Monday, March 30, 2009

Lauren eating her favorite food.

Lauren Grace loves bananas. She eats them so fast she could set a record. We have tried over and over for her to slow down. She loves to eat but we have noticed that certain foods like fruit especially bananas and oranges she can't get enough of. She tries to climb the island and she will eat them with the skin still on, lol. She also loves fruit snacks!! Don't forget hot dogs, I do cut those up really tiny. Most nights though my dinners end up on the floor she is not big on a lot of other foods. I thought these pictures I took a couple of weeks ago were cute.
Lauren Grace's instructions on how to enjoy a banana.

"Do you want some, just kidding."
"I like to shove in as much as my chubby checks will hold."
A little post banana stretch.
"It is so good it makes me crack up laughing." "These are my directions on how to eat a banana!"

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A special video to share from Ethiopia to home.

Our friends Cheryl and Tim adopted last summer from Ethiopia. I just wanted to share a video that they put together. Special note I took a few of the pictures (: The ones at the airport and a few others. R is such a sweet girl, it is amazing how well she has done adjusting. She is just so happy and affectionate. I haven't seen Cheryl in a while since she has been busy adjusting to there new addition. I know she is just loving having her two girls!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm thankful!

I had quite the night last night. Rob was out of town in Pittsburgh for work. I slipped and fell and hit my head. No big deal it hurt and rung my bell so to speak but I thought I was okay. I felt kind of dizzy but okay. I sat down to watch A.I and I got so dizzy that I almost past out or did for a second. I immediately ran upstairs and got dressed thinking I better go to the E.R. I was feeling worse. My neighbor who is a E.R nurse was not home but I talked to her husband who came right over, my other wonderful neighbor came and watched the kids. It was more out of precaution since I felt weird. I got such good care and my neighbor was my nurse. They did a CT scan to make sure I didn't have any brain bleeding or anything. It was fine. I'm thankful I was okay, but I'm thankful for more then that. I'm thankful I have a husband that rushed all the way from Pittsburgh 3 1/2 hrs away to make it to the hospital by 12:45am. I'm thankful for my loving friends/neighbors who rushed over to help. I'm also thankful for all my many blessings in life. As I sat there in my little area waiting for the Dr. Next to me a man had all these issues, and had no ride home for his wife and newborn baby. They had no friends with cars ): They let me hold the baby (: ( I was a little nervous since I was dizzy) They did get a ride home. On the other side of me a man had kidney failure and needed a transfusion and then next to me once he left was a person flat lining. It was truly humbling! How grateful I am for good health a car and home. The hospital is not in the best area of town and it just made me so sad. I was thankful to go home last night or should I say this morning in a car to a warm bed to my loving family. I thank God for these moment of gratefulness and humbleness. I want to continue to see the world through His eyes.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Spring from our house.

I have had fun decorating for Spring. I love spring decor it is so happy, and bright. I love bunnies so it works well.
These handsome bunnies were from Tuesday Morning that I got last summertime. They had this awful glitter to them and really pink ears. Nothing a little cream spray paint can't handle.

This is a tiny open terrarium that I added more bunnies too. Those little bunnies are at Target right now.
These moss Bunnies are everywhere in blog land aren't they?

I got this piano bench from the antique mall, I love it because it is so sturdy and it was only $30.

This little birdy lamp I got a while back, I painted it a pale greenish color it was more gray with gold. I like it more now. I picked it up at the thrift store they still wanted $12 but it is pretty cute, I added the shade.
Hope your all enjoying this wonderful weather!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My little model

I took these the other day when it was so nice out. Today I took Lauren to a few shops with just mommy. I'm really training this girl well to be a shopping buddy. I told her it takes a lot of shopping to find the perfect treasures. Today when were out we were stopped by about five people..saying how cute she was. One said " Have you thought about getting her into modeling." Oh my goodness, what a way to make a mama proud. She does seem to be changing a lot lately and understanding so much of what we say. We are working on manners. She says Tank U and Peez but is very moody and throws some pretty nasty fits at times. She is a climber and is super fast. I'm hoping for a basketball player or track star. I have to constantly hold her when we are out at places or strap her in the cart. She always manages to get out of the cart by twisting her body and sneaking out of the seat belt and trying to stand in the cart. She is also getting very demanding, well she has always been pretty spunky but as of recent she is persistent. Earlier in the day we went to the outdoor mall here in Columbus and we went to Claire's. She has been really upsetting me by ripping out her earrings. We have had to buy several pairs and she needs the gold ones because of a sensitive ears. Needless to say I'm sick of shelling out the money. I went in there to get some cheaper ones. As I was in there I can remember loving that store when I was a little girl. They have so much cute stuff. Lauren saw some Dora sunglasses and a necklace that she had to have. I put them back and Rob was with her and he comes up to the register behind me and buys her the Dora stuff. She is Daddy's girl that is for sure. I can't wait to have more and more fun days with my daughter.

action shot, she is always on the move!

Have a great Sat night, the kids are in bed it is time for me to relax!

Friday, March 20, 2009

It wasn't me!

