Monday, February 1, 2016

Another Table

Over Christmas break this table was on sale. I have had my eye on it for a long time and the price is really great considering the size. It's a very long table. I called my local World Market and they had one in stock. 
With my Magnolia Market wreath, dishes and lamps, I am loving it!!
I love when things come together and you get the look you are looking for. I love this table, check it out it would work in many areas and the color is beautiful! 
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The table that was almost trash.

You are looking at my former kitchen table. I have had this table for about ten years. I really liked it but it was getting beat up. I put it outside until I decided what I wanted to do with it because I thought I could possibly use it outdoors. This is when things got bad...really bad. I noticed a little bit of water damage under the paint but figured I could sand it out once all the stain was removed thinking that it was solid wood.  Little did I know that the inner top slated parts of the table was particle board. Sometimes it hard to tell because the rest of the table is wood. I decided to strip it one day and as the stripper sat the thin pieces of veneer and then particle board pealed. Oh No!! See things don't always go as planned. I started to rip it up thinking I would just replace the inside boards, but It was a mess at this point and I about pitched it but in a last ditch effort I thought I could take a small piece of thin wood and glue it to the top as in a new table top. I also decided to make this table into a sofa table. I love the legs, they are big heavy farmhouse legs and table shape previous was a square so I didn't think that would look great on my patio anyway.
Bad camera pick but you can see the top. The very top picture is the table sawed in half by yours truly by some sort of cutting device I found in the garage. Where there is a will there is a way. I had Rob help me attach the legs from the other side of the table onto the one piece of table to make it half as big. We just used screws to screw them in. Once that was done, I added the top.
I measured and went to Home Depot where they cut me my exact measurement. I placed the new top over the mess with strong adhesive. I left the original edges and sanded the new top into the old table making the edges seamlessly blend with the old table. You would never know two coats of a homemade chalk paint and I have a new usable table.

 For now it is in the craft room but I am so happy how this turned out, a new piece of furniture from trash basically. Before you throw out a old piece of furniture because of a ruined top, think about this first.
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Catching Up 2016!

I can't believe I forgot to post this!! Rob surprised me around Thanksgiving with tickets to Phantom Of The Opera. I have always wanted to go!! Now my husband is a man's man so for him to go says a lot about trying to make me happy. He actually really liked it, and agreed the talent is unreal. The show was in Houston and it was amazing, all the special effects etc.
 Really thrilling when the chandelier falls and sparks.  I just love this show!
These are two of my favorite girlfriends I met this year. It is amazing when you meet new people and you just instantly bond with them. We all live in the same neighborhood and have kids in the same grade. Being a mom is so incredible busy once your kids are in school. I don't think anyone ever shared how crazy this would be with me. I remember my mom saying it goes so fast once kids are in school but my goodness. My days go so fast and then it's onto homework etc. The kids are already half way through the year and many school projects to go!
My kids received all "A's" again!! I can not believe this roll they are on. It may not last by my goodness they are really working and learning so much this year. Poor Jaden has a major work load but he is handling it so well!! 
New Years was awesome. I saw this game on one of my friends Facebook posts and thought it sounded fun. New Years is an okay holiday so I was hoping that adding this game would bring it up a notch, and yes it did!! You roll up a bunch of candy, money, gift cards or whatever you want into plastic wrap. You form a huge plastic wrap ball. I called the game "Ball Of Fun" Not to original. Anyway you sit in a circle and pass the ball, but the key is the next person is rolling a die and if they get a "5" then they get the ball. You keep doing that till your done and whatever rolls out during your time is yours to keep. The kids loved it so I think we will keep it as a tradition.
 After Ball Of Fun we got in the hot tub and listened to the war zone of fireworks. Texans love fireworks!! 
 Lauren went fishing with her new fishing pole. Not only did she catch this herself she used a rubber worm and pulled in a huge bass!!! When I mean huge this thing was HUGE!!
Drew and Rob got to go to the Texans Playoff game. The game ended stinky but what a treat. Rob has some nice customers and one of them gave him these luxury tickets. So not only did they go to the game they were well fed. I'm so glad Drew got to go to this big game with his dad he will always remember this.
 And my last bit of updates before I get onto a more routine blogging schedule is that all three of my kids are playing a sport right now. I am really proud of Jaden to try a sport. Normally he is not into sports but decided to try something new and step out of his comfort zone. Not only is it good for his health but doing something besides school was much needed!! He is playing soccer. He had his first game last Saturday in the pouring rain in 50 degree weather. For Texas that is very cold!!
#22 having a great time giving a great effort. Nice kids on his team with such willingness to help him out knowing he is new.  Drew Man playing flag football in all his glory. He was just getting  over a bad cold but could not wait to play. He is taking a break from baseball. Although we are a little sad we most importantly want him to be happy and try new things. He loves football!! I'm really enjoying this Saturday only sports program. If your in the Houston Area check it out it's called i9 and it's still competitive but very positive and not as crazy with late night games and practices.
Drew is #28 being guarded by a big kid talking trash to him (innocent stuff, but funny)
Lauren starts basketball next week, she is really excited. So much going on right now but I want to stay committed to blogging because I don't want to forget all our adventures down the road. It's amazing how you think you will remember all the different stages and kid stories but you do forget. It's time to make my annual blog book to keep all these memories permanently. I think it's been about 2.5 years since I last printed a book so I'm way behind. It's been a lot of work but I like to keep family up to date, and I have met some really nice people who have encouraged me in many ways. In return I hope that I can encourage others through my parenting fails and wins never a lacking humor and humbliness.
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