
53} Jesus knew that Peter would deny knowing him, yet he told Peter that he was praying for him and that when he returned he was to strengthen his brothers. (Wow...what grace.)
54} Jesus gives us second, third, fourth, fifty chances to start over.
55} Jesus gave mercy to those others condemned.
56} Jesus teaches us to forgive when someone wrongs us even seventy times seven.
57} Jesus claimed to be the Son of God.
58} He called sin, sin.
59} He always loved the sinner.
60} He urges us to turn away from our sin and to turn to him, that we may have LIFE and life more ABUNDANT!
61} He lived a selfless life.
62} Jesus bring us a PEACE that is not of this world!
63} Jesus came that we would know JOY! And that our joy would no know bounds!
64} Jesus laughs with us, weeps with us, walks with us, and carries us.
65} Jesus abhorred false piety.
66} Jesus performed hundreds of miracles a day!
67} Jesus is the only way to Heaven. He himself said this.
68} Jesus also said that we could have whatever we asked In His Name.
69} Jesus gave his disciples the authority to do miracles In His Name.
70} Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
71} Jesus is "MIGHTY TO SAVE"!
72} Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah.
73} Jesus is our strong tower, our refuge.
74} Jesus always believed, always loved, always hoped in you.
75} He is your wonderful counselor.
76} He is your closest friend.
77} Jesus cares for you.
78} Jesus wants your love, too.
79} Jesus knew where he was going and what he was doing.
80} Jesus knew the word of God--he was the Word of God!
81} Jesus is STRONG to deliver!
82} When you are weak, Jesus carries you.
83} When you seek him, you will always find him.
84} When you are at the end of your rope, Jesus will rescue you.
85} Jesus is faithful.
86} Jesus is valiant.
87} He is patient.
88} Jesus is kind, he is never pushy.
89} Jesus waits. for. you.
90} Jesus whispers to your soul...can you hear him?
91} Jesus longs to wrap arms of love around your wounds.
92} His love for you held him on the cross.
93} Jesus was tortured, beaten, ridiculed, mocked, and despised...willingly.
94} Jesus knows what loneliness feels like.
95} Jesus knows what it feels like to be forsaken.
96} Jesus didn't stay in the grave. Death has no power over him!
97} Jesus promises to RETURN to judge the world.
98} Jesus defeated Satan! He has overcome this world!
99} For all who would believe in him, Jesus gives everlasting life!
100} He's asking you, "Do you believe? Am I who I say I am?"

Friday, April 24, 2009

Meet Toby and Mac

Here is Toby he is the brown one. He is pretty hyper and isn't to much into being held. He does not bite but wants to be free.
Here is Mac his gerbil brother. Mac is much friendlier and likes to be held. They are very fun to watch. It is so cute watching them eat, and run on the wheel and build there nest at night.
Here is Drew the proud owner of his new gerbils. He earned them it took like 6mo of collecting marbles. Not much maintenance and fun to watch. They really don't smell at all. He hasn't had a allergy problem with them yet, but I got them the glass terrarium style cage to cut down on dust and dander. So far so good. I'm looking forward to a nice sunny weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meet Fluffy Bun

Check Spelling We have had Fluffy Bun for about a year and a half. She has made only one other Cameo appearance on the blog. She is a wonderful pet. For any of you moms that want a pet but aren't ready for a dog or cat. Guinea pigs are very sweet tempered shy loving animals. They don't bite and like to be pet and snuggled with. The more you take them out the more they seem to know you and show more affection. She makes all these happy noises when she sees us. She is in Jaden's room and is his pet mostly. She even licks Jaden on the face. We are thinking about getting the boys a dog for their birthday we will see. We had a Labor doodle puppy right before we adopted Lauren and it was just to much for us at the time and then we found out we were moving back to Ohio. He has a great home now and is still super hyper and likes to run all over. Since that was almost 2yrs ago we are thinking the time is coming soon. Drew has allergies really bad to many things, peanuts, dust, mold, trees, flowers, you name it outside. He is really allergic to fluffy too. We are looking into a Havanese. I just read about them and then seem like a great fit for us. We are looking for a lap dog and one that likes lots of affection. They also like other pets so that should be good. It seems that these little dogs that are hypo allergenic (no dog is 100%) but little shedding cost a ton of money. I wish we could just go to the shelter but we can't chance it with Drew's allergies. Just wanted to post these cute pictures. We also got two gerbils recently who are very fun, I will post them soon. They are named after the kids favorite singer intials TM.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter pics and bunny exposed.

