Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chrisitian The Lion

Christian was separated from his parents at an early age and put up for sale in a London department store. Christian's parents were zoo lions, the father came from the Rotterdam zoo and the mother from Jerusalem, and they lived at the Ilfracombe zoo. When they had cubs, the zoo sold them, and two cubs went to the department store.

Two men, Anthony Bourke and John Rendall, found him there and immediately fell in love with him and determined to buy him. They scraped together the money and brought the little lion home when he was only a few weeks old. They named him Christian.
Tony and John dedicated themselves to giving Christian the best life they could, and the bond that developed between them is a joy to behold. Christian was a remarkable lion, obviously very intelligent and loving, and gentle to everyone, both human and animal.

As he grew, Christian began to need bigger facilities than Tony and John could provide. So they wanted to take him to Kenya to be free. So with some help and some adjustment they took him to Africa and set him free.

When a year had passed, Tony and John came to Africa to see Christian. After a year of struggle, tragedies, and life with a pride of lions in the wild, the relationship Christian felt with Tony and John was as strong as it had always been. In fact, Christian's wonderful relationship with Tony and John caused the other lions in the pride to accept and be at peace with them as well.

A bridge existed, and it withstood the separation and the learning of a new way to live. Christian was another lion of two worlds. Ace and John saw Christian again, the last time was in 1974 when Christian was twice as large, and had cubs of his own.
This made me cry, get ready for the tissues. I'm a huge animal lover so this one was blog worthy!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Buckeye Season Is Almost Here!!

Gotta Love the Scarlet and Gray wig!
Brutus is looking good.
Everywhere you look around here it OSU heaven, and I have a feeling it is going to get crazy in the next month.... Can't wait!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My favorite houses ever!

I always tell people I want a new house that looks old . Not that I don't want a old house, I just don't want to do all the work to fix it up. These houses in Lexington, Ky were right by our hotel. They were the closest thing to my dream house I had pictured in my head. I looked in the windows of one for sale and sure enough the kitchen had a window seat with all the neat built in book cases on the sides. Everything was in the best taste. Crown molding galore!! Rob loved them too, I took picture so one day we can build what we want. He did not like the no yard part though. They had no yard at all and the garage was in the back of the house. Even the back was awesome though, they all had pavers and gardens with wrought iron fences. I loved them. The sad thing was the smallest one, not even pictured here was $400,000. I better keep up with my thrift store finds to save money.
Love the door!
Rob, Liked this one
Real shutters on every house and molding, oh so neat!
I think they are southern plantation style houses? I'm defiantly going to save these pictures!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

My great deals of the week

I went to Dillard's one of my favorite dept. stores and got Lauren Dress #2, and dress #4 for $6 each. Then I went to this store called Von Maur which is like a very high end dept. store and got #1 and #3 for $6 also. This store was awesome although I could not afford much ): It had a live pianist who performs during your shopping visit in the commons area. It was beautiful. The kids dept. was to die for they had the cutest stuff I have ever seen. It was mostly all high end labels, I will be back for the big sales for sure. I felt so ripped off because before I went to Gymboree which I love and had the Gymbucks. I thought I was going to get this great deal but then I realized during the Gymbucks they left the clearence prices higher then normal. So when you look at it even though I had some freeby stuff it was more expensive then normal. Oh well, I love their stuff, but I will not buy it retail priced. Not much of anything really. I'm not cheap just a smart consumer (that is what I say anyway) It is amazing the deals I run into just by being this way. I'm not to proud for resale shops of any of that. I have found some of the coolest stuff at even Goodwill. Especially the home. You might have to be a little creative. I will have to do a blog title each week or two on some of the good finds from my house. I meet a new friend here who is the queen of turning junk into a treasure. I love it now too, it is quite easy with some creativity. Now i'm on the quest for the perfect furniture for nothing and making it look like something that cost a fortune. I'm big on the antiques too. The best quality stuff there is, that is usually much cheaper then any furniture store. I'm off for more good deals. As soon as I can get over this cold that is...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pictures from our little trip

I took the kid to the Louisville Zoo one day. It was pretty nice. Jaden got to feed this bird, he wasn't so sure and then it...
Jumped on his head! He was done and spilled all that $1.50 necter on the floor. They get us parents, don't they?
Drew is a ham! He wanted me to carry him the last hr all 40 some pounds of him. I told him I could get him a baby stroller and he said "no a big boy stroller." Then I turn around and he is bathing himself in the mist.
We ate on the river on this night in Louisville. It's a really neat city and I wish my parents still lived there, we would be so much closer then N.M I should of brought my good camera, these are just candid shots but when you get used to the better camera the regular point and shoot just doesn't look as good.

Jaden eating a fried green tomato
We spent a lot of time at the malls while Rob was at work. Normally I would love this sort of thing, but with three kids it didn't last to long. I will have to blog about my great deals. They loved the playlands at all the different malls though.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Back from our little trip

We had a great time. I have so much to do though. Laundry, cleaning etc.. I just thought I would share these two goofy boys of mine with you. Everywhere we go is an adventure with them. Can you guess the store? They were having to much fun. I have many more pictures to come.
Rock Stars!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Going on a little mini vacation...

