Monday, February 26, 2018

Proud of Lauren and all my kids, even teenagers!!

A received a call a last month from Lauren's principal. As a mom you always think, "Oh no what is wrong" her principal is an amazing lady so I was not to worried. She went on to explain what a great kid Lauren is and how many teachers have commented on her willingness to help and her kind attitude. Each day she comes to school she runs the morning announcements with such joy, always ready for her job to begin. She told me that she has been thinking of Lauren for quite some time to win the student Ambassador Award at her school and that she wanted to let me know that in two weeks that she would receive the award from our school district Superintendent. After she told me this... yep I cried!! There is nothing more special then seeing your child succeed and knowing that you both have worked hard to see them reach that potential. It's also so inspiring to see the impact your child has on others and how others see them for who they are. Lauren we are so proud of you!! You are my Shinning Star, Shine Bright!! Continue to shine bright so that others can see your light. 
Her teacher and my friend have been nothing short of amazing to her, she has been such an excellent role model and mentor to Lauren. I don't even think she realizes that every mother of African American adopted child hopes and dreams for this situation. Totally a God thing!! In the picture below Lauren is with her princial who goes above and beyond explaining what her award means and how she is proud of her.
My parents surprised Lauren and came too, she is so smart she wondered why they were coming on a Sunday a bit confused and then asked why I was going to her school on Tuesday since she saw it on my calendar, I sure had to be quick with coming up with something.
It's crazy but Jaden won the Ambassador Award in 6th grade as well. Drew is my sweet boy, wish he could win too (: now I am dreaming.
School pictures this year and they already all look older, they are a cute bunch I must say. They are good kids. Jaden is a full fledge teenager, I will say I understand now when people say they are ready to go crazy with teenagers!! I love teenagers because they add so much laughter into my life and they are always up on all the trends and actually are into fashion, music and other cool things. They are their own person and they are really starting to think about life, and have opinions but boy oh boy are they moody and confusing at times. One minute you think they are more mature then most of the worlds population after a deep philosophical discussion then next they are acting like crazy heathens who just drank a 2-littler of Mountain Dew. Needless to say this all leaves me to feel like I live in a mental hospital!!  Drew is 13 but on his way to being in the same boat as his brother but he has matured dramatically this year. We are blown away by Mr. Straight A's and Mr. I love school!! Yes my 7th grade son loves school, this is the first time in years. I will tell you, I truly think kids succeed when they have confident and know that their teachers "like" them and that they are their for them. Drew has the best teachers this year!! He is taking Texas History this year and I have never seen a kid love History so much. He loves it!! His teacher is simply fantastic to reach a teenager and to put that love in his heart. He has really changed a lot, and  seems so much more confident. Without all this we can not forget these mom moments. These are funny texts in the middle of the night, check the time on the actually text 2:23am, 2:07 am. Yes a mothers works is never done and she never sleeps!!
Lauren showed me how to make meme's she is very tech savvy, so I made this one!! This is me on a normal basis, with a lot of love and laughter too!! Moms wear many hats but we all have our breaking point. Here is a tip..."Bring me the iPads" (that normally works)

In closing I wanted to also share this post about Lauren!! Never would I have dreamed that this little ornery little lady would be become the leader she is. All that strong willed behavior has really been a blessing after all. 
To all the mom's out there if you are reading this...My journey with my kids has been hard, nothing is easy, we have been through ups and down's along the way. I truly believe that these hardships and lessons create character in our children. I don't have it all figured out and never will but all our children are our future, truly. These last couple weeks have been so sad reading about the Florida shootings and now having to talk about a plan so if it ever happens they know what to do is not a conversation I ever thought I would have to have. To know that my boys told me recently that they always worry when they go to the movies thinking there could be a shooting. Our kids are scared too, but I think it's important that we pay attention to what they tell us about school and other kids and about themselves. We live in fragile times, and nothing pains me more to see the world becoming darker. It also means that our lights need to shine brighter! So bright that our kids can be a friend to the friendless or a helper to their teacher when she/he is having a hard day. To open the doors for others or be nice to the new kid. One thing I have done with my kids is to teach them to pay attention to those around them and to be genuine and have integrity. I think our world does need more love, understanding and authenticity. Each one of us have been changed by something, but it's up to us to use that to help others. I guess saying all this, our greatest need right now is to show love and not just any love but Christ's love that is so different. When people feel that they know that it's different and I think sometimes that is what they are searching for. 
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! I woke up to some new candles and running gear, I'll take it! I love these little fun days for kids mostly. It doesn't take much to make them feel loved. Lauren wanted me to make her a vending machine box for her Valentines. Thank you Pinterest, it wasn't to hard at all and I had everything laying around already. It was fun actually but we had so many other projects due it was quite a bit of gluing and creating. Lauren completed her egg's in liquids experiment, it was actually fun to study the changes. Drew had a cell project due the same week, thankfully we had Jaden's partially already done from a couple years ago sshhh!!! ha ha we just had to fix a few things.