Here are our Easter pics from this year. As always we usually rush to get ready and then I pull out my camera hoping to get some neat family pictures and someone isn't happy. I figure when you are out numbered with 3 kids now, someone is bond to not be happy or be throwing some fit. It is hard to get them all in the mood to take pictures. Drew seems to be really hamming it up these days, and seems the most helpful. I think they just run when they see me anymore with my camera.
Some of you might not agree with me on this next point but this year at the tender ages of 6 and 4 we talked to the boys about what Easter was about. As usual Jaden my child who was saved at 4 and is a walking Evangelist knows every detail, lol. Drew is asking more and more questions but we not pushing him to accept Christ, of course that is our dream for all our kids. They both know how important Easter is or as we say in our house Resurrection Sunday. So we said guys the bunny is fun and a lot of people pretend there is a bunny but he is not real. Mom and dad bring the candy we want Jesus to be the most important on this day. Jaden immediately says "I know mom." Drew was not even fazed. They totally didn't care about the Easter bunny probably because we never put a huge emphasis on it. We used to leave the carrots out and we may still with Lauren for fun but they are at the age now where they can get it. I just don't want my kids to ever get confused with us lying about something that never existed. I don't like lying to them and I don't want them to question Jesus since the faith and believing issue is similar with Santa. I want them to know how alive Christ is. I hope that we did the right thing as far as telling them, I really think it was time. We went on to tell them that although it is fun to get candy and see little chicks and bunnies it is just a small part. We still buy them baskets and let them have fun, that is not our point to take away fun from them or make them feel awkward when other kids get baskets. We just want them to know that Jesus is the reason for this special day. Church was awesome, there was great music and a no nonsense approach to accept Christ. It was made very clear and he explained everything about salvation. That is a whole other post but we have found this great church and I have never met a pastor like the one we have. He is defiantly humble and never puts himself out there.Enjoy the pics.

I love these of Rob with the boys.

They all left only Drew stayed to take a picture with mommy.

Drew my model in training. Little Ben Affleck as My friend Anglea says.
Lauren loves her brothers!! Drew is always up for a hug. Lauren always says "Hi Dwew!!" "Hi Jaen." so cute.
Lauren and her famous finger sucking, maybe a good next post.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The swing set is complete, I love my husband.

I think it turned out great. We are super happy with it!! It took Rob like 21 hrs to do and today he worked in the rain. I felt bad for him and we had neighbors offer to help but he got in a grove and had is own system apparently and enjoyed doing it his way, lol. He is a major perfectionist though and followed every angle and used a level on everything. There is no way I could have done this, it would have taken me a month probably. I did help him sort the lumber and did help get some of the screws for each step ready. There were like 27 steps though. I think it turned out really nice and I know that my husband really put a lot of love in it for the kids. At one point we had like every neighbor kid surrounding us coming over to check it out and wanting to play. It will bring many years of fun. Below are the steps it took to get here.

It is overwhelming to see 6 boxes of lumber in your garage that has already been taken over by 3 kids and all their outside toys. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Historic home and slavery

This is my Step mom Irene's house. It was build in the late 1800's It is a historic home but the rest of the neighborhood are those new mansions..It kind of sticks out but in a good way.
I took a few pictures of her home. It is pretty cool.