Jaden and Drew each got a special treat from Target last week but the catch was is that they had to earn it with good behavior and helping around the house. Something we are always working on. Well today is the day that they got their treat. Jaden picked out a remote control snake, Mr. Biology and all. The thing looks real and he is acting like it is real. It is some good comic relief.
Meet Slimy !
Looks real doesn't it ?
Drew picked out this huge BumbleBee Transformer. He loves yellow and he loves BumbleBee. His hair looks like Dracula! We were going with the faux hawk but we didn't use gel so we have Dracula instead.
I just had to put one of sweet pea. She has not been so sweet pea like lately though, approaching those terrible two's already.
Not that I have that many faithful blog reader's but we will be gone the whole week, So we will have more to update the following week. We are going along with Rob on a business trip to Louisville and Lexington. We are going to shop and swim while he is at work. Breaks up the week, less housework for me and we get to eat out. Have a good week everyone.

A summer day, beware of a Pirate.

I took a few cute pictures of the kids even though they wern't really in the mood they were hungry. I love this little flower garden outside the library. I would love to have a little spot like this one day at my house. All flowers and pavers and a couple benches. So relaxing. I could not get Lauren to look at me, it was like she was saying "Mom, I have reached my limit of pictures today."

She is such a girl she refuses to crawl in the grass or anywhere outside. If we are inside she takes off, she crawled like a bear cub all over like this on hands and feet.

Trying to get Jaden and Drew to smile and look at me. One is always looking one way and the other the other way. Or one has one of those goofy smiles going. This one is cute.There is the pirate!! This was Jaden all dressed up for Vacation Bible School this week, Drew went too. They had a blast, thanks for inviting them Miss Janette.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Slip And Slide Fun

We had another fun day of Slip And Slide fun. Best $6 I have ever spent. I love taking pictures with water. I love how you can see the detail of the water. They make fun pictures.

Have a great summer day!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yogurt Baby

Lauren just loves yogurt. Really she loves all food. This baby will eat any vegetable or fruit. She is a good eater. I was spoon feeding her and then Rob needed me so I left for one minute and I came back to this.
She ditched the spoon and used her hand.
At least she enjoyed it.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Baby Pool Fun

My friend Janette got this huge pool and didn't fill it up the whole way, it is the kind with the filter. It makes a great baby pool for our younger girls and the boys love it too. We got together two times this week because it has been really hot here.
Drew relaxing
Lauren liked it for a little while,but those boys kept splashing her.
Here is Jaden's newest best buddy Eli.
Only Jaden would do something so goofy. I told him he was a little wide to fit down the slide. He is always trying to make me laugh, both boys really. God knew I needed a lot of comic relief with two wild boys.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I took these a few weeks ago and have finally got caught up on the other blog worthy events. I loved these!! They might look really cool in black and white too. I caught them up ahead of us just holding hands. They really care for each other even though they can't stand each other somedays. Jaden is always watching out for Drew and asking for a extra snack at t-ball and making sure he gets special treats too. I hope they always stay close.

Once they saw us looking they hugged like this. Tooo
Boys are awesome!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July. We had a fun day! Our neighborhood had a huge parade with all the kids with their decorated bikes. They even had the fire trucks come lead them thru the streets. Here is a few from our weekend.
My mom and Lauren Grace.
All American Girl!
Jaden with cousin Camden.
Drew, cousin Camden, and Jaden

Monday, July 7, 2008

Save Me From Myself

I just got done reading this book, I bought it several months ago and just finally got to it. It was a great book that I could not put down. Here is what it is about some of you might be framiliar with Brian Welch.

The amazing true story of an out-of-control rock star, his devastating addiction to drugs, and his miraculous redemption through Jesus Christ.
In February 2005, more than ten thousand people in Bakersfield, California, watched as Brian "Head" Welch—the former lead guitarist of the controversial rock band Korn—was saved by Jesus Christ. The event set off a media frenzy as observers from around the world sought to understand what led this rock star out of the darkness and into the light.
Now, in this courageous memoir, Head talks for the first time about his shocking embrace of God and the tumultuous decade that led him into the arms of Jesus Christ. Offering a backstage pass to his time with Korn, Head tells the inside story of his years in the band and explains how his rock star lifestyle resulted in an all-consuming addiction to methamphetamines. Writing openly about the tour bus mayhem of Ozzfest and The Family Values tour, he provides a candid look at how the routine of recording, traveling, and partying placed him in a cycle of addiction that he could not break on his own.
Speaking honestly about his addiction, Head details his struggles with the drug that ultimately led him to seek a higher power. Despite his numerous attempts to free himself from meth, nothing—not even the birth of his daughter—could spur him to kick it for good. Here Head addresses how, with the help of God, he emerged from his dangerous lifestyle and found a path that was not only right for his daughter, it was right for him.
Discussing the chaotic end to his time in Korn and how his newfound faith has influenced his relationship with his daughter, his life, and his music, Head describes the challenging but rewarding events of the last two years, exposing the truth about how his moments of doubt and his hardships have only deepened his faith.
Candid, compelling, and inspirational, Save Me from Myself is a rock 'n' roll journey unlike any other. You can watch a video on it too.
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