Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tiny Toes

Look at these tiny cute toes. Angela, these were Brea's sandles. Lauren has these tiny feet. They are really skinny in the back so a lot of shoes fall off. I love the way the nail polish looks with her pretty skin.

This is a great spot in our house to take pictures. I have several pictures of Lauren here. It just makes her eyes sparkle. It is a little to sunny in this one cute none the less. Every outfit looks great on her it is so fun to dress her.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brotherly Love

This is my Drew lately! He is being just plain"3". He doesn't want to help at all around the house and he thinks everything is a joke. Needless to say we are in timeout about eight times a day. He will not smile as normal at all anymore as you read on about Jaden either. I snapped this one this morning, it is hard to stay mad at the little man (or should I say man child) He is huge by the way. Linebacker material. Not wide just tall with huge shoulders. Rob always says if he stays this big he will be drafted. Wishful thinking from dad, but it is in the blood.

This is such a cute picture. It is almost impossible to not get a goofy Jaden smile these days. When we first brought Lauren home he was not all that interested he was the same way with Drew (: Now Lauren and him are the best of buddies and he loves her. He tells everyone that we adopted her and that her birthmom loved her but could not take care of her. I know he has heard us talking and he asks a lot of questions. I tell him to tell people that Lauren is his sister. He loves to talk about God though and how God loves us and that is why we should help people and orphans and kids that are starving. His mind is so advanced in this area it is unreal.
This one is cute too! I love how she is looking at him. She always does this when she is with Jaden or Drew. She knows them and smiles and is learning from her big brothers each day. Usually I have pictures with her and Drew like this since Drew has been glued to Lauren since day one. Here Jaden is doing all the loving.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Lauren didn't know what to think being up close and personal with a butterfly. You can see the curiousity in her eyes she is not sure of what to think of him.
This is the same butterfly. One has open wings and the other picture they are shut.

Last week we went to the Butterfly conservatory in Columbus with Jaden's preschool it was so cool. The butterflys just fly around the whole room. They go through all the stages in the labratory and then let them go for visitors to get a closer look.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I love reading blogs. Here is our family blog. It is fun to see what everyone is up to. We have an interesting life with having a transracial family. I hope this blog will spread awarness about adoption and Glorify God in all things.
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