This picture is off the log home connected to the house. She had it re finished so you could stay in it. That is where we stayed for the night, see picture below.
It actually was there of course before the big home was built. The home was a real mansion at the time, the thing is 5,000 sq.feet and for back then can you imagine. There is quite a bit of history involved. I have to admit I love old houses but I always think they are going to be haunted. Since this place was so old my goodness, did you think I could sleep in this 1800 something log house?? The sad thing on top of all of that was that this area in Franklin had a lot of the battles between the North and South during the civil war. In her backyard she actually has a cemetery. I never got to look but Rob and the boys did. Comes to find out that the whole family who the neighborhood is named after is buried in the backyard. Next to them their were a few smaller tomb stones which were their slaves. I thought that was so sad. I thought to myself if they could only see how the world is now. It was weird holding my princess Lauren knowing that her life would have been so different if she lived back then. It is just so wrong and I still don't know how it ever existed. Since they were buried with the family the only good thing I could think about was is that they treated them more like family or so I hope. I still did not sleep well thinking about that knowing that right down the hill they were all buried there.
To lighten the topic here is Chuck Irene's bird, he was sweet to me, he apparently likes woman only. He liked Lauren too but not as warm to the boys. He was from a bird rescue, and was quite funny he was already like 30 yrs old. It is amazing how long these birds live and what they say.
Here is Lauren at the park, I really like these of the boys coming up.
My DrewB now he wants to be called "Drew Dawg" Like Randy Jackson on American Idol who is always calling people Dawg. Drew is really cute and mellow and is super smart. He told me the other day "Mommy I'm so clever" "It means I'm to smart and funny."
I love this!!!

Jaden my Evangelist in training has his Toby Mac shirt on. The kid totally gets the gospel. I'm not taking much credit. He understand sanctification, lamb of God, redemption all these tough words and concepts that most adults can't even get. It goes on and on. He is pretty unique and we really think God is planning something for him. He has told us recently that he wants to build and run a bread factory in Africa to feed everyone.
Have a great weekend everyone. We bought the kids a really big wooden swing set. We have waited a while and now it is time. This will be the third one we have built since we have moved so much. Hopefully we will keep our sanity.

Pocket Edward

I got this off of my friend Kristen's blog This is funny!! For all you Twilight fans this is for you. Follow Pocket Edward as he faces the world. These two mom's each got one of these action figures and now are having fun taking pictures of him everywhere they go. As for you who aren't into Twilight, it is still funny and you can make fun of all of us who love it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some awesome houses

Once again I'm stalking people by taking pictures of there houses. I just love looking at houses especially ones with charming details. I have what I call the dream/idea book. I put all my favorite house pictures in it along with decorating ideas. It also has tons of tips and ideas for future projects I read about in blog land or find in magazines. I cut out pictures of things that I would like to have in my dream home someday. It is a dream book after all! This house style is probably what I have in mind with a few changes of color and more landscaping. It is a little bigger then I would need but I love this style. I would also like a flower garden in the back on a large private wooded lot with a pool of course. While were dreaming a nice outdoor built in grill and gazebo and hot tub of course. This picture was taken in Franklin, TN one of the neatest places ever. Seriously if your ever near Nashville go take a look. I love this place. So many neat houses and shops.
This neighborhood is right behind my step-mom's historic home. These are huge with huge yards.

Another Dream home in Franklin. Look at that porch on the side, awesome.
This one is smaller but it is still really charming. It has that cottage look.

One of the biggest houses I have ever seen in a neighborhood, some of it is cut off too.

From the road. It is beautiful way to big for most people I would think. I can't imagine having spent so much and having my house right off of a main busy road with noise and commotion?
Another huge one, please excuse the horrible quality, we were going to fast.
How about another! lol I totally would love to go to their yard sales, if they had one that is. I would love to see the inside.
Hope you enjoyed the neat home tours or should I say mansion tour through Franklin. It is where many country music stars live so I suppose that is why there are so many big ones.

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