Here are a few cute pictures of the boys. Gotta love the shirts. My mom got them these, they are pretty funny. Jaden and Drew are the best of friends but also constant competitors and no loss of argumentativeness, if that is a word. We call them the Grumpy Old Men, they act just like those two men from that funny movie.
I had to get a few stitches on my hand yesterday. I had this mole that kept itching me and it seemed to grow a bit, so they just took it off. I didn't realize that I would need a few stitches. It is on my right hand too. It really doesn't hurt to much but it is at the spot where skin stretches a lot when you bend your hand so then it burns a little. The kids are so grossed out by it and keep calling it the "needles" I guess stitches and needles they think of sewing.

I have been messing around with my Photo Shop some more, I did a layer, yippee. I have no clue to do the really neat softened edge ones, anyone up to giving me some Internet lessons? I can do all the basic editing that is no problem on PS it is the layers and editing of blemishes and sometimes when I edit one spot in the picture I get a line where I edited it. Not sure what to do with that since when I fix a blemish or line it leaves a weird color. I have had a few friends recommend some books. We will see. I have decided I need to slow down a bit on all my endeavours, Keeping up with Lauren is a full time job. Although I will still be taking all my pictures and doing my projects I need to realize that it will all still be there tomorrow. My anxiety has been bad in the last few months so I need to slow down a bit. I just wish I could relax but it is so hard for me to do. Everyone needs me it seems each minute and then when I finally have a minute then I need to clean or do something else. My projects are therapeutic because it forces me to enjoys some things I enjoy. Have a good weekend. We have Upward Basketball on sat, and we might do a few home projects, so much for slowing down a bit.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol

I admit I love it!! I love Danny he is defiantly my pick, has been since I first heard him sing. What a story too with his wife, so sad. He is a great guy and a christian so he's my pick. I think he did good last night, what a voice.
What do you all think of Adam? Rob and I about died laughing when Randy Travis was trying to be polite when he reviewed his Johnny Cash song. In a weird way this guy can pull it off. He is not my favorite but he is very talented. I can't belive he already isn't famous.
I like so many this year, there are some talented ones. I do like the Girl who is 16 with the bright red hair, Kris Allen from Arkansas. It should be interesting. My guess tonight is that Michael Sarver is going home. That Garth Brooks song just wasn't good enough. What do you all think??

Monday, March 16, 2009

Have a Happy Monday..

Good morning friends. Just hoping everyone has a wonderful week. I have some really cute pictures of the kids. I just wanted to show you one of Lauren non edited and she looks this perfect. I wished she wansn't in her little seat but to get her to hold still longer then 3 seconds this works. Enjoy your week, I have been organizing, spring cleaning. Anyone need any kids stuff, my goodness. It is amazing how much you accumulate when you have kids.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Please pray for Charlotte.

Alison and Brad are wonderful Christian people.. We adopted our girls around the same time. We have been Bethany buddies since we adopted from the same adoption agency. Lauren and their older daughter Norah actually resemble each other. My boys always think and Lauren thinks it is her.. Alison is a very talented photographer and takes amazing pictures. They just adopted Charlotte Norah's biological sister and she needs prayer at this time. You can read more at Please Lord I ask that you wrap your loving arms around this family and this little one. I know that you make all things good.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Confession of a messy closet.

I have a confession...Let me say I try, I really do try and stay organized. I don't understand my personality sometimes. Okay I love art, decorating, and laughing and then there is this side to me that hates mess and I love a clean house and I can't relax and I'm type A . But for some reason I try and try and stay organized but I fail each time. I start out all happy cleaning my closet and then within about a month it is a mess again. I don't think it means your life is a mess like some psychologist might say, it might have somthing to do with the creative side of the brain or being a mom of three little kids? Anyone have a theory?? I work best with decorating when I'm down in my little studio we will call it( dungeon sounds bad) with junk everywhere. I keep my house very clean but not always organized but I do know where everything is and I'm not a pack rat unless it has to do with art/reusing decorating design stuff. The whole clothes thing drives me nuts. You all have heard "if you don't wear it in 6mo pitch it". Well in Ohio it is cold, hot, cold, freezing, hot in a matter of a day.. When I was going through all my stuff which I am getting rid of some this, my goodness. I seem to have a pattern of what I buy. I seem to like capri's of all types(camo, khaki, and jean) jeans, light weight coats and tons of t-shirts. I tend to like summer clothes best. I really hate sweaters but now that were living in Ohio I have to wear them.. I think I'm a southern person born in a northern persons body. I'm so sick of Ohio clothes. Yesterday was 80 today it is cold again.. So it means you have to keep a lot of different clothes around.

I do the same with makeup. I start off all organized and then I'm here of there and try something new and then I have all this and it gets so messy. Bare Minerals sure is nice but what a mess it is..
My hate of the sweaters. They just don't look good on me and they are not comfortable. Now I do love flannel pajamas.
I'm trying, look how nice. This will last a month. I think I get lazy because by the end of the day I feel like I'm going to fall over. So I just kind of throw stuff in here and there. How do you mom's keep your closets nice and clean? I like clothes but I don't buy a ton, I would rather buy stuff for the kids and house but it tends to accumulate and get crazy.
Look at Rob's closet! So clean and nice. He is so organized. I tell him I try so hard and want to be but I just don't think it is in me. I need tips, ideas, I try and make lists and that helps to do tasks.. The funny thing is I love to organize but I just can't keep it that way..

