Sunday, June 29, 2008

zoo and a new friend

Here we are as little praire dogs.
Jaden kept wanting me to take his picture with all the statues throughout the zoo.
This sting-ray loved Drew it greeted him when he came over. It kept looking above the water at him and then it followed him as he walked along the tank.
so sweet
Now he saw Jaden and liked him too but he is following Drew again. This little guy had a personality and liked kids.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Daddy is on vacation

Daddy took off a few days this week and now we have the weekend. It is nice to see him all day for this many days. Rob's job sometimes take him out of town for a night or two and on a normal day he leaves very early. We see him around dinner but he works alot so it was nice to have some daddy time.
We took the kids to the zoo yesterday which now they has a new improved waterpark, which we did not go to but they also added a bunch of rides to the zoo section. This was so fun for the boys. If they rode with Rob then they could do this ride, so Rob road twice once with each boy. Look at Drew's face!
The boys road the swing all by themself and loved it. No fear from these two.
Mom was fearful though, that thing went high.

We went to the airforce museum in Dayton on Thursday. The boy's loved that. We had a little picnic there.

We had fun, I have some more zoo pictures to post in the next day or two.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cardboard Testimony

Check this out! This is a great video. God we are all so broken I thank you for having Grace on us!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Family reunion

We had a huge family reunion from Rob's side of the family. It was Rob's dad and uncle Gary's mom's family. She died when they were Jaden and Drew's age but lived with some of these family memebers when they were kids. We got to see lots of old pictures and meet cousins, Aunt's and Uncles. They were so sweet to us and gave us all hugs and they didn't even know us. What good cooks they were too!! We had a great day playing games and eating. There was a massive picture taken but this was just our family.
Uncle Gary and Lauren. She got a lot of holding this week. You will always see Gary holding a baby or kid. He is so good with them and used to be a D.A.R.E. officer.
He is funny too! Look at him trying to sit on Drew.
I let Cody play with my camera, he took a few good shots. I love Lauren's expression in this picture. hmmm...
Everyone came to watch Jaden play T-ball even Uncle Gary and Aunt Wanda drove up for the day. Then it rained and we got canceled. We were going to try and pretend we played in these pictures. All we could do is take one picture before the downfall.
We went and got ice cream since it rained. That was the plan anyway no one can ever have to much icecream. Drew enjoyed his!
Lauren's new trick
She loves to clap now.
Brittany made my life easy this week, thank you. I have a couple more from this week but here is mostly what we did. We had a great time together and did some fun things. We will miss everyone and can't wait to have them all back.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

AZ family in town

We have had a very busy week. We had Rob's dad and Nana Terri in from AZ. Rob's sister and husband also came along. They just got married last month. Cody is a great addtion to the family. Great job Brittany!! The kids loved him. He was so sweet, kind, and fun with them.
They look so cute together.
The guys!
They liked Ohio since they are mostly used to the desert everything is so green now.
This was funny! You can tell he loves his wife. He carried her cool Coach purse around for her on our walk.
Rob and the boys.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

More T-ball and Drew joins the game

Drew is in all his glory. Our team seems to be missing kids a lot. So we have had to put in Drew a few times. He wears Jaden's old Greenwood uniform (all you Bulldog fans in AR) and he plays. The funny thing is he is really good and looks like he could be one of the almost 6 yr olds. He has been wanting to play so bad for the last couple years and now he is so happy. The only problem is he throws a stinkin fit when Rob makes him sit out when we have enough players.
Can you tell my kids take a lot of pictures?
Here is the big slugger!
Lauren was sitting so nice this day, the next game she was a wiggle worm and would not have any part of sitting still.
Here is Jaden running to first base I think. He is really getting fast all of a sudden.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tahitian Treat Baby

I took these a couple days ago. Everytime I see her in this adorable outfit I think of some exotic island. Or some line of Gymboree, what a fun job to come up with the lines of clothes they have. Anway here is my little Tahitian Treat.

She is standing so well now.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Car seat project

I have been looking to get Lauren a new car seat since she has outgrown the infant carrier. I keep looking and haven't found anything that I like or could afford. The ones I did like were leopard print and they were $300 and that was out of my range. We still had the one Drew used but the movers spilled some stuff on it and it was a little dingy. I decided I would try and cover it with some fabric I had. I love leopard print and I thought she would look stylin. I'm not a great seamstress at all, I just learned how to sew and let me tell it usually involves lots of crazy stiches. Anway I made the cover in about a hr, and it actually worked. So here is her new car seat!!

She was not happy I put her in it! She looked cute though.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Having fun at the park

We have so many neat parks around our house, this one has a cool pond with frogs, fish and turtles. The boys are really into catching bugs and other animals.
baby ducks, they are just so cute.
It is fun to take Lauren's picture. She has the prettiest skin.
Now, she thinks I'm funny. I do a lot of funny things to get good pictures
The boys watching the sunset.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reds Game

We took Jaden to his first Reds game last night. He had so much fun, it was just a special time for us three. Drew and Lauren were having fun with Nana and Grandpa. It was a perfect night for a game. Even though the Reds lost.
Jaden made a Build A Bear at the game.
I love this picture of us.
Daddy and Jaden
Ken Griffey
No homeruns last night by him.
This is to cool. Rob acted like a 12 yr old boy. See the guy in the middle with the blue shirt and green hat, next to him in a yellowish color hat and stripped shirt is Pete Rose. We were really far out and if I zoom this on my computer I can see it fine but here you will have to look. Rob could not belive it, he got a huge round of applause. Rob just loves him.
Who does not like Albert Pujols?
Cool picture of the firework smokestacks.
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