Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Summer Fun

We had friends over from school right when summer started, always fun! My parents came for a visit and the best news ever. They decided they are moving from Myrtle Beach and they are moving to TX. They will not be super close but 4hrs away from us. We are all so happy, that is so much closer and we will be able to see them so much more.
Here is my mom!! Her favorite store, mine too! 
Lauren Loves her grandpa, Drew too
We went and took a boat ride on Lake Conroe. Jaden looks thrilled!!
My pretty girl in summer clothes. I love her in bright colors.
Drew bought Lauren a Pop Vinyl for her birthday, and here she is eating her special birthday breakfast, pancakes!!
Drew and his dog! Love this picture of Drew
Fourth of July Parade and fireworks
more water fun!
Lauren met her friends at this cute little fun water park near our house

Hiding from the sun, Love TX sun but it can be intense.
Rob is such a good dad. We discussed making the kids do some projects this year. He came up with presentations and the kids did two and did very good. The first attempts by Lauren and Drew were not great and it was a important lesson to make them put in better effort and the second time they did so good!
Drew teaching us tennis
The Septic System, who knew...yuck
We did so much this summer, we went to this super cool place that has a huge room full of vintage video games. The boys loved it and I loved Mortal Kombat. I have memories of my cousin Mark and I playing this for hours. Loved the 80-90's!! What's old is cool again. Drew was impressed with my mad skills of Sub-Zero! 
Part 2 and 3 coming!!
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Monday, July 31, 2017

Best Summer Ever

I can't believe the summer is coming to a end. We had the best summer ever! Seriously, it was wonderful we did more then we have ever done. We went on vacation, had family and friends visit and saw so much locally. I just downloaded a ton of photos off my phone to share. I don't want to forget so many memories. Out of all things the gift of time with my children is something I will never ever regret. Yes hard at times but the memories we have shared are my world.
My garden is growing, these were taken in late spring and since then I will update the flower explosion. I love my garden so much! I am not great at knowing everything yet but with time I am learning more and more.

My flowerless Hydrangea, I guess I am doing something wrong here but the thing has grown huge
I had a nice garden this year, lots of tomatoes! I grew cucumber, peppers, and even a couple watermelon.
Butterfly Bushes, which we have had a huge increase in bees, dragonflies, and butterflies with
Pretty Magnolia's 
Do you believe I had this beautiful Pained Bunting? I could not believe it, one of the most beautiful birds I have ever saw and in my back yard!! 
My Fur Baby, love him!!
I have tons and tons of pics to post, coming soon
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Friday, July 14, 2017

And...more Keys

I love shore birds, so many beautiful birds
Kids got to swim with dolphins this time all three. They loved it such a neat experience. I bought the CD of all the images so I will post those soon. These are not great but you get the idea.
I love Theater Of The Sea it's one of my favorite places. Jaden and Lauren even got another dolphin kiss. Love this place, small close up experiences with wonderful aquatic animals. The owner loves cats too and has a rescue set up at the park. You can visit all the cats in the sanctuary. The boys loved this so much.
We fed the Tarpon so cool but scary looking. They jump right out of the water to eat their fish

We went to our favorite little bird sanctuary and they had a Blue Jay named Flop. It was the cutest thing ever!! He did meow just like a kitty

Love this picture, pretty much sums up his love for animals and his sweet personality.

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