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dear American Girl

Dear American Girl, I enjoy your catalog and was looking forward to getting my daughter a doll in the future. I do have one issue. Althought I see that you try and bring a large range of ethnicity I fail to see any true black dolls most look bi-racial. Under the page that says dolls that look like you on page 7 I would not know that one was black?? Our daughter is a beautiful adopted dark skinned african american. I don't see one that looks like her unless I bought her Addy the slave doll. I know that she is done in good taste but that is hard to accept as a young girl, that if you have darker skin the only one to pick is Addy. I really think it would be nice if you had a new black baby come out with some braids or other cute hair ornament with instyle clothes on. I apprecaite your time and hope that you value my opinion.
This is supposed to be the dark skinned doll?

We are complimented by your request to add darker ethnic dolls to our Just Like You product line. We appreciate your thoughtful suggestion. Our internal design team creates all of our products, including our dolls, based on customer demand, therefore, we will make note of your request and share it with the appropriate people within our company. Your comments and insights help us determine if we are meeting the needsand interests of the girls we serve. We assure you that we like to receive both compliments and concerns fromour customers, as that is the only way we know what interests you, what products you would like to see developed, or how we may improve our products or service. We do value your comments and appreciate the time you took to share them with us.
Sincerely,American Girl®
She was running at me but wouldn't a Lauren Grace doll be so cute?
Lauren's new shoes aren't they so cute?
I know for some of you this is not a issue but when you adopt or are black these things get under your skin. Rob Mr. Business went on to tell me before I wrote the e-mail that they are in it to make money. So whatever doll color or whatever they make what sells. I know that he is right but it just makes me sad. I'm hoping they take my suggestion. I still love the dolls and know that the Bity Baby looks more ethnic so we will probably go with that. We buy her all color dolls it was just hard for me to accept that the dolls that look like your child only look a certain way. They do not look black to me at all. I'm not big on confrontation but I do stand behind what I think is right. What do you all think?
The winner of my little giveaway was JennyKate. I just need your e-mail address and I will get it out. Have a great Monday.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

200th post Giveaway and thank you!

In honor of my wonderful blogging buddies and for my blogs 200th post I have a little giveaway. I would love to know who some of you are and my 8 loyals (: ha ha go ahead and enter to win this little shabby chic picture. It is very sweet and sure to look cute in your home. Go ahead and post a comment and I will enter you name. I will pick a name on Sunday or Monday morning. Stay posted.
I started this blog for friends and family to see what we were up to. I also enjoy it because it seems like life goes so fast you sometimes forget what you have done over time. I never thought I would meet such nice wonderful woman. I thank you all for your sweet comments and e-mails. I look forward to seeing your families pictures and sharing our talents and learning so much about making a house a home. I have really bonded with a few of you and I thank you for your friendship. I look forward to someday meeting some of you. God puts certain people in your life at the right times to encourage one another. My friend Jill
is one of those people. Go visit Jill's blog and see how God is using her in many ways. She designed my blog and new photoblog.
Katie Grace Photography I'm very excited about it and I can't wait to add some new pictures especially since spring is around the corner. It is a dream of mine to continue to learn and grow as a photographer and take pictures of kids, families and nature. Jill is volunteering her time and talent to help raise money for parents wanting to adopt children. Since many of us know how costly it is to adopt. She is helping her friend raise money for these issues through blog design..
Thanks again for all your kind hearts, I love you all!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Glass cabinet makeover.

This is my new cabinet I got from the antique show a couple weekends ago. The color was a dirty green and it had been painted over white. I could see the potential for this super heavy well made glass cabinet. I have no idea if this is even old? Not sure if it could be newer but it defiantly is made very well and for $25 I had to have this glass cabinet that I have no idea where I'm going to put.
I decided on black, it would have been harder to go back white with that green anyways. The only problem ws the sides had glass and you could not paint the side touching the glass. I did not want black with white stripes. So I thought about this, and I love it..

I used Modge Podge, I love this stuff I had never used it before do you believe it? I simply painted the cabinet and then decopaged the sides with some of my favorite pattern scrap paper. I love scrap paper for projects and I admire those who are good at scrapbooking as I am not, but I do love the paper. I also did the inside sides to finish the look. I love it! Now, what should I put inside?? Any ideas? Where would you put this thing it is pretty big probably 2 ft tall and you can hang it on the wall there are nice hooks. Hope you all like it. It was a fun easy project. I take so much joy in finding these treasures and making them my own.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pictures from when my parents came

Hey everyone, Drew is so much better now and Rob is feeling better. Thanks so much for the e-mails and prayers. I have gotten behind on so much but I wanted to share some of these pictures from when my parents visited a couple weeks ago.
Lauren had enough by this point but I thought this was cute.
I love this.
Nana and DrewB. His nickname. We say it just like Drew B. ( we sometimes call him Drew Bear so it worked out well) He is like a teddy bear.

Rob and me.

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