The boys have been into shooting guns lately and its lead to Air Soft guns now. Rob took them to the range and then my dad took all of them as well. We are in TX after all (:

We went to the most beautiful wedding in Dallas last month, one of Rob's old co-workers. I told Rob if I could do it over again this was pretty perfect. So pretty, the flowers the dress the setting. I do like the country setting with the barn and lights and all that but this was a close second. The room was so beautiful, creams and chandeliers, hard woof floors, so elegant. So nice having my parents so much closer, they watched the kids so Rob and I could spend the night and have a nice time. The kids  had a blast, more guns.
Jaden being Jaden, never a dull moment around here. We were messing with my cameras shutter speed. We are easily entertained. This has been the coldest winter we have felt in a long time. We even got down so low stuff froze solid. They pulled this ice from the bird bath even.

Hudson love the cold weather!! He looks like Inspector Gadget with those Go Go arms!! He is so long and tall but thin, he defiantly has a poodle body and hair but a complete Golden Personality.
My first Job, we have been talking a lot about jobs to the kids and trying to figure out some interests for the future. I'm hoping Baskin Robbins is not their career choice but it sure is good!! Thought this picture was cute of Drew and I, he sure has grown a lot this year. 
Lauren and Daddy! Her school had their Daddy and Daughter Dance last week. They looked so cute!! She did not go last year, I didn't really know why but they decided to do something else. I think the theme was Frozen and she doesn't like Frozen anymore. This year it was Boots and Bling which is more her style. She wasn't going to go again and I asked her, why??? Get this one..She did not want to go because she thought she was going to have to wear a dress!! That was the reason. Took this long in my parenting journey just to simply ask why?? Problem solved she could wear jeans, I told her no problem she can wear whatever she liked as long as we picked out a cute top and dressed the part. She said dresses were way to "itchy" got to love my girl!! I don't blame her. Her and Rob has a great time, she even got some boots to wear.
So glad she went!!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Christmas and other fun

My last series of Christmas pictures. These are really cute, we took them right after Christmas Eve service. During our photo shoot and typical of our family crazy... Lauren falls hard after Hudson ran right into her. Thankfully her knee was just bruised and cut but it really hurt): Other then this, we had such nice Holiday break the kids had two and half weeks off!!
Lauren with her ice pack. A life with kids is always filled with drama, laughter, tears, emergency visits, and everything else. So many times, I think that some of our family drama would make the best sitcom episodes. I don't think I ever shared this story but Lauren months ago lost a tooth, I swore that the dentist said she lost them all so when she said, "Mom my tooth came out" I freaked!!  Jaden searched the Internet on how to save the permanent tooth that we thought she ripped out because she wanted money(: I will never forget us asking her if she pulled it hard and if it hurt more then normal. Of course this molar bled more then any other baby tooth on the face of the planet. Anyway it was in fact a baby tooth, her last one. Never a dull moment. I wish pictures could talk this one would say a thousand funny things. Lauren did not want to smile, I'm sure after falling. Jaden was probably laughing non stop and Drew probably was messing with Jaden. And here you have a very tired mom who loves her children but feels like she lives in nut house.

Below: One of the kids favorite family traditions "Gag Gifts On Christmas Eve" We did this last year and the kids get so excited. Everyone draws a name and each person gets $5 to buy a silly gift from the thrift store. You just never know what you will get.
Jaden's gift to Drew, Jaden is so creative!! He even decorated the package. Drew has Jar Jar Binks on his package to Jaden, they have a ton of inside jokes. Teenage stuff, that is pretty funny once you know what they are taking about.

See how fun, and weird!!
Lauren got a hot dog griller which she loved since she loves hot dogs, Rob got the scary Mardi Gras Clown that I got Lauren last year. I received a picture of a framed monkey.
After that we played Speak Out, Such a weird but funny game. It hurts my mouth and Drew ripped his lips playing. Not sure if we liked it.
Hudson is ready! We are defiantly in a different stage of parenting when it's 9:00am and not one kid is up yet!!
These kids love their special treats!! Drew never gets these things but he really likes them so he was thrilled.
Jaden's hero, Elon Musk.

I always include silly stocking stuffers, this mask fits Drew perfectly, ha ha!!
Christmas Dinner, what a great Day!
We had some fun with friends over the break too. Jaden and Drew have been begging to go to one of those Escape rooms so my friend Jen and I took the kids. They loved it! It was so fun actually. Probably best for kids age 12 and up. All Jaden's Youtube video's on spy gear and tech stuff came in handy. You have to figure out codes, find secret doors, figure out puzzles. We figured it out and escaped, I am proud of our kids. You have to work together and think.
We went out to dinner with my sweet friend Tonya (Lauren's teacher) and her boyfriend. Always a good time. Lauren and I have been so blessed by her, she is so sweet and has been such a role model and encourager to Lauren.
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