Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My friends little girls!!

My friend Cheryl has the prettiest little girls, seriously they are both stunning. They just adopted R from Ethiopia she is such a special girl. They came over yesterday to play and I wanted to take some pictures for mom. It was kind of spur of the moment, but it was totally easy with these sweet girls. R is so cute and fun she is into everything and everything is so new to her. It is such a blessing how well she has done considering she has been home only for a couple months. She is the most friendly little girl, and her big sister seems to be enjoying the roll.

I have a couple more picture of the older sister, I will add those later that I really love that I took earlier this summer.
God is so amazing, look how this bond has started and how much these sisters love each other!

Monday, September 29, 2008

More fall

After church on Sunday, they were just out playing and wanted to pose.
Look at Jaden's face, I suppose he had enough at this point. Or he is thinking hmm.. what can I do next?

The kids and me.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall is here, we love it!

We went and picked out our pumpkins this weekend.
Lauren keeps beating on them, she thinks they are drums.
All these pretty flowers.
My fall wreath, I liked how it turned out.
This little display is on my kitchen table. I have birds stuff everywhere these days.

Our house decorated for fall
more pumpkins, I like all the varieties I have seen. I think it was a great year for pumpkins.
My little candle holders, with pumpkins.

Oh how I love fall. I love the feeling the way the sky looks the smell in the air. We had a great weekend. I will have plenty more photos to come.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Toy selections

Thanks for all the awesome birthday wishes from my boy's birthday's. I know all 3 of you were waiting on the edge of your seat to see what the boys picked out at Toys R Us. I actually got a few comments and e-mails wondering what they got. I don't have a picture of Drew with his toy, but as you can see it had something to do with his buddies above. He also got a Transformer to add to the collection. Below you can see my scientist in training. We went up and down the isles and remember he was sick. He had to have this microscope and telescope combo. He loves it. It is so cute, he goes around the house and yard saying "I need this specimen to exam" or "I need some samples for my test tubes". He is a funny kid that is for sure. He really excels in science for some reason.
It is so funny how much our boys are the same but how different they are in tastes and personality.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The cutest shoes

I love leopard print. I think these shoes are so cute. I bought them a few months ago thinking they would fit her in the fall, so I put them on her last week or so and they just fit. Darn! She is growing so fast, to fast now. She has been so fun lately and is changing so much. She is walking pretty well now and is blowing kisses and loves to be with me on the couch and rest her head on my lap.
Today she was approached by a lady who thought she was from another country and then went on to say how stunning she was. She could not believe how pretty she was. I of course could not agree more as her mommy. At Jaden's football practices these two little girls fight over her. They actually got in a fight on tues on who could push her in the stroller. It was so funny because one of the little girls was black and the other was white. The black girl said "I get to push her she is my cousin". I thought that was funny. They got in a huge fight about it...
Her brother giving her some loving.
Oh how she loves taking off her shoes and socks.
dare devil
Peek A Boo!
I'm so special!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Easy fun chair project

This chair was from a friend of mine. It used to have a pink floral top. I traded her some shoes for it, aren't woman funny? We had a yard sale together that is how it came about. Anway I found this fabric and I loved it. I decided to cover the chair. These are my favorite kind of projects, they don't cost a lot and it makes a huge change to a room. I love fabric. Our master bath needed some sort of color scheme and so I think I'm going with this shabby kind of look with blue, black and tan. We will see. The pillow was a ugly floral pillow I got at a thrift store but I loved the fringe. That fringe isn't cheap and the pillow was made well, so I covered it. The Nester will love me, with a hot glue gun. It worked perfect!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy Birthday Weekend

We decided to have a fun day this year instead of a big birthday party. Since moving we don't know to many people so we though we would just have a whole day of fun for the boys. I made both of their cakes this year. Nothing to special which I kind of feel bad about. Normally we go pick out all the cool ones decorated but they really didn't seem to care.
Drew enjoyed his cake.
Of course he wanted to lick it with his finger.
On sat Jaden and Drew's friend Tyler who is our neighbor had his b-day at the indoor water park hotel. The boys had tons of fun. This is the same place we stayed at for a month before we moved into our house now. It is a great place but I was ready to leave after a month of staying there. Later that day Jaden had a football game too..We could only stay a couple hrs but they had a blast. It is really a cool place. Things are getting busy around here.
Here is our fun day! We decided on the Zoo first, Chuck E Cheese, and then Toys R Us to pick out any toy within reason. We didn't get to far into the zoo just about a couple hrs and Jaden said his stomach hurt. He kept saying he was hungry so we left. We got to Chuck E Cheese and he played about ten minutes after he ate and then laid on Rob's lap. I know this is not my son! This is the kid that only takes a nap if he is really sick, sure enough he got sick right there in his seat. So we left. He wanted to go to Toys R Us still. I felt bad for him, so we let him sit in the cart and he picked out a toy. Poor kid, our day was shorter then we planned. He is fine now that is the good news but he missed a day of school. Here are some picture of the zoo at least..
Every time we go to the zoo they love this penguin statue, the fight over who gets to be closer to his head?? Gotta love them..
Cool stingray
Lauren is starting to notice the animals now. She loved the aquarium.
They had a fall fest going on and the boys decorated pumpkins
I thought this snake was cool. Can you imagine watching it curl up in this little ball?
Oh even froggy mom's don't get a break. She is carrying her little one on her back. I thought this was so cute.
It was a busy fun weekend. I can't believe the boys are another year older. Life is fun now, but I'm afraid the busy schedule will only get worse in the years ahead.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy 4th birthday Drew

Look how you have grown!

Dear Drew,
September 21st, 2008
Today is your special day we can’t believe your 4yrs old today!!! You are such a big boy now!! You even started preschool this year. So far you love it. You come home singing songs and telling us about your day and all your new friends. You have gotten so tall this year too, people think your almost a kindergartener. We saw in your class that they measured you and you were the tallest in your class.
This has been a fun year at times for you but one of your most challenging for mommy and daddy. You never seemed to go through the terrible 2’s. We thought since you were a calm baby that maybe we just got lucky and you were pretty adaptable. Instead we got the terrible 3’s about 9mo ago it started. It is quite funny at times how you protest about certain things. You have been on a hot dog diet for about 6mo now. We make you eat other things but that is about all you want. Your not to big on waking up in the morning or about going to bed. Most times your angry about something but you seem to get over it pretty fast. We are hoping at four that you go back to being calmer. This was a big change for you, I suppose your testing the waters. You still melt our hearts with your sweet “Mommy your so pretty” and “Daddy your so handsome” You are a charmer that is for sure and you know when to use it. It is hard for us to look at your big brown eyes and be upset with you. You are a big teddy bear, Drew B (Drew Bear)
You are a excellent big brother to Lauren! You have loved her the minute you laid eyes on her and you have never been jealous. You love to play with her and make her laugh. You love Jaden too, he is a rock star to you. You look up to him and try and be just like him. You two argue but your best friends, I know it will always be this way.
You love your Army guys and Turtles. This year you decided you were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and you even refer to your back as your turtle shell. You have a amazing imagination they way you play with your action heroes and how you set the scene for Army combat. It is so cool to watch you. Some Army guys and a cookie would make your day that is for sure. Your very good at independent play and entertaining yourself for hrs.
We always get the best hugs from you, your such a sweetie with your hugs and kisses. You pray so sweetly. God know how special you are to us, your our miracle baby. God has blessed you with a caring heart and such a smart brain. You can even draw and write your name. You love to play baseball like your daddy. You seem to be a good little athlete already. We are so proud of you. Your such a sweetie, we thank God for you everyday.
Mommy and Daddy
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