Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Happy 12th Birthday Lauren

Dear Lauren,
I am so proud of you first of all. You are an amazing, strong, smart girl. You still amaze me with your Math skills who can do math in their head that fast? Not me!! You have a calm demeanor that is so sweet. I always tell you that God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave you to me. You are so unique and different and have taught me so much about confidence and being true to yourself. You love what you love and seem so at ease at who you are. You love to draw, and you seem to have a natural talent to it. You don't seem to try very hard and next thing I know your drawing Bugs Bunny perfectly. You also are such a funny girl, you love to impersonate and do voices. You can do Elmo, Kermit, Darth Vader, Louis Armstrong, Stitch. You even tried out for your schools talent show. I really think you were great, and maybe with a little more practice with props you would have made it. They could only pick ten acts or something small out of your huge list of people trying out. What I am most proud of is that you were still happy for your friends that made it and you enjoyed the show. You don't dwell or act jealous but you are just  genuine and cheerfully happy for everyone. You ended the school year with all A's the whole year!! You continue to be a good student who loves Math and Science. You love Anime and movies especially Black Panther, Spiderman, Captain America. I think you see yourself kind of like a superhero because you really do have something special to give. First people are drawn to you, everyone loves you and secondly you are such a strong tall girl 5 ft 7" and all muscle. You are super hero! You would help anyone and you're a friend to everyone. You are also into writing books with your friends about werewolves and other fun tales, you love Pizza, music all kinds especially 80's and anything silly or funny. You still love rainbows, and your pets. You inspire me daily to be true to myself and to be different! Mom and dad are so proud of you. Keep your light and your superpower. Shine Bright- We love you! Mom and Dad 

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Friday, May 3, 2019

Spring Break part 2

Next stop beautiful Roatan! It was so beautiful it took my breath away when we got to our little island getaway. We first were taken to the sloth and monkey hangout which we all loved so much!! I have always wanted to hold a sloth. We got to hold sloths, birds and monkeys. To think the owners all  the way down to Honduras liked Ohio State and the Steelers, crazy.

We took a boat road to the private beach called Little French Key, it was a true paradise. 

These are a little corny but I love the swing, I am a beach/ocean crazy person. I loved every second of this heaven! They even had a little zoo on the property and paddle boarding. I could seriously live here. I wonder if Amazon delivers, actually they do but it takes much much longer and it costs more. As beautiful as the country is there is crime on the main land apparently and it's not safe. On our way back we had a ride of a lifetime. The guy driving us back to the port drove in the ditch to get around 2 hours of backed up traffic. He was not messing around, we all hung on for dear life as he rode into oncoming traffic and used the ditch for his third lane. Wow!! It was like nothing we had ever seen probably the closest to death for all of us.

Jaden and I love paddle boarding

Two moms with both our families, we had the best time ever with life lasting memories!
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